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Question 5

  1. 1. Question 5 – How did youattract/address your audience?
  2. 2. My product can be compared to magazines such as Billboard and Blender. All products have a similar audienceappeal, in the way they design their products. For example they all present similar types of audience throughstyling. For example on my products the models are dressed very mainstream and wear typical outfits which can bebe seen often on the high street. This is how models are presented for these magazines, as very relatable to fans.The fonts also represent this pop audience, they are quite quirky and bold and the whole presentation of themagazine is very clean to represent this pop genre and attract my mainstream audience. This is consistentthroughout my product. The poses of my models also relate to my audience as they make them look very friendlyand they appear like pop artists. This matches these magazines as they present their models this way in order tomatch their style of music. In light of my original audience research it told me that to create a magazine of thisgenre I would have to have a very clean looking magazine and models that also have a clean cut image so that theycan’t be misinterpreted for another genre such as rock. I didn’t necessarily challenge other texts I just developed onfrom them, this way I could to still be similar to their products in terms of appearance and stylization however Icould adapt their ideas to my product.
  3. 3. Roughcuts and Final Products
  4. 4. There have been numerous changes between my rough cuts and final products asshown in the slide below. With regards to my front cover and contents page there hasbeen noticeable changes. I feel that my final product looks much moreprofessional, replacing the cheap looking pink background with the white. I alsorepresented my genre much better in order to appeal to my target audience by using adifferent main image, it gives the model a lot more personality reflecting her style ofmusic. The sell lines have also been presented much clearer and look very clean on thepage again which allows me to appeal to my mainstream audience. Overall I feel myfront cover does appeal to this audience as it can fit to a wide mainstream audiencerather than a specific niche market. My contents page had the most noticeable changeas it completely changed layout, I felt it would appeal to my target audience muchmore as it looks a lot quirkier and fun which can appeal to my wide mainstreamaudience. Also the use of the models placed where they are on the white backgroundagain gives my magazine that consistent clean finished look. With regards to my doublepage spread there has not been a lot of recognizable change, the layout is very similarto my rough cut. This is because I already felt it would appear to my targetaudience, again with the consistent clean layout and the styling of the model matchedthe mainstream audience well as the model is styled like a typical chart artist. The fonton the title of my double page spread also works well for my audience, it is visuallyinteresting and again looks very quirky and fun matching my pop genre that I wantedmy magazine to appear in order to attract my mainstream audience.