Media technologies


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Media technologies

  1. 1. How did you use mediatechnologies in theconstruction, research, planning and evaluation?
  2. 2. PowerPoint I used power point to present all my evaluation questions I also used it to make slide shows of the pictures we took while we were recording our soap opera trailers
  3. 3. Twitter.We could use twitter to communicate while we were not inlessonsThis allowed use to get feed back from students and teachersand allowed us to work on our project outside of college.
  4. 4. I used Youtube to upload my roughYou Tube. cuts and final cuts of my soap trailer. It also allows people to comment and give me feed backI cant then select a video and wait for itto upload and process To upload to Youtube I select the upload button
  5. 5. You Tube. You Tube is a good way to gain feed back. It allowed me to see weather people liked or disliked the video and they could also comment with what they liked and thought needed improving.
  6. 6. I used blogger to present all my work and planning – iBlogger was able to upload all my videos and power points. To upload a video to blogger you need to go on your blog and click NEW POST You then need to embed the Html link from your youtube video and then enter this into a new post and click publish post
  7. 7. I used slide share to upload my power points and changeSlide share. them to a format which allowed me to upload them to my blog. You click upload, then choose your video It will then upload your video and give you an embedded link which will allow you to upload it to your blog like a You Tube video.
  8. 8. Photoshop We used photo shop to create or bill board and magazine front cover for out soaps
  9. 9. At the beginningof our trailer weused a heart beatsounds effectMovie maker didnot have theeffect we wantedto we had todownload it ofyoutube andextract the soundfrom the clip. We just copy the youtube link into the box and click convert video and then click the download button when it is done so we can upload it to our video
  10. 10. Recording our soap.To record out soap we used a HD camera which we either mounted on a tripod orheld in our hand to record the hand held shots. We then transferred the footage to the macs by using the usb cable To take the pictures of us working while we filmed we used a fujifilm camera.
  11. 11. Imovie