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Ht webinar final

  1. 1. Tallwave High Tide for Healthcare IT
  2. 2. High Tide for Healthcare IT is a lean business plan competition created by Tallwave
  3. 3. A little more about Tallwave… 3.5 Years Old 24 Employees 4 Portfolio 65 Clients Digital Tech Focus National & Regional Capital Partners: Angels Angel Groups Venture Capital Startup Lending Grants Tallwave Capital Fund (coming 2013) Industry Access: Software, Media Marketing Healthcare Entertainment Education Retail Enterprise Financial Telecom Manufacturing CPG
  4. 4. High Tide for Healthcare IT Twenty Companies Four Partners Twenty-five People Hours 8,000 20+ Healthcare VCs Ten Subject Matter Experts 500,000 Dollars
  5. 5. Program Overview
  6. 6. Venture Blueprint • 16 topics covered • Eight, two-hour vi sessions • Build your busine • Identify move the milestones
  7. 7. Subject Matter Expert Training Banking HR/Benefits Tax & Risk Critical Success Topics Real World Assistance Legal Powerful Networking
  8. 8. Go to Market + Financials Competitive Analysis Go-to-Market Strategy Deep Financial Model Cap Table Comprehensive Fundraising Story Market Landscape
  9. 9. Move the Needle In Revenue Idea Stage Traction Based Outcomes Prototype Two Major Milestones Three Tracks
  10. 10. Pitch Training Story Telling 5-Minute Pitch Investor Questions Elevator Pitch 10 Minute Pitch Pitch Coaching Financial Savvy-ness Pitch Materials Topics Final Outcomes Pitch Decks Interested Investor Materials
  11. 11. Capital Network Proven Healthcare related investments Early Stage Capital Track Records GRADUATE ACCESS ONLY National Network Final Materials Review by all in capital network Likely Trips to 1-2 Locations for Pitches Introductions to Interested network members
  12. 12. Events + Travel Travel Paid for by High Tide for one team member Program Kick- off October 25th, 26th Move-the- Needle Orientation December 7th MTN Progress Pitch + Business Development Event February 5th Pitch Perfect, Community Pitch March 1st 1 2 3 4 Attendance at all events is required by at least one team member. Participation is included within the hurdle requirements.
  13. 13. Hurdles Venture Blueprint Hurdle End of November Due-Diligence Hurdle End of December MTN Progress Hurdle Beginning of February Pitch Perfect Hurdle Beginning of March 1 2 3 4 FailPass Detailed hurdle requirements will be shared at the program kick-off for all those selected for the High Tide program.
  14. 14. QUESTIONS