Media questionnaire analysis


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Media questionnaire analysis

  1. 1. Questionnaire analysisWe asked a sample of people aged 16-18 a variety of questions based around codesand conventions of music videos. We asked 16-18 years olds because this is thetarget audience we aim to focus our music video on.For example our first question was “what is your favourite music video?” Some of theresponses from our audience were that they enjoyed an original narrative becausethis made the music video unique and stand out from typical music videos. Anotherresponse was that they enjoy watching a music video which includes enticingchoreography, as well as a good use of special effects.Our second question was “What is your favourite genre of music and why?” For thisquestion we had a variety of responses including rap, pop, R&B, grime and dub step.Many people liked the rap genre. This was because they felt they could relate to thelyrics. Where as those that preferred pop and R&B music favoured it because theyprefer to dance to the beat rather than listen to the lyrics.Our third question was “What do you think of provocative behaviour in musicvideos?” We chose to ask our audience this because this is usually seen in musicvideos of the rap genre and we want to know whether to include this in our video.We found that the majority of people we asked didn’t like provocative behaviour inmusic videos and didn’t think we should use this in ours.“Do you prefer a narrative or performance video and why?” The people we askedeither said they like a narrative or a video with both performance and a narrative init. Because they like to see the artist featured in the video however a narrative drawsthem in and makes the music video more memorable. And they thought just aperformance was too repetitive and after a while becomes boring.Another question on our questionnaire was “do you think black and white musicvideos are effective” many of our participants answered no as they felt this wasboring however many top artists such as Neyo, Ed Sheeran, Jason Derulo includedblack and white in their videos as the simple editing can be very effective , this wasnoted by some applicants.“Is the location important to the music video?” Most people said yes the locationdoes matter because if it doesn’t relate to the lyrics it wont have the rightversimilitudinous. For example a slow song wouldn’t be filmed in a club.
  2. 2. “Do you prefer artists or actors in the music video” The majority of our targetaudience said they prefer videos with the artist in as it makes it more personal forthe viewer.“How often do you watch music videos” Most people we asked said they watchmusic videos daily.“Do you like rap music” For this question the target audience answered both yes andno. The people that answered yes were mostly male. However our song has a femalesinger giving us a wider target audience of females.