Prologue: A New Beginning


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My new series featuring The Sims Medieval!!

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Prologue: A New Beginning

  1. 1. Prologue: A New Beginning
  2. 2. Legends are told of great heroes and villains, their deeds, accomplishments and their failures but there are also many other stories that are rarely told; stories of the every day man, the common folk. They are the ones who lived it, saw it and were most affected by it, though history rarely showcases their stories. Until now. Did you ever want to know how the greatest heroes of legends got be so? What information did they have that allowed them to become famous? Or in this case, who was it that forged the Elemental Swords of Elvendia ? How did they become so imbued with magical energy? Merithyn Vulcane. He was the blacksmith of T’Landia village where some claim the swords were forged. Or how about the Knight-Captain Joan D’Arche? Her courage saved many lives when she was part of the queen’s guard that took out one of the most feared acolytes of the evil sorceress Mystaria. These are just some examples of the unsung heroes of Elvendia. And this series will chronicle their adventures and reveal their contributions to the history that is now so famous. ****** And now for the main purpose: if you’re a reader of my legacy The Quest for Peace, I make many references to my world of Elvendia. But since the legacy is about the quest given to one family to restore the God of Peace back to Olympus, this series is about Elvendia itself. Using my newest obsession with The Sims Medieval I will try to make stories using the heroes present in the game and the quests they can undertake to build the kingdom. Let’s pretend that this isn’t about Earth’s medieval history period…despite similar sounding names to famous Earthlings of that era…
  3. 3. Lady Ani-Mei sat upon her throne in Elysnos trying to not look so bored with the mundane and trivial concerns the villagers had. Over all she was a good queen, well loved and highly respected in the other kingdoms outside of T’Landia but sometimes she found it hard to not let the people see how exasperated she was with their concerns which could easily be solved by themselves without her. Her namesake, the goddess Lady Starr was known for her benevolence and gentle nature.
  4. 4. Build Master Dorian had asked to see her upstairs in the drawing room, she was grateful for the distraction from court proceedings. Dorian: Mi’lady, may I ask for a small increase in the grant money allotted for construction? It is taking more than my original estimate to produce. Lady Ani-Mei: Of course. Take what you need Dorian. Dorian: Thank you my liege.
  5. 5. Lady Ani-Mei finally made it out of the castle to walk her lands. T’Landia village was a small kingdom located in the Central Lands of Elvendia and the hub for trade and economy of the two surrounding kingdoms of Crafthole and Tredony. Herbology was introduced from Tredony and she found that she quite enjoyed it. It was relaxing and allowed her to get her mind of the pressures of being queen. She knew soon that she would have to be meeting with the foreign dignitaries of the two other kingdoms to prepare a treaty of ongoing peace.
  6. 6. Occasionally she would venture into the forest surrounding T’Landia village; it was a bylaw that all travellers to the forest had to carry a weapon of some sort and at least some form of armour. Lady Ani-Mei was well aware of roaming bandits and thieves that plagued her kingdom’s borders, it was one of her top priorities to resolve as soon as the barracks were finished. For the time being however, she had to make due with what she had; mercenaries from the neighbouring kingdoms.
  7. 7. A loud cry and sounds of approaching footfalls signalled that she was about to encounter one such bandit herself. Bandit: ‘Ello there pretty, how bout handing over all yer gold. Then oi won’t ‘ave to kill ya!! Lady Ani-Mei: You chose the wrong woman to mess with knave!! Engarde!!
  8. 8. The sounds of clashing swords rang through the still, cool air of the forest. The bandit was clumsy and plodding; his attacks ill-timed and poorly executed. He was an easy opponent to beat. Lady Ani-Mei had him down on the ground in no time and whimpering for mercy as she landed another near fatal blow to the main artery of his right leg. Her intent was not to kill him, just to incapacitate him. He would survive if he had the brains enough to limp back to wherever he came from and get immediate treatment; though she had her doubts he’d survive the bears and wolves in the forest.
  9. 9. She was on her way to the caves before the bandit intercepted her, a request had come from the grave digger about the people who had been dying or were already dead from the rampant plagues that had only recently been cured. She was concerned for their souls, and about proper burial rights for the dead. It was well known that the dead would be sent to spend their Eternity in the After-World which was lovingly tended to by the goddess Lady Starr, but there was a lack of priests and holy men to ferry their newly departed souls to the goddess; most of them had died in the plagues themselves.
  10. 10. Lady Ani-Mei assured the grave digger that she would send out a request for a holy man or priest as soon as she returned to Elysnos. It was not long before she had a reply come in; a newly ordained priest known as Brother Cassius replied. She welcomed the priest and made arrangements to have a cathedral built near Elysnos. He was informed of the differences in the kingdom and he was accepting of them. Though he still worshipped the one he called the Watcher, he did respect the multiple god hierarchy system that T’Landia was built upon.
  11. 11. Brother Cassius did seem to be in contact with some sort of being that the people had never seen before; whoever or whatever it was displayed a rather unique sign. The shining shafts of light came right through the ceiling, it was very beautiful to them.
  12. 12. One of the most enjoyable things Lady Ani-Mei looked forward to was the visit by the minstrel Keenan. He was a dashing, handsome young man who was sought after by many ladies. He was rumoured to be from an area north of T’Landia but no one could ever confirm it, certainly his features were unique among the people of the kingdom his hair colour was that of the sun and his eyes were blue as the seas. Even Lady Ani-Mei was captivated by him, and she suspected that me might be as equally enamoured with her. She caught him glancing up at her from his lute as the others danced around; his eyes only saw her.
  13. 13. Keenan: My queen, if I may? Lady Ani-Mei: You may. Keenan: It is my dearest hope that you, in your infinite wisdom and grace, were able to pick up on my song’s meaning. For you are my muse; my inspiration. Lady Ani-Mei: I have indeed. You are most talented.
  14. 14. Lady Ani-Mei: As such I shall make a request of you, I wish for you to reside here permanently so that I may continue to inspire you. You, Minstrel Keenan shall be the Royal Bard and in my keep. Keenan: I am honoured, my queen, by your generous and gracious request. I shall endeavour to serenade you daily and provide entertainment for your royal highness.
  15. 15. Lady Ani-Mei knew then that she had found someone she truly loved. His visits always made her day. She was able to handle the stresses and pressures of being the monarch when she could count on his presence to soothe her. His rich, melodious voice resonated deep within her soul and filled her with such happiness and joy. Ani-Mei knew he would make a great king some day, he was as well loved as she was so her people would rejoice if he were to become their king.
  16. 16. Her focus was greatly improved and the treaty she drafted went over very well with the neighbouring dignitaries. Their alliance was secured and now that it was done, Ani-Mei could shift focus to her kingdom’s internal strafes. After all, a kingdom is only as good as its people are; and happy people make for a happy kingdom.
  17. 17. In the meantime, until her relationship with Keenan was known she still had to go through the courtship phase with him. It was the most fun part of the whole thing really. Ani-Mei could get away for a secret rendezvous with him when things got tough and he would absolve her of all cares; leaving her with only him to focus on.
  18. 18. Keenan enjoyed their secret dates as well. He never thought that he, a lowly minstrel, would be the object of a queen’s affections. He had half expected her to go for the licentious prince of Tredony who couldn’t keep his eyes (or his other parts) from wandering and the idea of his muse being trapped with such a poor excuse for a man made his blood boil. But she chose to court him, an unusual move for a queen, but nevertheless he was thrilled to be her chosen.
  19. 19. It was beautiful, his love for her grew ever y time he saw her. Some of his most lovely ballads and sonnets were inspired by their secret meetings; they became his most requested songs during a performance. For nothing makes a minstrel’s playing more beautiful than having someone to inspire it daily. ******
  20. 20. And there you have it; my first attempt at making a series based on The Sims Medieval. I change modes from first person to narrative only because it helps to keep the flow going for the hero that the chapter is about. This prologue is based on the first quest you have to do as soon as you make a new kingdom and some of the later shots are from others that feature the monarch, simply because I didn’t know how to work the relationship things with them until after I took the first shots. Still can’t figure out the woohoo portion. I need a little prince or princess for the queen and her minstrel lover. So far the monarch is the only one I’ve got who’s married but that comes later on. I love this picture of the castle it was taken right before sunset in the game. ^_^