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Review of a music video

  1. 1. Laura Axten15th July 2010A2 music video reviewKings and queens by 30 seconds to mars.Kings and queens is a song by the band 30 seconds to mars which consists of four bandmembers, the lead singer being Jared Leto. The music video is filmed early in the morning inthe streets of Los Angeles. The music video was released to the public on November the 12 th2009 and has now reached 5,890,769 hits on YouTube.The music video is about a crank mob (gang of bikes) taking over the city of Los Angeles. Thevideo involves over 100 hundred people riding on bikes of all different shapes and sizes. Thepeople that riding the bikes are also dressed and wearing makeup which is unique anddifferent to portray their differences in the group as well as portraying their personalities toan audience.The music video involves many different shots to give certain effects on the audience as wellas allowing the audience to see all the action at one time in one shot. There are shots ofmany locations in Los Angeles include in the video for example the Broadway, downtown,Santa Monica pier, Hollywood boulevard, sixth Bridge Street.I personally liked the shot when the band are performing on the roof with the sun behindthem and all you can see is yellow and their shadow. I think this shot looks very effectiveand professional.Other than the hundreds of bikes this music video uses little props and makes do with itssurrounding and in twines them into the video to make it look effective and giveverisimilitude.Many people have the opinion that this particular music video looks like perhaps a short filmas it involves some codes and conventions of film such as titles/credits at the opening. It’salso slightly longer than the average music video therefore another reason why it may bemistaken as a short film.Overall this is an effective music video as it is interesting to watch as it is entertaining andthe use of the outstanding shots on specific locations in los Angeles are sure to catch theattention of the audience. It is also unique as it challenges typical codes and conventions ofmusic videos and follow some codes and conventions of film therefore it can be mistakenfor either.