Love Or Lust?


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For people with a passion for life and the sense to follow it!
Seduce your intellect. Court your soul.
Speak your truth.

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Love Or Lust?

  1. 1. LoveOrLust?com
  2. 2. For women witha passion for life, and the sense to follow it! LoveOrLust?com
  3. 3. LoveOrLust?com
  4. 4. Its not just a site to SEE, but the place to BE.• Compelling Visuals - interactive animations• Hot Conversations - from fantasies to fears• Adult Polls - who does what, when & where• Juicy Stories - mine, yours, and hers• Articles and answers from Guest "Experts"• A private place to store your deepest, darkest secrets LoveOrLust?com
  5. 5. A personalized communications and information journal. Always online and growing with value over time!• Record desires & expectations in the moment• Review thoughts & interpretations over time• Re-evaluate assumptions & beliefs as needed• Respond (take action) when ready LoveOrLust?com
  6. 6. Acontemplativeenvironment that buildscharacter and confidence. LoveOrLust?com
  7. 7. What is it?A place that supports the growth and development ofhealthy passion & sensuality. • An entertaining collection of content & images that excite as well as normalize sexual energy and relationship fantasies • A supportive environment to explore and release fears and concerns that inhibit happy and healthy relationships • A private diary online that facilitates self-reflection, contemplation, and expression of feelings, dreams and intentions LoveOrLust?com
  8. 8. Who is it for?Women that would like to balance openness, flexibility, andpatience with boundaries, strength and perseverance. • Twenty or more who are looking to explore sexuality with humor and candor (and maybe a bit of irreverence) • Thirty somethings who want fulfilling relationships with themselves and others • Forty or so who are ready to take responsibility to create more joy in their lives LoveOrLust?com
  9. 9. Why will women use it?From sensual fantasies to perceived sexual inadequacies. • To celebrate sensuality with honesty and respect • To engage in a meaningful dialogue with “like-minded” people • To share with and support others dealing with similar issues / transitions • To find empathy and understanding at the moment of need • To record important insights and events for future reference • To enhance awareness and learn to listen to and trust individual intuition LoveOrLust?com
  10. 10. What are the benefits?Evolve your own fairy tales and perform your own rituals.• Expanded perspective and self understanding• Increased confidence and self-esteem• Motivated to ask for what is needed &/or not wanted• Inspired to participate or experiment in a thoughtful manner• More satisfaction in life as a result of appropriate actions LoveOrLust?com
  11. 11. LoveOrLust?com
  12. 12. Would you believe that...• 43% of women and 31% of men in the US report sexual dysfunction• Between 10-20% seek professional help• Women are twice as likely as men to look for help for a personal or emotional problem• There are around 40 million women online (about 50% and growing...) LoveOrLust?com
  13. 13. Did you know that...• 40% of all adult fiction books are Romance Novels• $3 billion is spent annually on Self Help books• $12 billion on Natural Supplements• $27 billion on “alternative” medicine practitioners• $35 billion on diet products & services LoveOrLust?com
  14. 14. LoveOrLust?com