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Wellco Wellness ROI
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Wellco Wellness ROI


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Published in: Health & Medicine, Business

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  • 1. Wellness ROI Proven Strategies You Can Easily Implement Now for Lower Health Costs
  • 2. Three Key Questions To Determine Need for Wellness ROI
  • 3.
    • Q1 - Do you have employees that aren’t as healthy as they think they are?
      • 90%+ of your employees have at least 1 risk that affects medical costs.
      • 25%+ are so unhealthy that they should visit their physician within 3 months due to dangerous or costly medical conditions.
    3 Key Questions to Determine Need
  • 4. 3 Key Questions to Determine Need
    • Q2 – Would you like to have a better handle on your health care costs?
      • 95% of your health care dollars go towards treatment ( sick care ) rather than prevention.
      • Health care spending continues to rise at the fastest rate in history.
      • 70% of medical expenses are preventable.
  • 5.
    •  Annual projection - $951,300
    •  Annual increase $104,643 ($8,720/month)
    Medical Premiums (For every 100 employees) 2012 2015
  • 6. 3 Key Questions to Determine Need
    • Q3 – Are you currently paying for benefits that aren’t being effectively utilized?
      • Employees currently have to choose between paying the rent and going to the doctor.
      • Preventive care utilization has significantly decreased.
      • Wellco’s most recent programs have achieved 96-100% participation.
  • 7. 3 Key Questions
    • If you answered “yes” to even 1 of these questions then you need Wellness ROI .
  • 8. Company, System & Product Overview
  • 9. About Wellco
    • Wellco works with organizations that want to measurably improve health costs and conditions.
    • Wellco specializes in wellness ROI systems, health risk appraisals, corporate wellness programs, speaking, and consulting.
    • Wellco is the developer of the award-winning HealthHammer™, the first and only Zero Trend Appraisal® system to help companies accurately benchmark and fully achieve flat health costs over time.
  • 10.
    • “ Wellco does much more than provide corporate health and wellness programs. Wellco fixes health and wellness programs . As a result, we have decreased our medical costs by more than 15%. Wellco’s systems and guidance are the best and most effective in the industry by far.” - Carol Gatewood, President, AJ Danboise
  • 11. HealthHammer
    • HealthHammer is the only return on investment (ROI)-based health risk appraisal and management system with measurable results. In comparison, the typical employee wellness program has no data to show if it is even working.
      • Nearly half of companies offering wellness programs have not even attempted to measure medical cost trends.
  • 12. Overview
    • HealthHammer measures, assesses, and trims employee health risks such as heart disease, diabetes, and depression before they become more dangerous and costly.
    • Includes instant results and custom employee report without any delay for lab processing or reports to be mailed.
    • Provides Organization ROI Scorecard with key opportunities and avoidable costs.
  • 13. Popular Options
    • HealthHammer Onsite – Includes medical measurements and coaching by Wellco’s health experts.
    • HealthHammer Medical – Wellco’s ROI system for use by your own health and wellness provider.
    • HealthHammer Online – For remote locations from the comfort of your home or office.
  • 14. TrendMender
    • Speaking and consulting programs
    • Can be onsite or virtual
    • Infused with startling first-hand insights packed with takeaway tips for organizations of all sizes, types and budget to achieve health care ROI.
    • Sample popular topic, “ Turning Bad News Into Best Practices – how to bounce back from the health care crisis .”
  • 15. Four Easy Ways To Get Started Today
  • 16. 4 Easy Ways to Get Started Today
    • Schedule onsite HealthHammer for your entire staff or as a pilot program to see firsthand how Wellco helps you measurably improve health costs and conditions.
    • “ HealthHammer provided a 288% ROI through reduced medical costs. HealthHammer is the most powerful health risk appraisal & management system on the planet!” - Larry Gaynor, President TNG Worldwide
  • 17.
    • Schedule Wellco’s riveting speaking program to your group, “ Turning Bad News Into Best Practices – how to bounce back from the health care crisis .”
    • “ Wellco’s Scott Foster is a powerful speaker. Our staff is still buzzing about Scott’s strategies. I highly recommend him for your next event.” -AnnMarie Connolly, Media Genesis
    4 Easy Ways to Get Started Today
  • 18.
    • Schedule onsite or virtual TrendMender consulting to measure and improve your outcomes and ROI.
    • “ Wellco’s return-on-investment is as close as you can come to a sure thing.” - Sean de Four, VP of Organizational Effectiveness Judson Center
    4 Easy Ways to Get Started Today ™
  • 19.
    • Request a trial membership to HealthHammer online.
    • “ HealthHammer is the most valuable benefit we have ever provided to our staff.” -Brad Frederick, CEO, Media Genesis
    4 Easy Ways to Get Started Today
  • 20. To Get Started or For More Information
    • (248) 549-4247