Gov 2.0a conference: Gov 2.0, Open Data, and the Innovation Economy


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Gov 2.0, Open Data, and the Innovation Economy. This presentation was created using VUE, an open source mindmapping tool (

Some slides were shared from MassDOT's presentation here:

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Gov 2.0a conference: Gov 2.0, Open Data, and the Innovation Economy

  1. O'Reilly Media
  2. O'Reilly Media
  3. Government as a platform
  4. Obama memo on Transparency and Open Government 2009 Government should be transparent Government should be participatory Government should be collaborative
  5. Open Government People Policy Technology
  6. San Francisco, CA
  7. SFBART Blog Response Repsonse to rider BART Foursquare Feedback SFBART Blog Policy
  8. Colorado
  9. North Dakota
  10. Manor, TX
  11. Miami, FL
  12. Washington, DC
  13. Maine
  15. Engagement External Internal Citizen Developer
  16. Apps for Democracy 30 days 47 apps $50,000 prize money ~$250,000 worth of apps DC Pedestrian iLiveAt DC Bikes
  17. NYC's Big Apps Apps for the Army MassDOT: application and visualization challenges
  18. Civic-focused camps/unconference
  19. Innovation Economy EveryBlock (MSNBC) SeeClickFix
  20. MassDOT: 10 Steps to Glory
  21. Step 1: Hold regular meetings
  22. Step 2: Create relationship principles
  23. MassDOT Developers Relationship Principles 1) Respect resources 2) Succeed together 3) Expect change 4) Communication is key 5) Open, open, open Legalese: - Building applications does not increase the likelihood you will be awarded a contract by MassDOT now or in the future. - The MassDOT will make all efforts to keep data open once it's been released.
  24. Step 3: Become part of the community
  25. Step 4: Release some data
  26. Step 5: Assess results
  27. Step 6: Host a developer day/contest
  28. Step 7: Reward innovation
  29. Step 8: Ask community what data they want
  30. Step 9: Release live data
  31. Step 10: Become the example
  32. Open Government People Policy Technology