Cvm library summer research experience presentation 2013


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  • Cvm library summer research experience presentation 2013

    1. 1. Laurel Sammonds CrawfordCVM LibrarianCVM Summer Research ExperienceLiterature Review Coaching Session
    2. 2. Online SRE Research Guide a QR Code reader at
    3. 3. Agenda• Lit Review: What’s the Point?• Lit Review Basics• Finding Information Using MSU Libraries• Staying Organized• Research, Publishing and Presenting• Get Help! CVM Library Details
    4. 4. Scholarly CommunicationsLife CycleDatacollection,research &analysisAuthoringPeer ReviewArchiving &preservationCitation,sharing, anddiscoveryLibrary
    5. 5. No, seriously…what’s the point?• What am I doing?!• How do I getstarted?!• Wait…what’s thisabout peer review?Photograph : Scary Cat Effects, 2006, by santanartist, is usedunder a Creative Commons Attribution licenseA lit search helps you answer all of these concerns!
    6. 6. What’s the end result?IntroductionMethodsResultsDiscussionIMRaDLit review goes here
    7. 7. Lit Review Basics• Keep a workingbibliography!• Stay scholarly• Find a few recent articles,follow citations, look forlandmarks• Be critical– find otherstudies’ limitations• To cite it, read itPhotograph : Writing, 2012, by Pascal Maramis, is used under aCreative Commons Attribution license
    8. 8. Stay Scholarly!Popular ScholarlyScholarly works add moreweight to your research
    9. 9. Following the breadcrumbs…Article__1976______________________Article__1999______________________Article__2000______________________Article__1989______________________Article__1999______________________Article__2001______________________Article__2001______________________Article__1988______________________Article__1961______________________Article_1995_______________________Article_2008_______________________Article__2008______________________Article__2009______________________Article_2012_______________________Article__2013______________________Article__2009______________________Article__2010______________________Article__1992______________________Main Article2006Citations showrelationshipsArticles the main articlecited: related, older articles.Articles that cite the mainarticle: related, newer articles.The databases Scopus and Google Scholar can show you who cited an article!
    10. 10. Finding Articles• Key databases– CAB Abstracts– PubMed (MEDLINE)– Scopus*– Agricola– Google Scholar**allows you to see who cited a certain article• How to use InterLibrary Loan (ILL)• Use MSU Libraries’ website to get off-campusaccess to everythingRemember: click the“Find It” button toget online access tofull-text PDFs
    11. 11. Search TipsSearch Tip ExampleUse correct spelling—some databasesdon’t autocorrectophthalmologyTry different keywords, synonyms, andlarger or smaller category terms•pig: try swine, artiodactyla, ungulate•theriogenology = breedingEnclose phrases in quotes “blood brain barrier”Search in specific fields by using theAdvanced SearchDepending on the database, you cansearch by author, title, institutionalaffiliation, even journal title orpharmaceutical actionFilters are your friend! After searching, use filters to narrowresults by publication date, language,type of publication, and more.
    12. 12. • Keep your workorganized– EndNote– RefWorks– ZoteroOrganized Citations Are KeyPhotograph : Hi, Im New in Town - Heard Youre The Big Cat InCharge , 2009, by godserv, is used under a Creative CommonsAttribution licenseOh no! Whereare my noteson thisarticle?What journalwas it in?Ack, what wasthe year andvolumenumber?
    13. 13. Citing your work is crucial• You must give credit to:– Free government publications (ex: CDC)– Websites– Unpublished works– Images, graphs, anatomical drawingsPatrias K, author; Wendling D, editor. Citing Medicine: The NLM StyleGuide for Authors, Editors, and Publishers [Internet]. 2nd edition.Bethesda (MD): National Library of Medicine (US); 2007-. Chapter 2,Books. 2007 Oct 10 [Updated 2011 Sep 15]. Available from:
    14. 14. Citation:Office of Research Integrity[Internet]. Rockville, MD:Office of Research Integrity;c2012. Case Summary:Visvanathan, Mahesh; 2012Jan 3 [cited 2012 Jun 18];[entire screen]. Available from
    15. 15. Publishing and Presenting• See forresources on:– Research design and statistical analysis– Grants and research funding– Research ethics– Patents and licensing information– Poster designing and printing
    16. 16. Take-home points…• MSU Libraries can help you find and accessthe information you need. If we don’t have it,we can get it.• Staying organized is essential.• Ask for help! That’s what we’re here for.
    17. 17. Get Help! CVM Library Details• Hours:• ContactMonday – Thursday 7 AM – 11 PMFriday 7 AM – 5 PMSaturday 10 AM – 6 PMSunday 2 PM – 10 PMLaurel Sammonds
    18. 18. Questions?