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    Creative work portfolio Creative work portfolio Presentation Transcript

    • Creative Work Portfolio
      By Lauren Jeong
    • Creative work outside of class
      (projects I do just for fun)
    • This is a collage I made using cut out pieces of different materials such as magazines, newspaper, tape, foil, graph paper, note book paper, and construction paper.
    • These are some small drawings I did on photo paper. I used Sharpie markers and in some of them I used nail polish remover to create a water color effect on the photo paper.
    • ^ a mug I designed
       Paper crane mobile in the making…
    • Some of my digital photography
      The files I have on my laptop at school are limited…
    • Projects from high school graphic arts class
      (using Illustrator and Photoshop)
    • For this project, we used illustrator to create a stained glass picture using gradients.
    • This project was to create a picture out of the lyrics of a song, that fit with the story of the song. I chose The Climb by Miley Cyrus.
    • I designed this poster, using illustrator, for the student film festival at my high school.
    • Using Photoshop, we created a project that included a picture of ourselves and some things we liked. I chose to do a journal layout type thing.
    • This project was to create a morph of ourselves using Photoshop. Naturally, I morphed myself into a panda.
    •  This is the mock-up for the screen print of the shirts we made in class. I decided to make a shirt for my brother’s “band” for his Christmas present.
      This is a picture of the final product. He really liked it! 
    • Using Illustrator, we made drawings of a geometric shaped object and an organic shaped object.
    • Using both Illustrator and Photoshop, we colored and added textures to a picture that we drew. This is not the final one with all my textures because that file was unable to convert for some reason.
    • Some of my work from STA 110: Drawing I
    • We created our own still lifes and drew them using searching line…
    • We continued drawing the still lifes, but we added the technique of organizing lines to help get proportions correct…
    • We were introduced to planar analysis and practiced by drawing individual objects.
    • Still drawing still lifes, we added planar analysis and some new techniques to try to create atmospheric prospective as well as working on composition…
    • For the drawing day at MSU, our class went outside to draw live models for the first time, still using the same techniques learned in class…
    • To prepare for the live models in class, we now practiced drawing people instead of just still lifes. We worked on proportions and measurements of the body by using heads as a measurement…
    • We started drawing the live models in class using all the techniques we learned in class throughout the semester…
    • We did graphite drawings, utilizing searching line, and using an eraser to create highlights…
    • We drew one of our classmates ^…
      and then did a self-portrait ^
    • We had a mixed-media day where each person brought in an unconventional drawing tool or one we didn’t use in class, such as eye shadow, tape, charcoal etc.. I brought in Raisinets.
      Tape, charcoal, and oil pastels
      Eye shadow and charcoal
    • Nail polish and colored pencils
      Raisinets, eye shadow, and crayons
    • After our mixed media day, we picked our favorite medium to work with, and drew more still lifes. I chose charcoal…
    • This is the beginning stages of my final project. The project was to create a self portrait that says something about who I am beyond the surface.
    • This is the final product.
      (It looks better in person. The camera was having a difficult time with the lighting)
    • I would include the first project of STA 113: color and design, but we turned them in and have not received them back yet…
    • Thanks for looking! (: