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Slideshare! trailer analysis

  1. 1. Trailer Analysis. The Dark Knight, Warner Brothers (Action) Music fastens pace as intense times to create tension and slows down when necessary Masculine music more towards the end of the trailer which foreshadows what is going to happen Cutaways fasten, then the non-digetic music stops on specific parts of the movie that is significant e.g. (either die a hero or live long enough to see yourself become the villain) and slower music appears with finally a scene from the movie CGI used when Warner brothers is shown which look like a sort of blue fire Blue tint (gel over lens) The black screen, clowns and gun shot from the Joker make him seem mystery and suggest he is the antagonist Lighting is quite daunting although at the end the lighting is lighter and contrast is shown when the two vehicles is mentioned this could be seen as been symbolic for the contrast between Batman and the Joker. Dialogue from film to explain story but different clips from the film are shown when the speech is being said Cut away to different scenes with different voices from the film We hear the Jokers voice before we see him suggests mystery The Jokers back is shown first which again reinforces mystery for his character his intentions are also shown as he says “it’s simple we kill the Batman” this gives us insight on the story WB is shown at the beginning of the trailer (within the first 10 seconds) The name of the film is shown at the end, release date and credits shown underneath, blue text on a black background which suggests a slight sense of horror and mystery ‘ The Dark Knight’ leaves you wondering why isn’t it The Light Knight or the Good night, it is arguable to say that the Dark could be metaphoric for the clothing he is wearing, although it could also suggest that the knight has to change or give the appearance of being bad to save the city. Another aspect is that when ‘The Dark Knight’ is shown the ‘Dark’ is actually lighter, which again leaves the audience guessing. The fact that the release date isn’t specific and only says 2008 suggests that this trailer was out a long time before the actually movie was released.
  2. 2. Trailer Analysis. The Incredible Hulk, Universal (Hero/Action) Universal is shown first Dialogue from the movie is heard but the actual clip isn’t shown When he cuts his finger and the newspaper is shown gives a slight indication of his past job (scientist) but we are told he stole military secrets, at the end we are told it was a bio experiment Cutaways are used which give insight on the film, dialogue changes and masculine music fastens pace to create tension This music gets deeper and quieter and the male dialogue is then used again None diagetic music stops when the main character says “you need to get as far away as possible from me” and also “there are certain aspects of my personality that I cannot control” this makes these specific parts significant and suggest they are very important within the film When the male is trapped in the glass building it could be symbolic for him being trapped in this body without choice and he can’t escape it When the ‘Incredible Hulk’ appears and smashes out of a window quite violently the music gets louder and more intense The actual size of the Hulk is shown when a long shot is used showing the differing size of the Hulk and an average man White text on a black background around half way through could be seen as the contrast between The Hulk and the males actually personality The man who challenges the Hulk is arrogant cocky and fearless, he fights the hulk in the light natural area, we then see him get injected and a flash cutaway shows him a monster fighting in the dark which shows his personality is evil in contrast to the Hulk Quotes are then used which again give insight on the movie ‘ Coming soon’ is shown at the end of the trailer with no specific date therefore this trailer would have been seen worldwide, the text is white with a black background which suggest the white is symbolic for the Hulk and the dark background is for the other monster The fact that the hulk is green also suggests naturalness as green is a natural colour and the other monster is like a metal like silver colour which suggests technology   From a personal perspective I feel this trailer gives too much away and there isn’t enough mystery therefore I feel that it would more than likely be aimed at younger children  
  3. 3. Trailer Analysis. Dog House (Horror/Comedy) There is masculine deep music used which speeds up and slows down on relevant points to build tension and ease it at time. Dark layer/ low saturation levels which would have been done by the use of a gel cover, which suggests it’s a horror as dark colours are usually symbolic for this and bright colours symbolise happiness and joy. There are a numerous amount of flashes from different scenes which contribute to the thumping heart beat which again make the audience feel on edge and scared but yet eager to see what is going to happen. It seems to go from good to bad which suggests horror. Seems to be aimed at young men as there are many men but only one female. There is a voice over which suggests it isn’t easy to tell the story from the specific clips chosen. Dialogue changes as sound is used from clips within the film e.g. “Welcome to the country”- then the music changes which also shows the change in settings. Close up shots are used on the dead person with blood around their mouth again creates more horror. The trailer is limited to what it can show due to age restrictions although leaving cliff hangers would encourage more people of all ages to purchase it with the supervision of an adult. We are not shown who survives and who dies which again makes you want to purchase it more. The title of the movie is then shown and it makes the audience think the trailer has finished but then we are showed another fast clip which contributes and adds more suspense. The next thing shown is the date of release is very important so people are able to know when they can see this at a cinema etc... The website is then shown so people know where to find more information about the upcoming movie. The text of the release dare and website are white with a black background which creates a lot of contrast. Which could be seen as been symbolic for the contrast in the film as it’s good but then turns bad.
  4. 4. Trailer Analysis. The Hangover(comedy) Production and Distribution Companies are shown first to show its authenticity. Exerts from the film are then shown to show the simple but hilarious story, which also builds suspense. Quite subtle music, rather calm and relaxed but does change in volume and speed when necessary, to increase and decrease tension. The identity of people and their roles are very easy to visualise as you can see the varying story’s from each person. Repeat of scenes is used to emphasise its humour. Funny dialogue from the best parts of the movie are used so it seems as if it is more about what they say rather than what is been seen by the viewer. Bright colours and neon lights are used at the end on the release date which suggests humour, joy and happiness it always contributes to setting the scene for the setting of the film which suggests Las Vegas.
  5. 5. Trailer Analysis. Quarantine, Sony Pictures (Horror)   The trailer starts with a greenish tint (night vision) which suggests the whole film is in complete darkness and that there is no electricity within the building Homemade footage is used along with a voice over which changes at points and we hear dialogue (which is in the style of a news report) from the actual movie, text from what is been said is typed as if it is for a documentary, we are gave an outline of the storyline but not too much is given away The green tint suggests horror and forebodes what is going to happen within the movie The tint is taken off and the colours are changed and disorientated at points to show unbalance and creates an unsafe feeling, This green tint is then added back at the end when a clip from the film is shown which leaves you wondering what is going to happen within it Cut away clips are used fastly to increase pulse, The title of the film is shown at the end with “coming soon” this suggests that the trailer was used in a numerous amount of countries and was more than likely released around a year before the actual release of the movie The green is incorporated into the text as there is a green line at the back of the text which looks like a cut which again adds to the tension within the film No non digetic music is used, so screeches etc... are used from the film which creates tension as at silent points the audience has no idea what is going to happen
  6. 6. Trailer Analysis. Prom Night, Song Pictures (Horror) Masculine music is used throughout and gets slower, faster, deeper and louder as specific points We are given an insight on the story line by what seems like a documentary/New report and we also see newspaper articles, a time line is also used Clues of the antagonists are used for example we see his shoes, knife etc... We see shadows of the murderer which creates suspense Flashes are used to create tension and increase the pace of the trailer The title of the movie is shown at the end and then another clip of the movie is shown afterwards to leave the audience questioning does he get the girl he wants? The fact that the trailer is in light suggests that the killer is just a normal person although he is only seen as a shadow which suggests he doesn’t want to be seen and is just lurking around for example when the black girl is in the basement we are able to see her face and all of the surroundings but we are unable to see his face as he is dressed in dark clothes  
  7. 7. Trailer Analysis. The Strangers, Rogue Pictures (Horror) At the beginning of the trailer the production and distribution companies are shown, they are of a white text on a black background, although around the text there is a blue mist which represents what kind of genre the film is going to be. The white text could be symbolic for the innocent victims and the black background been the antagonist so therefore the blue mist is the meeting and coming together of the two. The blue is then carried through to the beginning of the trailer as we see a lake and it is a night shot so the horizon looks blue, it then cuts away to a house then the inside and interior of the house which sets the scene. The fact that the inside of the house seems loving as there are candles rose petals and a stereotypically pretty girl in the bath tub suggests these could be the victims. We then see cut aways to the past and a close up shot is used on a ring box which we interpret as been a wedding ring, obviously the close up shot was used for a reason, so we feel the ring is symbolic and plays a big part within the film. This also creates suspense as it leaves the audience guessing why it’s a major part. A voice over from the film is used whilst this is happening which gives us a brief insight to the characters positions. The music whilst this dialogue is being said is quite calm although the voices appear to be whispers and slightly echoing. But then we hear a bang and the camera is turned to where the loud sound came from which again creates tension, after showing a close up on the characters faces which shows the fright and emotion within them. A black screen then appears which suggests doom and the female within the trailer asks “what is it?” which creates tension and fright as it shows that they are unaware of what it is. White text appears on the black screen with a mist underneath saying “Inspired by true stories” which makes the film scarier as it leaves people thinking this could happen to me. The slight mist at the bottom could be linked back to the blue mist at the very beginning of the trailer. Clips from the film are then shown with close up shots on specific objects such as the swaying swings which are used to leave the audience feeling on edge and anxious. A voice over from the film is used throughout all of this and screens with text and mist on are shown a numerous amount of times to give that extra insight on what the film may be about. The music dies and all we hear is breathing which leaves us wondering what is going to happen next then we hear a bang which creates tension and makes the audience jump. Cutaways to a black screen and the music gets more masculine and the pace fastens, cutaways from the film are used again and actual dialogues from the film are used. The music quietens down and becomes quite spooky but feminine and then the females voice saying “What is it?” is repeated which puts empathies on the fact that the female is unaware of what’s going on. The music’s pace fastens and its begins to get more intense and deep. Some shots are repeated for example the swaying swings but they now have human like figurines on them, which suggests this creature is the antagonist or one of them. Fast cut aways are used to create suspense and tension and text is again used with the use of rhetorical questions to get the audience involved. The music then cuts off with the what we think to be the last cutaway, the music is then feminine like and the last screen appears which just looks like a blur so it leaves the audience guessing and voice over’s are used. Actors and actresses names are then shown. Then another part of the film is then shown with spooky music then ‘Coming Soon’ appears. I feel the use of the text helps to build the story but ensures that not too much is been given away.  
  8. 8. Trailer Analysis. The X Files (Sci-fi) There is a voice over at the beginning giving a brief in