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Selected Sites3


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  • 1. SELECTED National Park Sites of the Civil War Shilo Antietam See Your Country!
  • 2. Today’s Battlefields
    • Our historic battlefields of the Civil War are mostly preserved as National Park sites. They are not necessarily National Parks – as there are different designations for types of parks in the park system.
    • These parks have fantastic Visitor Centers that interpret the particular history of that site as well as the context of the wider war.
  • 3. Today’s Battlefields
    • In today’s world, these protected areas are often found in highly populated urban areas. They preserve a landscape from the era of the Civil War and can also serve as important wildlife refuges. They are beautiful places.
    • See your country! Plan a trip around Civil War national park sites.
  • 4. Antietam Battlefield
    • September 17, 1862
    • Major loss of life on both sides of the battle.
    • Lincoln’s general, McClellan, had been criticized prior to this battle for a lack of aggression and initiative.
  • 5. Antietam Battlefield
    • Lee was forced to retreat, ending southern incursions into Maryland.
    • Lincoln issues the Emancipation Proclamation immediately following this bloody battle
  • 6. Antietam Battlefield Today
    • The national battlefield property includes over 3,250 acres of farmland, pastures and forest in rural Maryland.
  • 7. Shiloh National Military Park
    • April 6 - April 7, 1862
    • This area was critical in general to both sides of the war, as it is on the Tennessee River – a vital transportation route
    • This battle was also a fight for the key railroad junction at Corinth, Mississippi.
  • 8. Shiloh National Military Park
    • Confederates had the initial advantage of a surprise attack, but were beaten back by the northern forces under the command of General Grant.
    • The Federal Army subsequently advanced into the Mississippi Valley
    • Loss of life was heavy on both sides
  • 9. Shiloh National Military Park Today
    • Shiloh National Military Park has over 4,200 acres.
  • 10. References
    • American Battlefield Protection Program
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