What Motivates an Online Community?


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  • What Motivates an Online Community?

    1. 1. GovDelivery Motivating an Online Community February 16, 20121
    2. 2. Your Presenters Lauren Modeen Joseph Porcelli Engagement Strategist Director Engagement Services Engagement Services @exilauren @josephporcelli2
    3. 3. What Motivates an Online Community?3
    4. 4. A Brief History of Motivation Abraham Maslow Hierarchy of needs: most basic needs at the bottom4
    5. 5. A Brief History of Motivation B.F. Skinner o People are motivated by rewards o Belief in reinforcement + punishing o Reinforcement = increase in likelihood behavior is repeated o Punishment = decrease in likelihood behavior is repeated Example = parent gives screaming kid candy5
    6. 6. A Brief History of Motivation Steven Reiss o Believed motivation dependent on an individual’s desires o Believes 16 basic desires guide nearly all human behavior: • Acceptance, the need for approval • Physical activity, the need for exercise • Curiosity, the need to learn • Power, the need for influence of will • Eating, the need for food • Romance, the need for sex • Family, the need to raise children • Saving, the need to collect • Honor, the need to be loyal to the • Social contact, the need for friends (peer traditional values of ones relationships) clan/ethnic group • Social status, the need for social • Idealism, the need for social justice standing/importance • Independence, the need for • Tranquility, the need to be safe individuality • Vengeance, the need to strike back/to win • Order, the need for organized, stable, predictable environments6
    7. 7. A Brief History of Motivation Albert Bandura o Coined the term “self-efficacy” to describe motivation o Self-efficacy is defined as the belief that one is capable of performing in a certain manner to attain a certain set of goals. If one has high If one’s self- If one’s self- self- efficacy is efficacy is efficacy, he lower than his higher than his believes he will ability, he won’t ability and he complete the be motivated to fails, decrease task no matter try at first in motivation what Also important is his idea of social learning: people will repeat behaviors they see others do if they see there is a reward7
    8. 8. Motivation Engagement8
    9. 9. Opportunity or Problem MOTIVATION: What’s in it for me, people, or organizations I care about that doesn’t already exist9
    10. 10. Important to Note in Online Communities • Don’t make assumptions • Determine needs/interests and habits/preferences • Align strategies/tactics in support of motivation findings10
    11. 11. Engagement Funnel11
    12. 12. Tactical Ways to Motivate 1. Content Respond to all content Cross-Post member content Make it engaging content − Regular topical blog or series − Featured community partner of week − Featured project of week − Photo or video of the day − Help ramp up blogging w/ some basic hand-holding12
    13. 13. Tactical Ways to Motivate 2. Communicate Email newsletters daily or weekly – do it OFTEN13
    14. 14. Tactical Ways to Motivate 3. Groups 4. In-Person Activities Foster groups: maintains In-person activities: physical the “big fish in a small interactions foster connections. Post pong” mentality event, send out an email to all participants with pictures and a recap.14
    15. 15. Tactical Ways to Motivate 5. Recognition 7. Leaderboards 6. Member of the Week 8. Rewards15
    16. 16. Community 1: GovLoop GovLoop.com Activity Challenge: millions of government employees working on similar issues…but how do they connect? Opportunity: knowledge network where government employees connect, learn and share: real-time + repository. Our Role: founded, built, and manage GovLoop.com the “Facebook for Government.” Impacts: connecting 55,000 government employees to solve problems together.16
    17. 17. Community 2: FEMA’s Ready.Gov Community.Fema.gov Activity Challenge: approaching National Preparedness Month, FEMA needed an online space to register and organize thousands of citizens and FEMA coordinators. Opportunity: build online hub to encourage citizens, public safety organizations, businesses, and faith based partners to educate and empower each other to prepare for and respond to emergencies including natural and man-made disasters. Our Role: built on our GovDelivery Collaboration Platform, we ignited and managed the network and provided the digital strategy. Impacts: nearly 9,000 members joined, 1,550 messages posted, and 1,377 calendar events created.17
    18. 18. Community 3: Neighbors for Neighbors NeighborsforNeighbors.org Activity Challenge: connect disconnected neighbors and their civil servants to enable collaboration and action. Opportunity: build an online community providing citizens a soundboard for their ideas, and a springboard for action with the goal of reducing crime, increasing adoption of services, and improving quality of life. Our Role: built and manage the first urban social network connecting thousands of Boston citizens to each other and their civil servants. Impacts: increased engagement and service, reduced crime, and improved quality of life for citizens.18
    19. 19. THANK YOU! Joseph Porcelli Lauren Modeen Director, Engagement Services Engagement Strategist GovDelivery GovDelivery 857.222.4420 Lauren.Modeen@govdelivery.com Joseph.Porcelli@govdelivery.com Twitter @josephporcelli Twitter @exilauren19