NACT Critique & Contest Divisons
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NACT Critique & Contest Divisons

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NACT Critique & Contest PowerPoint presentation covering the divisions and contests

NACT Critique & Contest PowerPoint presentation covering the divisions and contests

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  • 1. Critique & Contest
    The Divisions & Contests
    National Agricultural Communicators of Tomorrow
  • 2. News Story
    Short Feature Story
    Long feature story
    Short feature personality profile
    Long feature personality profile
    Research-related writing
    Writing Division
  • 3. Writing Division: News Story
    Must be a current issue
  • 4. Writing Division: Short/Long Feature Story
    Short - 1,000 Words or Less
    Long - Greater than 1,000 Words
    Technical story (anything about a breed, disease , etc.)
    Historical Feature (can cover an event)
    Anything that is not time sensitive
  • 5. Writing Division: Short/Long Feature Personality Profile
    Short - 1,000 Words or Less
    Long - Greater than 1,000 Words
    Highlight a person and their accomplishments
  • 6. Writing Division: Research-Related Writing
    Research summary
  • 7. Magazine
    Newspaper, tabloid and newsletter
    Brochure and pamphlet
    Online publication
    Publication Division
  • 8. Publication Division: Magazine
    Must include budget
    Examples: Cowboy Journal, Agrileader
  • 9. Publication Division: Newspaper, Tabloid and Newsletter and Brochures and Pamphlets
    Submit a copy in published form
    Summary of budget to produce
    Layout and Design class material
  • 10. Publication Division: Online Publication
    Anything that can be viewed in HTML format
    NOT a PDF
  • 11. Radio production
    Video production
    Multimedia production
    Electronic Media Division
  • 12. Electronic Media Division: Radio Production
    Thirty seconds to five minutes
    Any format
  • 13. Electronic Media Division: Video Production
    Thirty seconds to 15 minutes
    Any format
    Any broadcast class assignment
  • 14. Electronic Media Division: Multimedia Production
  • 15. Photo Series
    (Three or more photos in a series)
    Scenic photo
    People photo
    Animal photo
    Plant photo
    Food photo
    Other photo
    Photography Division
  • 16. Advertisement
    Page layout
    Graphic design for print or web
    Web design
    Design and Layout Division
  • 17. Design and Layout Division: Advertisement
    Layout and Design Work
    One copy of finished product
  • 18. Design and Layout Division: Page Layout
    Two-page magazine spread
    One-page broadsheet
    Two-page tabloid size news spread
  • 19. Design and Layout Division: Graphic Design for Print or Web
    Small advertisements
  • 20. Design and Layout Division: Web Design
    Any Web site
    It does not have to be live on the Web
    Submitted via CD, DVD or USB
  • 21. Public relations single item
    Public relations campaign
    News release
    Social media campaign
    Public Relations Division
  • 22. Public Relations Division: Public Relations Single Item
    Anything that cannot be entered in another category
    Posters, coffee mugs, promotional products
  • 23. Public Relations Division: Public Relations Campaign
    A campaign or innovations project
  • 24. Public Relations Division: News Release
    No length requirements
    Can cover any topic
  • 25. Public Relations Division: Social Media Campaign
    Summarize campaign that used Facebook, Twitter, etc.
    Include URLs for social media sites related to campaign