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Lauren gilbert fractions_tec word

  1. 1. Lauren GilbertGrade level: First GradeTopic: FractionsLearning objective: To teach the students the most effective way how to do fractions! 1. · The materials that you will need to make the lesson so the students can understand and make the lesson fun. Materials/Resources: o Give Me Half! by Stuart Murphy o Document camera or overhead projector and markers o Granola bar (or paper-cut out) o Cookies, a cake, granola bars, etc. for snack (optional) o Fraction worksheets (attached) o Pictures of household objects that show fractions · Students will explore the concepts of fractions using examples using “one half” and “wholes” to get a better understanding of fractions.
  2. 2. 2. 20152947 · you will pull this Prezi up · Show the Students what fractions are and how they can come in different sizes and how you can use many things to cut them in half · Then have the students watch the video. . · After the video have a class discussion: o What was their thought about fractions? o Have them give you one example what they could cut in half. o One new thing that they learned.3. · You first will divide the class into different amounts of groups depending on how many students there is that day. · Second you will give each group a cake to share and let them know that no one is allowed to eat the cake until every member of the group has been served. · Third you will ask the groups: o To tell you how many pieces you will cut the cake into to be equal amount of slices. For example if there are eight students in the group then each group member with get 1/8 of the cake.
  3. 3. o How they came up with their conclusion? o Why did the different groups have different numbers of pieces of cake? · Fourth discuss how fractions are part of a whole, and how some fractions are bigger than others. · Fifth finally let the students eat the cake! 4.• I want you to go to this site and see how fast the class can answer the questions to the game.• The point of this will to see how much they can improve by the end of the year. 5. q=videos+on+fractioins+for+kindergarten&view=detail&mid=E7963764F78A00B840E9E 7963764F78A00B840E9&first=0&qpvt=videos+on+fractioins+for+kindergarten · Have the kids watch the video with you. · Stop the movie and explain to the kids why 7/8th is bigger than 3/8th. Ask the students do you understand? How do you see that that 7/8th is bigger than 3/8th? · Let the students watch the rest of the movie and talk as a class to make sure they see that even if the number seems to be bigger that isn’t always the case. · Have them draw their own pizzas with different fractions and share it with their neighbor.
  4. 4. 6. worksheet.html · Pull this up on the Smartboard and show the students the worksheet. I will have copies to pass out to the students. · Then have the students sit quite and do the few problems alone. · After giving them about 5 min to finish the questions on the worksheet a student to come up and show how they figured it out on the Smartboard in front of the class. I want to make sure that the movie made sense to them and started with something simpler.7. q=different+ways+to+make+fractions&view=detail&id=55F5D34587CF54DFEA503E641 D39C117D5F95E32&first=37 · Pull this on the Smartboard and see if they can tell you how many are yellow how many are blue, how many are red and how many are green. Have the students tell you with using fractions as an example would be 10/30th . · After they have done that have them tell you if there were only two colors and they had equal number colored how many are there of that color?8. q=what+are+ways+we+use+fractions+in+our+everyday+life&view=detail&mid=C7064D D1C7ACD351AC27C7064DD1C7ACD351AC27&first=0 · Before having the students watch this ask them how can we use fractions in our day to day life? · After talking about it watch the video · After the video talk with the students to see if they learned anything new? · Ask if they had known all the ways the guy said in the video, about how we use fractions?
  5. 5. · 9.. q=fractions&hl=en&sa=X&biw=1280&bih=599&tbm=isch&prmd=imvns&tbnid= gScGNdW7WS8KhM:&imgrefurl= nal_day/kidspiration.html&docid=9YZWhLidYZx7AM&imgurl= UOb0POfuyAHT3YCoBw&zoom=1&iact=rc&dur=219&sig=11275703173038340 6976&page=2&tbnh=108&tbnw=159&start=14&ndsp=28&ved=1t:429,r:2,s:14,i:1 96&tx=53&ty=32 · I want you as a class to finish this chart/worksheet · After doing this worksheet together ask: · what do you see? · Do you understand why we did what we did? · Can you give me another example? 10.. to the site and pick one of the fraction games for the kids to play.I have chosen one for an example.Concentration Fraction · Create a set of fraction cards showing numerical representations of 1/2, 1/3 and 1/4, as well as pictures of circles divided into two, three or four equal parts. Use these cards to play Concentration. To play Concentration, place cards face down on the table in equal rows. Players will take turn trying to match the numerical fractions with the matching picture card. · After you play the game you should have a classroom discussion to make sure the students can understand about fractions. Ask them: · What are two new things that you learned today? · What are 4 things you can cut in half? · What was the best part about today’s lesson?
  6. 6. Answer SheetThere are 12 questions throughout the lesson that I want each student to answer and to make surethat each student is doing the work I want them to write it down and hand in their responses. Allanswer can vary.1. What was there thought about fractions?Answer: Could vary but they could say hard, don’t understand them, what are fractions etc….2. Have them give you one example what they could cut in half.Answer: Apple, orange, candy, nuts, balls, pizza etc3. One new thing that they learned so far in the lesson?Answer: That fractions are not that hard to understand, they can see how fractions are made etc.4. How many pieces will be cut the cake if we have 8 students in the group?Answer: 1/8th so every student will get 1/8th of the cake.5. How they came up with their conclusion? Because there are 8 people in the group and we allwant equal pieces so we need to cut the cake into 8 slices so each person would receive 1 of the 8which make 1/8th6. Why did the different groups have different numbers of pieces of cake?Answer Because each group had a different amount of people.7. You are going to ask how many colors there are out of how many squares in the picture on thethird page..Answer is 36/144.8.If there were only two colors of the whole thing how many would be the one colorAnswer: ½ or 72/1449. Ask the students how you would use fractions in every day to day?Answer: Money, cooking, and probability.
  7. 7. 10. What are two new things that you learned today?Answer: How to understand fractions, how to make fractions more easy, how to see fractions ina new way, that fractions are fun, etc.11. What are four things you can cut in half?Answer: fruit, candy, pictures, cakes, ropes, teams etc.12. What was the best part about today?Answer: Eating the cake, learning about fractions, watching the different movies, etc. Original Sites:· 1. The purpose of this site is a lesson plan on how to teach fraction· 2. To show what fractions are· 3, It’s a fun activities to show the students fractions.· 4. It’s a fun game to do with fractions to see how fast you can tell what fractions is which.
  8. 8. · 5. q=videos+on+fractioins+for+kindergarten&view=detail&mid=E7963764F78A00B840E9E7 963764F78A00B840E9&first=0&qpvt=videos+on+fractioins+for+kindergarten It’s a movie to describe fractions better to the students so they might be able to understand them better. • 6. fractions-worksheet.html This is a quick worksheet to make sure that the students understand how to do fractions alone. • 7. q=different+ways+to+make+fractions&view=detail&id=55F5D34587CF54DFEA503E 641D39C117D5F95E32&first=37 This is a harder fractions exercise in a different way to see If the students can see that this works as well. • 8. q=what+are+ways+we+use+fractions+in+our+everyday+life&view=detail&mid=C706 4DD1C7ACD351AC27C7064DD1C7ACD351AC27&first=0 This shows the students how you can use fractions in every day to day life! 9. .. q=fractions&hl=en&sa=X&biw=1280&bih=599&tbm=isch&prmd=imvns&tbnid=gScGNd W7WS8KhM:&imgrefurl= tion.html&docid=9YZWhLidYZx7AM&imgurl= fessional_day/fractions_1st.jpg&w=500&h=339&ei=5v2WUOb0POfuyAHT3YCoBw&zo om=1&iact=rc&dur=219&sig=112757031730383406976&page=2&tbnh=108&tbnw=159 &start=14&ndsp=28&ved=1t:429,r:2,s:14,i:196&tx=53&ty=32 This is a worksheet for the students to do alone at the end of the lesson to make sure that everyone is one the same page. 10.
  9. 9. This is a game for the students to play together and the end of the lesson to make surethat the students can see that fractions are fun!