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Polished Paper provides our clients with on-demand professional English language editing and proofreading services designed to meet all of your needs. Whether you are a student seeking to distinguish yourself from your peers, a PhD candidate about to publish a journal article, or a multimillion-dollar investment firm, our editors are at your service.

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Welcome to polishedpaper.com

  1. 1. Visit our website:https://polishedpaper.com
  2. 2.  Polished Paper’s editors have the expertise and experience to meet your needs. Our purpose is to help our clients distinguish themselves from their peers by providing thorough editing and proofreading services. With this in mind, we hire editors with diverse educational backgrounds, experiences, and skill sets, in fields ranging the gamut: business, the humanities, nursing, history, science, technology, literature, and communications. In addition to their area-specific expertise, our editors are screened and selected based on their mastery of the English language and its many intricacies. Our team of professional editors will safeguard and improve your written reputation by ensuring that your documents are grammatically correct, clear, concise, properly formatted and structured, and error free. Whether for business or academia, Polished Paper provides you with an edge over your competition. Begin polishing your written reputation today!
  3. 3.  Academic Editing  Business Editing  Creative Writing Editing  Resume Editing  ELL/ESL Editing  Proofreading Services
  4. 4.  Polished Paper believes that our clients should be judged by the quality of their ideas and the value of their insights, not by their mastery of the intricacies of English grammar. We also believe that our clients’ success is the measure of our success. Accordingly, we scrutinize our clients’ work with an eye for clear, concise, direct, and error-free language. Whether in the hyper-competitive academic or business world, students and professionals alike choose Polished Paper because we safeguard and improve their written reputation, allowing their ideas to shine and assisting them in standing out amongst their peers.
  5. 5.  After spending a decade in the Force Reconnaissance and Special Operations communities, I truly understand and cherish the value of privacy. You may have noticed that nowhere on the pages of this site is there a list of our corporate clientele.
  6. 6.  Polished Paper LLC, 1923 Bragg St. #140-2376  USA (United State of America)  Sanford  North Carolina  27330  Phone number: 1-855-974-4102  Email-info@polishedpaper.com
  7. 7.  The simple fact that you are reading these lines tells us that you expect only the best from your work. Thus, you should demand only the best from us.  Polished Paper is committed to providing you with quality and reliability that you can count on, period. If you are unhappy with your document for any reason, we will work with you to make it right, or we will refund your money in full. We believe that success, and not effort, is the true benchmark of success. If we are unable to meet your standards, then we have failed in our mission to provide you with the quality that we, and you, demand. Our guarantee ensures that the quality of our services remains top tier and that we do not make a dime that was not earned by adding value to our clients’ work.
  8. 8. Thank You https://twitter.com/Laurelwaito https://www.facebook.com/pages/Polishe d-Paper/301982783247619