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This Is Our School Routine
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This Is Our School Routine

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A description of a typical day at our school

A description of a typical day at our school

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  • 1. This is our school day 9:00 10:00 11:00 12:00 13:00 14:00 15:00 16:00 17:00 Escola 21 d´abril L´Aldea
  • 2. Arrive at school... We arrive at school by bike, car or walking. We arrive at school at 8:50. We wait at the gate and a teacher comes to open the door.
  • 3. Line up... Hang coats up... The bell rings at nine o´clock. We line up in front of the school and enter the school. We hang our coats up and put our bags on the back of the chair.
  • 4. In some classes there are whiteboards, projectors and blackboards. When we arrive at class we prepare the books and start the class. Every morning we have got maths and language class. Language class Maths class
  • 5. English Art in English In the English and art class we have got a very big digital whiteboard. In our English class we have got a teacher and an English assistant. In the art class we have got a lot of material. We look for information about famous artists.
  • 6. Break time playing Break time snack We start break time at 11:00 and go to play football, basketball and tag. In the break time we eat a sandwich, fruit, biscuits or crisps and we drink a yoghurt or juice.
  • 7. Science Library We take the science books and we start to work. We do experiments in the science class. In the library we read books and study for exams. The students in year 6 clean and tidy up the library.
  • 8. Home for lunch School for lunch At 1:00 some students go home for lunch... ...but some stay at school This is an example of the school menu.
  • 9. Lunch Menu   Week 1 Week 2 Week 3 Monday >Chickpeas >Calamari with tomato and carrot >Fruit >Fish soup >Pork with peas >Fruit >Mashed courgette >Turkey with sauce >Yoghurt Tuesday >Mashed pumpkin >Fried chicken >Yoghurt drink >Mashed carrot >Meatball with tomato sauce >Fruit >Fish soup >Fish and potato >Yoghurt Wednesday >Rice and fish >Fried fish and salad >Fruit >Paella (rice, meat, beans, peas) >Cordon blue (ham and cheese) >Fruit >Lentils with sauce >Fish with aubergine >Fruit Thursday >Green beans with potato >Omelette of courgette with ham croquettes >Yoghurt >Meat and rice >Fish with salad (tomato, salad and lettuce) >Fruit >Pasta with tomato sauce >Fish steak with courgette >Cake Friday >Pasta with tomato sauce >Fish steak and courgette >Fruit >Soup (chicken, chickpeas, meatballs, carrots and potato) >Noodles >Yoghurt >Soup (vegetables and pasta) >Aubergine and sausage >Custard
  • 10. Religion and ethics Music In the music class we play a lot of instruments. We learn songs. In the religion class we study about God and watch films. In the ethics class we do a lot of activities for school and we also watch films.
  • 11. P.E Computers We have a very big gym. There we stretch, play sports and funny games. In computers we learn how to use programs. Our teacher shows us how to use different web pages and messengers and we look for information. We learn how to create PPT.
  • 12. Goodbye! At 5 o´clock the bell rings and we take our school bags with our homework and go to our houses by bike, walking or by car. Goodbye!
  • 13. Afterschool activities When we finish school some people do afterschool activities. The afterschool activities are tennis, chess, English and basketball.
  • 14. This is our school day 9:00 10:00 11:00 12:00 13:00 14:00 15:00 16:00 17:00 Escola 21 d´abril L´Aldea