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Harp Ped Technology Presentation



This is a technology presentation given at the University of Arizona's "Arizona Harp Experience" 2011.

This is a technology presentation given at the University of Arizona's "Arizona Harp Experience" 2011.



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    Harp Ped Technology Presentation Harp Ped Technology Presentation Presentation Transcript

    • Technology in music and beyond!
      Lauren Hayes
    • Note card…
      On the note card, you should…
      1. Anything you are more interested to look into at home?
      2. Anything you have questions about at the end?
      3. Any other questions??
    • What professionals should have:
      Professional Website
      Information Wiki
      Professional Blog
      Social Network for Profession
    • Basic Terminology
      What is RSS?
      Really Simple Syndication!!
      Get updates instead of searching (save time!)
      Need a “reader”
    • RSS Feed-Home
    • Rss Feed-Blog
    • Rss Feed-Audio
    • RSS Feed-News/Website
    • Networking
    • What’s the difference between a blog and a wiki??
      A blog is run by an individual and is meant for informational purposes. Similar to a personal newspaper.
      A wiki can be edited by multiple people and you can make links to other websites to connect various aspects of sharing.
      Blog (www.blogspot.com): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NN2I1pWXjXI&feature=player_embedded
      Example of Blog: http://harpangelwi.blogspot.com/
      Wiki (https://my.pbworks.com/): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-dnL00TdmLY
      Example of Wiki: http://fortagainstdrunkdriving.pbworks.com/w/page/11948308/FrontPage
    • Blog
    • Wiki
    • Twitter
      Community of Followers
      Get feedback from students (tweet, tweet…)
      Who do I follow? http://mustech.net/projects/musictwitter/
      Music teachers on Twitter: http://twitter4teachers.pbworks.com/w/page/22554557/Music-Teachers
    • Twitter
    • Plurk
      Similar to Twitter but more appropriate for continuing conversations and threads.
      Has a timeline to show what is going on.
      Blog for teachers on Plurk: www.plurk4teachers.pbworks.com
      Who should I follow on Plurk? http://plurk4teachers.pbworks.com/w/page/17295522/Music-Teachers
      Tips to use Plurk: http://www.plurk4educators.com/
    • Plurk
    • Ning
      The “MySpace for Teachers”
      Create own social network specific to one thing—like Facebook but has a purpose.
      Centers around specific topic.
    • Music PLN
      What is PLN? Professional Learning Network
      Connect with other musicians or teachers all in the same field and have an instant support group.
    • Music PLN-Navigator
    • Music PLN-Posts
    • EduTecher
      Search for sites, add personal notes about sites, save favorites.
      Easy to use blog feature.
      Various tools for all sorts of technologies
    • EduTecher-Home
    • EduTecher-Backpack
    • EduTecher-Links/Tools
    • Groups
      Way to easily connect with others from around the world and find information and gather ideas.
      Can start your own group.
      Respond to threads.
      Google (http://groups.google.com/) and Yahoo (http://groups.yahoo.com/) the best.
    • Google Groups
    • More Google Groups
    • Yahoo Groups
    • Streaming
    • Skype
      Easiest form of communication for long distance without cell phones
      Can do Skype lessons
      Skype masterclasses
      Download at: http://www.skype.com/intl/en-us/get-skype/
    • Skype
    • YouTube, Tubesock
      We all know about YouTube…
      Great advertising tool and resource tool.
      Can use Tubesock to download YouTube videos to transfer into iTunes library
      YouTube: www.youtube.com
      Download Tubesock: http://stinkbot.com/Tubesock/download.html
    • YouTube
    • UStream
      Free video streaming online
      Stream recitals, any performance
      Need computer camera, microphone, internet connection
      Anyone can watch for free online with live streaming
    • Ustream-Home
    • Ustream-Broadcast
    • Sharing
    • Google Docs
      Upload documents or forms
      Can make quizzes or drop boxes
      Keep important forms online ready to share or print anytime from anywhere
      Can use through email.arizona.edu account
    • Google Docs-Listing
    • Google Docs-Example
    • Drop Box
      Application online and downloadable for free
      Upload large files from computer onto dropbox, then share!
      No large emails or problems opening emails!
    • Drop Box
    • Airdropper
      Used with Dropbox…
      Can request someone send you something via dropbox
    • Airdropper
    • Scribd
      Easily upload any type of document (i.e. pdf, word, etc.)
      Put them into website format
      Share with others
    • Scribd
    • Slideshare
      Online place to share slideshows and search online for slideshows
      For presentations can upload and share with everyone
      (I will be posting this on Slideshare for the campers as future reference!)
    • Slideshare
    • Voicethread
      Threads of conversation on a certain post
      Can post anything (audio, visual, document)
      Eventually create archive movie for future reference
      Anyone can respond in one of four ways:
      Audio File
    • Voicethread-Posting
    • Licensing
    • Protect your work!!
      Creative Commons is a free online service to copyright one’s work at different levels
      Primarily for intellectual property posted online (compositions, presentations, etc.)
      Can choose level of security for your work
    • Creative Commons
    • Resources
    • Ted.com
      Thousands of videos of intellectual speakers, performers, etc.
      Get inspiration or educational content
    • Ted.com
    • Cool Tools for School
      Resource for anything you might need
      Music tools include:
      music searches
      sound effects
      sharing scores
      music theory training
    • Cool Tools for School
    • All My Faves
      General Site to easily get to prominent websites used by anyone
    • All My Faves
    • Easy Bib
      Simply enter the information
      Choose the format
      Ta-Da! You have an easy bibliography entry for any research you may be doing!
    • Easy Bib
    • Sweet Search
      Designed for students
      All information is guaranteed and checked by research experts.
      Way better than random google searches!!
    • Sweet Search
    • Qwiki
      Similar to Wikipedia
      Except….the information is 100% correct, always!
      Presents the information in a creative and visual way.
    • Qwiki
    • Bio for Kids
      Not only for kids, though!
      Easy to understand with complete biographies
      Research time period a piece was written
      Know contemporaries of a composer
    • Bio for “Kids”
    • ClassicCat
      Resource for anything classical music
      Has listings of main works by hundreds of composers
      “Top Composers” lists
    • ClassicCat
    • MusTech
      Keep up with current news on music and technology
      Find sources on everything from music advocacy to online keynotes and software/hardware valuable to musicians.
    • MusTech
    • Organization!!!
    • Evernote
      The pest personal assistant ever!
      Captures anything—any thought no matter the format
      Stores pdf files, can add notes online or on your phone
      Make checklists
      Capture images instantly
      Organize Schedules
    • Evernote
    • Bookmarks
      del.icio.us: make an account and save your bookmarks online for your own convenience and to share with others!
      diigo: similar to delicious but along with saving bookmarks, can also save images or notes.
    • del.icio.us
    • diigo
    • One password
      Do you have too many passwords?
      Organize them all in a secure organizer which can allow you to see every site you use and quickly see what password you need!
    • One Password
    • Doodle
      No…not drawing 
      This is for planning events!
      Similar to Facebook events…but done completely through email!
      Simply email out event and let people respond!
    • Doodle
    • Code Generator
      Enter any type of text and turn it into a bar code
      Barcode can be read by barcode reader or by barcode reader on a smart phone.
      Use to organize and catalog music or keep track of music
    • Code Generator
    • Music “Apps”
    • Noteflight
      Free online music notation if you do not have Finale or Sibelius at home.
    • Noteflight
    • Virtual Piano
      This piano works just like a normal piano, but it is online!
      Also has a “chords” setting to hear triads.
      Good for visualizing chords or analyzing music or understanding theory concepts (i.e. intervals)
    • Virtual Piano
    • Visual “Apps”
    • Aviary
      It really does it all…
      Image editing
      Color editing
      Add sound effects
      Edit audio tracks
      Create music and drum beats
    • Aviary
    • Glogster
      Creates an artsy link page
      Essentially create online, interactive posters
    • Glogster
    • Animoto
      Makes videos out of your music and pictures
      Works with Facebook, YouTube, Picasa, Flickr, and Twitter
      Could write and record a piece and then make a video of images, etc. that inspired your piece.
    • Animoto
    • Xtranormal
      Make your own movies, simply by typing!
    • Xtranormal-Making a Movie
    • Wordle
      Creates great posters for advertising out of any text
      Words that are more prevalent are largest
    • Wordle
    • WallWisher
      Essentially creates virtual “stickies”
      Can use for to-do lists or for goals—to keep track of steps.
      Can add an RSS feed
    • WallWisher
    • Taggalaxy.de
      Enter a keyword and taggalaxy finds related words
      Great for brainstorming
      Searches entire Flickr site to get images after you have chosen several related words
    • Taggalaxy.de
    • Jing
      Allows user to take a picture or video of what is on your computer screen/monitor and share it via the web, email, twitter, or a blog
      Alternate to “screen shots”
    • Jing
    • Technology Devices to Have
    • Digital Recorder
      Zoom Recorders are the best
      Use to record lectures
      Great for feedback for performances, practicing, lessons, etc.
      Can easily post on a blog or tweet or post on a website for student use
    • Zoom H4n
    • Still Camera
      Any time, just digital
      Take photos of what you are doing to share
      Remember how recording spaces are set up
      Document recitals, etc.
    • Flip Camera
      Amazing video camera
      Great if you have a video camera on your still camera, but nice to have extra room to record for a long time
      Record performances, rehearsals, etc.
    • Flip Camera
    • Smart Phone
      Organize your life!
      Get email on the go
      Keep pictures
      Sync computer and phone
      Manage online work through your phone
    • Smart Phones
    • Best “i” Apps
    • Music Apps
      Clear Tune
      Steinway & Sons Metronome
      Public Radio
    • Organizational Apps
      Bank App (Wells Fargo, etc.)
    • Social Networking
    • Technology…The more you use it the more you will love it!!