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Media Institution for my Music Magazine

  1. 1.         Q magazine- Bauer ( Kerrang magazine- Bauer MOJO- Bauer Top of the Pops magazine- Immediate Media Company NME- IPC Media Ltd (formerly International Publishing Corporation) UNCUT- IPC Media Ltd Smash Hits (not a magazine anymore apart from the odd issue)- EMAP Metro (originally) now Bauer for one off specials. EMAP gave/sold Smash Hits, Kerrang and Q to Bauer.
  2. 2. A multinational media company headquartered in Hamburg, Germany which operates in 16 countries worldwide. Since the company was founded in 1875, it has been privately owned and under management by the Bauer family. It was formerly called Heinrich Bauer Verlag KG, abbreviated to HBV and usually shortened to H. Bauer. Website:
  3. 3. ‘Q’ is solely a ‘pop’ magazine which features current popular music ‘Kerrang’ is a UK based rock magazine. MOJO is a ‘classical rock’ music magazine- often features artists like John Lennon and Bob Dylan.
  4. 4. IPC Media Ltd (formerly International Publishing Corporation) A wholly owned subsidiary of Time Inc., is a consumer magazine and digital publisher in the United Kingdom, with a large portfolio selling over 350 million copies each year. Another sister company in America, parent company is Time Inc.
  5. 5. • NME is a pop/rock weekly magazine, started in 1952. • However it’s recently said that the NME magazine focuses on Indie Pop/rock bands. • ‘focused on new British bands such as The Libertines, Franz Ferdinand, Bloc Party and the Kaiser Chiefs who emerged as "indie music" continued to grow in commercial success. Later, Arctic Monkeys became the standard-bearers of the post-Libertines crop of indie bands, being both successfully championed by the NME and receiving widespread commercial and critical success’ • UNCUT is solely a rock music magazine (timeless rock music) for example Bob Dylan. • ‘Its music features tend to focus on genres such as Americana,[3] rock and alternative country. Each month the magazine includes a free CD, which may include both new and older music. Special Issues have covered Radiohead, Bob Dylan, Bruce Springsteen, The Byrds, David Bowie, Demon Records, Eric Clapton, John Lennon, Pink Floyd, Queen, Martin Scorsese, Motown Records, Morrissey, George Harrison, Jimmy Page, Led Zeppelin and more.’
  6. 6. Having looked into music magazines in great detail I have discovered that the two main institutions are Bauer and IPC Media. I have to pick one media distribution to use to distribute my Music Magazine (pop magazine). I feel my magazine could be published by either as they are both very well-known but I want to go with the one that could produce the most sales.
  7. 7. Bauer distribute a range of different Genre magazines, Q, Mojo, Kerrang and Smash Hits magazine (for the odd special one off issue). These magazines cover the music genres, Pop, Soul/Classical Rock, and UK based Rock. Because of the range of genres they cover I feel my magazine would fit in well. This is because my target audience are interested in the genre pop and also features which include popular music, festivals, chart artists etc. but the age bracket is 15-25. The age bracket is different to ‘Q’ age bracket. Despite Bauer already publishing Pop magazines, mine is different and has a different target age group and possibly different target audience in general which means it could sell alongside Q. However this could cause a few problems as my magazine does have some similarities to Q’s (both pop and feature popular artists). But, my magazine is solely aged at a younger target audience and has different features to Q’s magazine.
  8. 8. If have chosen to use Bauer as my magazine publisher. This is because despite them publishing pop magazines already, they also publish other genres of music and also used to publish ‘Smash Hits’ which was a pop magazine, so I feel mine would fit in nicely. It also differs to Q and the other magazines due to the price I am selling mine at, the features and also the age bracket. I feel my magazine being at a slightly lower price than Q and also having a different age bracket would give the target audience (the TA who are interested in the genre Pop) a choice on what magazine they want to buy depending on the price they want to pay and the features included.