The Quest for Peace: Chapter 20, Part 4


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The conclusion, but not the end of the Days of Night...ponder that one. ;)

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The Quest for Peace: Chapter 20, Part 4

  1. 1. The Quest for Peace: Chapter 20, Part 4
  2. 2. Chaos has arrived in the Milky Way galaxy, its cancerous influences have hit the gods and mortals with full force; the Fates are planning to cut Helen’s life thread in an attempt to kill off her twins Castor and Pollux who they feel are not worthy to exist since they cannot control them or their life threads. The influence of Chaos is most prevalent in the twelve Olympians, including Aphrodite and Hades, which leaves the sub-Olympians with the monumental task of holding the world together long enough for the remaining four generations to be born The power of Diamos is strained as he tries to bring Pellas back to the Path of Light; and to pull Reias back from the brink of falling under Chaos’s complete control. If he can get Reias back, then Pellas stands a better chance of coming back to the Path of Light. Generation Six continues to grow as the older ones prepare to enter college, the younger ones are right on their tails… The Dark Moon Saga begins as the Days of Night continue to plague the planet…
  3. 3. Daedelaus approached his cake with some reluctance. Today he would be joining Icarus in teen-hood, he was anxious for the challenge high school level courses would present and the college prep courses he planned to take before he left for it; but the recent events concerning the gods cast a shadow of fear and despair over his special day. His family could barely contain themselves from sniping and snapping at each other, they fought nearly everyday and it was saddening. They were usually so close to one another…
  4. 4. His younger siblings seemed unconcerned with the adults and their fighting; they would often talk about the pretty eyes Uncle Perseus had, Dade knew they were no different than their mother’s but the triplets insisted they were purple. He shrugged it off as a simple childhood fantasy, Uncle Perseus was cool and he was always happy it seemed; whatever was bothering his parents and grandparents didn’t seem to affect him.
  5. 5. Atalanta: Yay Dade!! Xenon: You won’t be too cool to play with us will you? Iolaus: Can you drive me places now?? Please???
  6. 6. Dade: No, I will not forget you guys when I’m older and cooler, and I yet as might be considering carpooling you to school Iolaus. Iolaus: Was that a yes? Xenon: I think it was…
  7. 7. Dade had heard from Icarus that the transition to teen-hood was a curious sensation, but he didn’t expect it to be like this. His grandparents cheered for him as he prepared to grow up.
  8. 8. Blue was not his colour, however. He would change after he hung out with his father for a bit and played with the triplets.
  9. 9. Dade: Would you care to indulge me in a rather peculiar test of strength, father which is aptly named Punch You, Punch Me? Bliss: If you think you can take your old man son. Dade: I do rather think I can hold my own against you father. Bliss: If you say so; I played this once with your grandfather and he knocked me clear across the city. Dade: I do hope that you will not follow the same trend; I do not fancy a flight across town in the darkness. Bliss: I’ll try to restrain myself.
  10. 10. Bliss loved moments like this with his sons, Icarus was always ready to challenge him in everything, but he usually lost. Then he accused Bliss of using his godly powers to win, which he never did. Icarus was a hot head and a bit of a sore loser. It worried him greatly; if he had those traits, Chaos could easily take hold of him and they would lose a potential heir for generation seven, including some powerful bloodlines. Daedelaus was a genius and would most likely be the one who would have to deal with his older brother’s fall outs he would have a lot of work to do to make sure Icarus didn’t stray into the darkness.
  11. 11. The next night was little Dione’s birthday. With everything that Bliss had to deal with, Aphrodite and Cupid’s constant fighting, Icarus and his hot headedness, it was easy for him to forget that he still had a baby daughter who would need him as much as his other kids. Pandora took on a lot by herself and it made him feel guilty for not being able to be the husband she needed him to be. They could never marry, she had a duty to perform as he did, he made up the best he could by being only a call away if his family ever needed him.
  12. 12. Bliss held his youngest close, her big brown eyes glittered as she laughed. Bliss melted; she was beautiful. Dione: Dada… Bliss: ….her first word…is dada.
  13. 13. Icarus: I don’t remember the triplets being this cute. Dione: Brudda…bwig brudda. Bliss: She’s so quick to learn. Must be her grandmother’s genes.
  14. 14. Helen had come out to take the garbage to the bin when she saw Perseus standing there outside. Helen: Well this is a surprise, what brings you here? Perseus: I heard you were pregnant, why didn’t you tell me? Helen: Oh…well it was kind of a surprise…
  15. 15. Perseus studied her expression; he saw hints of sadness lingering in her green eyes. He knew instinctively that she was still heartbroken over Drinn’s desertion of her and his nephews and this child was causing her to feel guilty about him. His triplet always felt her emotions strongly, they had become very close since Paris was killed. Perseus: You feel guilty about this don’t you? Helen: I suppose I can’t lie to you can I? Maybe a little, I know I shouldn’t be feeling guilty, Drinn was the one who left me. Perseus: But you loved him, a lot. Helen: Yes, but I know he’s not coming back to us even though some part of me still wants him back. You know he’s never met his sons? I’m running out of things to tell them when they ask about him. Perseus: Well, they’re teenagers now I have one of my own and they’ll eventually stop asking about him, once their social lives really take off. Helen: I hope so, I mean I do care about Goderic, he’s incredible but I’m reluctant to really let him in you know? My last lover left me alone and pregnant… Perseus: Goderic isn’t like Drinn; he’s here now. And when your baby is born I know he’ll be there for it, and you. Otherwise I’ll curse him. Perseus grinned; Helen felt a lot better.
  16. 16. Perseus: Want to know the gender? Helen: You can tell? Perseus: Yes, if you want to know. Helen: Okay. Perseus: It’s a little girl, she’ll be beautiful like her mother, but have her father’s traits.
  17. 17. Helen was amazed; her brother seemed so much more powerful now than when they were in college, it puzzled her. She never thought to ask why, she just always felt better when he was near by, peaceful in a way… Helen: You know that for sure? Perseus: Of course, trust your brother. I know what I’m talking about.
  18. 18. “ You’re welcome by the way Perseus.” Diamos said in his mind. “ I know, I know. You can see her baby clearly.” Perseus replied telepathically. “ Maybe you should tell your sisters about me, don’t you think?” “ Eventually. Just not now. I think it would freak them out a little too much, Helen’s pregnant. I don’t want to upset her.” “ I understand.” Helen: Catch this bro!! Perseus: I am more than ready!! Bring it!! Perseus had gotten used to hearing Dee’s calm, soothing voice in his head. It provided a stability and a perfect balance he had never felt before at any point in his life. Whenever he felt the tugs and pulls of Chaos at his heart and mind, Dee’s voice would ring clear and true; blocking out any negative energy Chaos was trying to inflict on him. He was strong enough in his body to protect his family from Chaos as well, his immediate family, his five children and his wife Steph but he was not strong enough to protect everyone. His family was too large to spread Dee’s power that thin. Containing the power of a god in a mortal form would normally have destroyed the host body by now, but since Perseus was so powerful with his witchcraft and vampiric powers, his body could stand the strain. Occasionally, it leaked out affecting a very large area of the population, quelling any fights in the area of the power but it never lasted long. That burst of energy severely weakened Perseus and he had to be placed in his coffin immediately. Fortunately, it was only ever Steph who found him. His children never saw him in that state, and for that he was grateful to Diamos.
  19. 19. The next morning, the baby was making her appearance just as the boys came home from school.
  20. 20. Dee’s prediction was dead on; she had her father’s colourings, his blue eyes and her mother’s facial shape. Helen cuddled her sweet daughter, she named her Serena. She was a picture of serene beauty; Helen had always wanted to have a daughter named Serena.
  21. 21. Pollux especially loved to look after her, she was so adorable. His fondest wish was to have Three of his Kids Graduate College some day like he planned on doing once he went. Castor, Pollux and Icarus all planned to go together to college and to get into their family’s Greek House, Phoenix once there. Castor occasionally looked after her too, but it was mostly Pollux.
  22. 22. Marsha had been doing some research recently, she just found out where Liam was living a few days ago. When she called him, she was surprised to learn that he actually wanted to see her. They started college soon after he had left but he had been keeping a low profile since he graduated. His obsession with finding Jonah had lessened considerably, he had a family now as well. Three children and a wife named Lilly.
  23. 23. Marsha: We were worried about you Liam, you never called or told us what was going on with you. How did your search for your father go? Liam: Oh that, well I still want to find him but you know things happened, I got married had kids, then life just took over. Marsha: Do you want to see your brother? I’m sure Solan would love to know how you’ve been. Liam: I don’t think so…I don’t think I’m quite ready to face him yet, we didn’t part on very good terms and all…well you know how it went.
  24. 24. Even Eddie was there to give him the third degree for being out of contact for so long. Liam did feel guilty about cutting off all contact and not bothering to tell his uncle or even his mother that he had gotten married and had children. He was stunned to learn that Reias had turned Roxie into a goddess, and even more so when Eddie told him how Reias just vanished after Paris died and had not been seen by them since then. It only served to deepen his long seeded hatred for his step-father, and further isolated him from Solan…
  25. 25. His kids’ party went well as they prepared to become teens, despite party crashers like Checo Ramirez…
  26. 26. Leiya: Hey, Lyssa do we know these people? Lyssa: Daddy does. Leiya: Oh. Alex: Let’s blow out the candles all together!!
  27. 27. Some transitioned nicely, others however did not. Observe Liam’s thought bubble for the not.  Alex: FA/R – Reach Golden Anniversary Leiya: FO/K – Reach Top of Game Development (new career I dl’ed.) Lyssa: K/FA – Be Education Minister FA= Family R= Romance FO= Fortune K= Knowledge
  28. 28. Xenon: Okay, once more then we decide. Atalanta: This is for all the money, and who will blow out candles first tomorrow. Morrigan: Hey, guys? Can I play?
  29. 29. Xenon: Hey, you lost. Sorry, me and Iolaus go first tomorrow. Atalanta: Aww, no fair we’re triplets!! We should all go together. ******
  30. 30. That night, would prove to be one of the most unforgettable for the kids of generation six. Their birthday was tomorrow, however for Julius…
  31. 31. No, no, no, No, no, no, No, no, no…
  32. 32. Listen little child, There will come a day, When you will be able, able to say…
  33. 33. Never mind the pain, or the aggravation, You know there’s a better way for you and me to be, Look for the rainbow in every storm…
  34. 34. Fly like an angel, heaven sent to me, Good bye my friend, (I know you’re gone, you said you’re gone, but I can still feel you here…)
  35. 35. It’s not the end, (Gotta keep it strong before the pain turns into fear) So glad we made it, time will never change it No, no, no, no, no, no, no…
  36. 36. Just a little girl, big imagination, Never letting no-one take it away, Went into the world, What a revelation…
  37. 37. She found there’s a better way for you and me to be, Look for the rainbow in every storm, Find out for certain, Love’s gonna be there for you…
  38. 38. You’ll always be someone’s baby, Good bye my friend, (I know you’re gone, you said you’re gone, but I can still feel you here…)
  39. 39. It’s not the end, (You gotta keep it strong before the pain turns into fear…)
  40. 40. So glad we made it, time will never change it, No, no, no, no You know it’s time to say good bye…
  41. 41. No, no, no, no, The times we would play about, The way we used to scream and shout…
  42. 42. We never dreamt you’d go your own sweet way, Look for the rainbow in every storm, Find out for certain, Love’s gonna be there for you…
  43. 43. You’ll always be someone’s baby…
  44. 44. Good bye my friend, (I know you’re gone, you said you’re gone, but I can still feel you here) It’s not the end…
  45. 45. (You gotta keep it strong before the pain turns into fear) So glad we made it, Time will never, never, ever change it…
  46. 46. No, no, no, no, You know it’s time to say good bye, No, no, no, no…
  47. 47. And don’t forget you can rely, No, no, no, no, You know it’s time to say good bye…
  48. 48. You know it’s time to say good bye, And don’t forget on me you can rely, No, no, no, no…
  49. 49. I will help you on your way, No, no, no, no, I will be with you every day, No, no, no, no. Julius Reed: Aged 75 days, father of Pandora, Paris, Helen, Perseus Grandfather of 14 Brother to Marc Antony and Tavi Husband to Marsha Reed (nee Bruenig)
  50. 50. Song: Good Bye Album: Spice Girls. Good Bye Artists: Spice Girls Pandora came home from her new job to find her whole household in tears, when she asked what was wrong, her teary eyed mother pointed her to the mausoleum. She found her father’s platinum urn placed lovingly under his portrait. Guilt overwhelmed her, she was not there to see her father pass on, her family had to face it without its heiress by their sides…
  51. 51. She was now truly alone, the family’s welfare rested solely upon her shoulders. Reias was still gone, her father, her mother was nearly inconsolable, her oldest son was leaning too far towards Chaos for her liking… How would she ever cope?
  52. 52. Meanwhile, over at Marc Antony’s house… Callisto was about to enter her new life stage, childhood. She never knew Julius and could not understand why her grandpa was so quiet. He should be blowing horns and waving clackers like the other people at her party.
  53. 53. But instead he was quiet and only smiled occasionally. Her daddy told her that she should just be happy and enjoy her party and to ignore her grandpa for the time being so she could focus on the Marmite/Sharpe power in Nathan.
  54. 54. It was her party, everyone should be happy for her. Callisto jiggled unsteadily on her little legs as she prepared to make the change.
  55. 55. Once she was big, she headed right for Nathan. Daddy told her to make contact as quickly as possible with him so the power drain could begin, slowly at first; Aiden didn’t want Solan to wise up and stop him before he began. He was a troublesome thorn in his side, his father was much easier to fool; but not Solan… ******
  56. 56. Solan had other concerns on his mind at the time, his youngest child was about to become a teenager. It scared him in truth, Reias had told him stories about the gods and the half gods all his life growing up. He wished more than ever his father would at least let him know where he was, his children were only quarter-gods but they were still powerful enough. Ginny’s side had their own unique powers after all.
  57. 57. Solan turned down the music enough so that everyone would pay attention to Darien’s birthday. As soon as he did, his acute senses picked up some tension, he was entirely sure from where however…
  58. 58. His clothing was less than fashionable, but he grew up happy. Darien Sharpe: K/FO, LTW Be Mad Scientist
  59. 59. Hades: There you are boy, you have a job to do. Solan: What? Now? It’s my son’s birthday party. Hades: It can’t wait, I need it done. You are to take over your father’s Soul Collection duties until I can locate that ungrateful spawn of mine.
  60. 60. Solan: But grandfather, I have no idea how to perform a Soul Collection, dad never let me. He said I shouldn’t worry about it. Hades: It’s not hard boy, it’s in your blood; my blood, you’ll know. Solan: But… Hades: Don’t make me ask twice. Do it.
  61. 61. Hades narrowed his cold grey eyes at him; Solan felt a shudder of pure fear run through him. And he saw a flash of a dark shadow cross his grandfather’s eyes which scared him even more. Chaos… Hades: Do not fail me as your father did. I will not tolerate it anymore from any of my blood kin, understand? Solan nodded solemnly, he took the list from Hades and went to work. He only hoped that Darien would forgive him for it…
  62. 62. The first name on Solan’s list was Marsha Reed. He felt his heart break as he slowly glided towards her, she was still; it unnerved him to see her go so still and silent. How did his dad do this? He could barely contain his own tears, let alone hearing and seeing the ones of her family.
  63. 63. Marsha: Do I have to go? Solan: I—yes you do. Julius is waiting for you. Marsha: Solan? How? Solan: Hades made me do dad’s job. I don’t know how he does it.
  64. 64. Marsha: But my grandkids are growing up too, why can’t I stay to see that? Solan: Please, Marsha this is killing me to do this. I see them changing out of the corner of my hood…and it’s not like you can’t see them later, the doorway between the Elysium Fields and the Mortal Realm does occasionally open…
  65. 65. Marsha: You’re right, I can still see them. And don’t worry honey, you’ll be alright too. You are your father’s son after all. Solan: I suppose, but I thought I was supposed to make you feel better, not the other way around. Marsha: Take me to my hippy surfer hubby, I miss him terribly.
  66. 66. A moment to remember my adorable generation four couple…. … . Marsha Reed (nee Bruenig): Aged 76 days mother of Pandora, Paris, Helen and Perseus, grandmother of 14, beloved sister in law of Amy and Meadow Renowned for being the childhood phone stalker that was the bane of simmers everywhere once upon a time, but really Marsha is a sweet and lovely girl if you give her a chance. I adored her a lot and she will be missed terribly. ******
  67. 67. After Marsha passed, Atalanta tried her best to cheer everyone up for a little bit. She wanted to wait to grow up for her mother.
  68. 68. Xenon: Great clothes sis, you look like an orange Atalanta: How mean…puffer vest, sandal socks boy. I think I got the better deal on transition clothing. Xenon: Touché sister, touché. ******
  69. 69. Finding him was difficult, trying on his powers even…but he found him.
  70. 70. Perseus was screaming in his head to get a piece of him, that translated into Dee’s own anger at him for doing what he did…
  71. 71. Diamos found Reias after some exhaustive searches of their old hang outs around the city. Though all Reias could see was Perseus’s figure in front of him, he was going to let him know that he was back soon enough. Reias: I have no idea how you found me Perseus, and I want to know just how you did it.
  72. 72. Diamos: He had help, my help. Reias: Are you off your meds? What’s with the third person speak? Diamos: I know Re-Re, why Aimi left you in charge of Botan…and my Pellas that you were given temporary care of; and YOU LOST HER!!
  73. 73. Reias stared at him; slowly he began to see his features change, into an all too familiar face. Reias: Shit…Dee? Diamos: Very astute; now that you see me, care to tell me WHAT THE HELL YOU’VE BEEN DOING??!!
  74. 74. Diamos: I TRUSTED you with my lineage, my descendants and you abandoned them!! I want to know why!! Reias: How are you here? I thought you were gone. Diamos: Don’t change the subject; ANSWER ME!!
  75. 75. Reias felt his own anger boil over; “ You have NO idea what I did, or what happened because of it!!” Reias yelled. Diamos: I know about your fight with my brother, and what happened to Paris, I saw most of it. And Perseus’s memories filled in the blanks for me for what I didn’t see. But you abandoned Julius when he needed you most of all…he died thinking you were gone forever.
  76. 76. Diamos relaxed his gaze a bit, he could feel his best friend’s pain and hurt, but the anger was still seething…and the same darkness he had been feeling from the mortals throbbed underneath the anger. He smiled gently, trying to diffuse some of the anger. “ I know you Reias; we’ve been through hell and worse together. But nothing like this has ever happened before. I need to help you back, you fell off the Path of Light just like Pellas did.”
  77. 77. Reias: You know fuck all; you’ve been sitting pretty in whatever hell or prison you’ve watched us from for the last five generations or more what do you possibly think you can understand about the world now? Diamos: This is not you talking; it’s Chaos controlling you. My friend, my brother let me help you, please?
  78. 78. Reias: As if!! I’m not under anything’s control!! You’re the one who left us jack ass. We mourned your loss; your influence kept us all together. Now everyone’s scattered and broken…it’s a whole new kind of hell. Diamos: I know; that’s why I came back. Albeit in this form, weakened from what I once was before. But it’s enough to bring you back, and in turn Pellas before I have to leave Perseus’s body.
  79. 79. Diamos: Please Reias. You’re the only one who can bring Pellas back, my power in this body is taxing its limits. I don’t want to use too much of my power, it’ll kill him. If I can heal the cancerous pit that’s breeding in your heart then I can back off and let Perseus recover. If I can give you enough of my power, you can bring Pellas back before she kills us all.
  80. 80. Reias: Dee, it’s you we need back. Not your power; but you in the flesh. Surely you can do that somehow. Diamos: No, I honestly can’t. I’ve tried, so many times to regain my flesh form but it’s being blocked by something stronger. I think it’s Chaos blocking my return. I have to place my faith and complete trust in my descendants to do what I cannot. Reias: You have no idea how lonely I am without you around…
  81. 81. Diamos watched as the cancerous pit in his heart shattered and vanished, Reias felt it too; he gasped and coughed as if he was expelling some sort of foreign gas from his lungs. So the hold of Chaos can be broken, that was good. It gave him new hope for Dalen and Talia’s recoveries, if Reias was back then he could do the same for his siblings.
  82. 82. Diamos: You felt that too didn’t you? The darkness leaving? Reias: Yes. Diamos: So the hold of Chaos can be broken after all; with that knowledge you can use it on Dalen and Talia. Reias: Why them? They’ve been the cause of the misery all along.
  83. 83. “ Reias, that’s the answer. Don’t you see? The Elvendian Triad of Power Hope, Salvation and Rebirth; it is the weapon that will push Chaos once more back into exile…”
  84. 84. “ You, Dalen, Talia and the tenth generation heir are the Triad of Power and its Keeper. You will be the weapon and my tenth heir will be the wielder.” End of Entry Thirty-One.