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All about North America

All about North America



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North america North america Presentation Transcript

  • North America
  • Where is North America?
    • North America is to the north of South America.
    • North America has the Pacific Ocean on the western side and the Atlantic Ocean on the eastern side.
    • The cold Arctic Ocean is to the north of North America
  • Countries in North America
    • USA (our country)
    • Canada
    • Mexico
    • Many other small countries
  • People in North America
    • There are many different kinds of people living in North America
    • The first people in North America were called Native Americans or American Indians. There are still Indians living in North America today.
    • All other people living in North America once came from other continents
    • People in North America have many different skin and hair colors
    • Most people in North America speak English, Spanish, or French
  • Weather in North America
    • The weather or climate in North America is very cold in the North like Canada, Alaska, and Greenland
    • The southern parts of North America like Florida and Mexico are much warmer because they are closer to the equator
  • Animals in North America
    • One very special animal that lives in North America is the buffalo or bison. It lives on the flat prairie in the middle of North America.
  • Cool facts about North America
    • North America is our home!
  • Are you ready for a quiz?
  • 1. Find North America
  • 2. What makes North America special?
    • It is hot all the time
    • It is a very big continent
    • We live there
    • Nobody lives there
  • 3. What ocean is this?
    • Indian Ocean
    • Atlantic Ocean
    • Arctic Ocean
    • Pacific Ocean
  • 4. Where in North America do buffalo or bison live?
    • The cold north
    • The warm south
    • Buffalo do not live in North America
    • On the grassy plains
  • 5. Which country is not part of North America?
    • USA
    • Mexico
    • China
    • Canada
  • 6. Which person’s relatives do you think lived in North America first ?
  • 7. This is the state of Alaska, in northern part of North America. What would the weather or climate in Alaska be like?
    • Hot
    • Cold
    • Sometimes hot and sometimes cold
    • There is no weather there
  • 8. Why do we have warm weather in Florida and other southern parts of North America?
    • There are beaches in Florida and Mexico
    • Oranges grow in the sun
    • We like warm weather
    • We are near the equator
  • 9. Which North American country does this flag belong to?
    • Mexico
    • USA
    • Canada
    • North America
  • 10. Which part of North America do we live in?
  • Great job!