How Gov’t Agencies Can Build Audience and Increase Engagement


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How Gov’t Agencies Can Build Audience and Increase Engagement

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How Gov’t Agencies Can Build Audience and Increase Engagement

  1. 1. How Gov’t Agencies Can Build Audience and Increase Engagement DODASSMC Conference, Arlington, VA April 21, 2011©2011 GovDelivery
  2. 2. Contact Info Lauren Modeen Manager of Digital Strategy @GovLoop + @GovEngage Me: @exilauren2
  3. 3. Let’s Do This!3
  4. 4. 3 Things You’ll Learn Today:1. Ten Step Approach to Building Audience2. Six Proven Tips to Engage Audience3. Summary of what works, plus cool technologies and resources4
  5. 5. Hypothesis• Historically, Government not very good at building audience and engagement…• Haven‟t focused resources (time, staff, money, training)• You aren‟t paid for it – whereas non-profit / for-profit measures in votes and $$
  6. 6. But it Matters A LOT• Government‟s mission to serve all its citizens• Cost of misinformation• Cost of citizen inaction• Attack on brand – agency loyalty and trust• Defend your program budgets• Take actions that save $ and increase revenue
  7. 7. So…We Constantly Ask Ourselves… 1. How do we reach a large number of relevant stakeholders? 2. How do we build relationships with them? 3. How do we provide them with clear, timely, actionable information? 4. How do we get them to TAKE ACTION with our information?
  8. 8. How We Learned at GovLoop…Studied our own community as well as sites and communities far andwide including…• Studied for-profit communities (Dogster, Catster, Job sites, ITToolbox, Sermo, Facebook, IWillTeachYouToBeRich, change. org, WhoRunsGov, Craigslist, UserVoice, dating sites)• Studied for-profit commerce (GroupOn, Hubspot, email marketers, Priceline, etc)• Studied non-profit campaigns (Causes, Charity: Water, NeighborsForNeighbors)• Studied political sector (EccoDigital, BlueState, Direct Media Strategies)
  9. 9. So…What’s the Verdict?• It‟s REALLY REALLY Hard• There‟s a talent/skill• Hard to be consistent• There‟s a difference between just doing it and doing it well• Lots of optimization opportunities (channels, frequency, types, content)
  10. 10. GOAL OF TODAY: TO GO FROM THIS “I‟m scared….TOO HARD!”10 Image source:
  11. 11. TO THIS! “I“It‟s not soIT!” CAN DO hard!” “Yay!” Yay!11 Image source:
  12. 12. Building Audience and IncreasingEngagement……is just like buildingand maintaining acampfire!1. PLAN2. IGNITE3. FEED4. TEND12
  13. 13. Next Up…steps to go from Good to Awesome 13
  14. 14. Now, Without Further Ado, I Present HOW GOV’T AGENCIES CAN: ACT I: Build Audience & ACT 2: Increase Engagement14
  15. 15. 15
  16. 16. Step 1: Identify What problem are you trying to solve ?  Improve public health What matters most to my agency  Provide for secure and the public? retirement  More people get flu What are the specific outcomes shots  More people apply for this program is looking for? benefits online  Awareness of benefits What are realistic contributions of flu shots, clinic that communication can make to locations, and free shot the outcomes? programs  Awareness of benefit application form online16
  17. 17. Step 2: LogisticsLogistical questions to ask yourself:• What is the time frame? Time to launch?• Is it a campaign? Is it on-going?• How does it tie into our other initiatives?• What is our budget?• What is our staff?• What technology to use?
  18. 18. Step 3: Defining Success• What is success?• Size of audience?• Quality of engagement?• Press/accolades looking for?Define your goals and metrics!
  19. 19. Step 3: Defining Success…EPA example:EPA Example:• High-quality engagement among renewable energy thought leaders• 1,000 active members by 1 year (based on relevant association size, other sites)• 10 press mentions
  20. 20. Step 4: Enlist• Who are our stakeholders?• Where is the target audience currently?• What else exists?• What have we done in past?
  21. 21. Step 4: Enlist…EPA example: Critical: capture where they are, bring them back in with emails, newsletters
  22. 22. Step 4: Enlist…Another example:Again…capturewhere theyare…CRITICAL!
  23. 23. Step 5: Experts and Partners• Who are the experts on the topic?• Who are the connectors in the industry?• What are potential partner sites?• What is our ask of them?• How can we incentivize them?• What outreach materials most effective?
  24. 24. Step 5: Experts and Partners…EPA example
  25. 25. Step 6: Community Strategy• Community Managers• Community Leaders• Reward Structures• Leaderboards• What are the Rules?• What‟s In It for You?• On-boarding process
  26. 26. Step 6: Community Strategy…Example• Assign Internal Community Moderators• Create Community Guidelines• Launch leaderboards[KEY: Human beings having ahuman experience using technology]
  27. 27. Step 7: Content Strategy • What content do we have? • What do we need to create? • What content popular? • Who will create content? • What content doesn„t exist? • What unique content do we have? • What is the content frequency? • Where‟s the fun? (more on this later)
  28. 28. Step 7: Content Strategy…EPA Example:
  29. 29. Step 8: Launch• Invite early adopters• Get buy-in• Marketing/outreach on launch• Pictures on invites• Provide swag
  30. 30. Step 9: Start Doing• Follow Strategy• Do Outreach• Produce regular content• Engage with community THIS IS THE HARD PART
  31. 31. Step 9: Start Doing
  32. 32. Step 10: Measure• What is working?• What type of content popular?• What type of frequency popular• What are our key problems?
  33. 33. Step 10: Measure• Weekly/Monthly Reports• Web Analytics
  34. 34. Step 10: MeasureWhich tools are most useful?Free: Cost:• Google Analytics • Radian6• Facebook Insights • Authority Labs• Social Mention • PostRank• Twitter grader • Argyle
  35. 35. To Review:10 Steps to Building Audience:1. Identify2. Logistics3. Define success4. Enlist5. Experts & Partners6. Community Strategy7. Content Strategy8. Launch9. Start doing10. Measure
  36. 36. 36
  37. 37. Tip 1: Connect How do you get them to connect?
  38. 38. GET THEM TO CONNECT!• Majority of people most likely to engage are in the member slice of the pyramid, so concentrate on them first• Ask members questions, suggest ideas, help each other out38
  39. 39. Navy for Moms: One of the biggest barriers for kids joining Navy is concerned moms. This community assuages mom and helps get over fears39
  40. 40. Tip 2: EducateHow do you help them learn?• Make your content easy to find• Casual• To-the-point• Sticky (so come back)• Make it fun!
  41. 41. EDUCATE THEM!Make it easy forpublic to:1. Find and2. Choose whichof your resourcesare of interest tothem!41
  42. 42. EDUCATE THEM! Birdie NYC: mascot for GreeNYC42
  43. 43. EDUCATE THEM! Heard of Farmville? Want to guess how many active users 18 months after its original launch? “I will submit to you that the person who invents Healthville, which is actually fun to play and where you can network with your friends, butTodd Park, CTO of HHS that teaches you, on the side about health, will– listed in Fast be one of the most important public healthCompany‟s 2010 100 figures of the 20th century. Why? They will doMost Creative People more to inject health knowledge and help change behavior than a phalanx of traditional programs ever do” 43
  44. 44. Tip 3: EmpowerHow do you get them to own it? • Ask them for feedback! • Include their feedback • Allow them to use their own voice
  46. 46. Tip 4: EnergizeHow do youkeep themenergized?
  47. 47. ENERGIZE! • Ask lots of questions • Ask what they want • Use weekly issues/themes • Ensure latest/most interesting activity above the fold • Highlight people‟s accomplishments • Do stuff together in person: don‟t only know people by their avatars • Ask people if they want more and if yes, deliver more47
  48. 48. Tip 5: Enforce How do you get them to… ?
  49. 49. ENFORCE…YES, YOU MUSTCreate andimplement…Policies &GuidelinesLots of resourceshere…morecoming at end!49
  50. 50. Tip 6: EnhanceHow do you keep them coming back?
  51. 51. ENHANCE…ONLY WAY…• Deliver value and fulfill their needs…how? Ask• Experiment, iterate, and evolve• Don‟t recreate the wheel unnecessarily – tons of good examples by your peers• Falling down is a way to remember how to get back up• See the world from a different perspective – wear your shoes on the wrong feed – (jk)• Think outside the box51
  52. 52. ENHANCE…ONLY WAY…52
  53. 53. Summary: Top 10 List of What Works1. Create Great Content (interesting, fun, quality)2. Regular, consistent content3. Many types of content (blogs, videos, photos)4. Get them to Sign Up somewhere5. Multiple, cross-promoted channels (email, text, FB, Twitter, own communities)6. Authentic and interesting voice7. Personalization – speaking to people not just masses8. Calls to action9. Move Up Commitment Curve (ask if want more)10. Online and offline events
  54. 54. Leverage Technologies54
  55. 55. Mobile Apps – Where is the Bus?Everyone wantsto know wherethe bus! Use itas a hook!Solve theirproblem and inthe sameexperience, give them infothey didn’tknow theyneeded55
  56. 56. Mobile Apps – Airport Delays? Friendly Trojan horse!56
  57. 57. PlainLanguage.govHelps govspeakEnglish:Don‟t talkover youraudience 57
  58. 58. DoD Resources 58
  59. 59. Questions & Answers Lauren Modeen @exilauren Manager of Digital Strategy GovLoop + GovEngage59