Goodwin's theory


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Goodwin's theory

  1. 1. GOODWINS THEORY•Analysisof music video “Bringing itback” by Master Shortie
  2. 2. WHAT GENRE IS THE MUSICAND HOW IS THIS REFLECTED INTHE MUSIC VIDEO? The genre of this music video is rap. this video challenges codes and conventions of typical rap videos as many rap videos I have viewed are filmed in clubs and include many visuals of women acting However many rap videos provocatively where as do include shots of this music video does not expensive cars and money include any females or which is used in this any scenes inside a club. particular music video.
  3. 3. HOW DO IMAGES RELATE TO THE LYRICS?  The lyrics in the song are talking about going to the 80s and bringing back the old school music to this generation.  These lyrics fit the images and visuals as the music video includes a car acting as a time machine and shows the artists travelling through time to the 80s.  The backgrounds are all brightly coloured which is representing the 80’s
  4. 4. HOW DO THE IMAGES RELATE TO THE MUSIC? Inthis video there are fast transitions between the images. The images are also of a fast moving car, this reflects the upbeat pace of the music.
  5. 5. HOW IMPORTANT ARE CLOSE UPS?  Close ups are important in music videos as they allow an audience to feel close to the artist and enables them to see the artists true feelings behind the song.  Close ups reveal and artists true emotions, thoughts and feelings in a music video
  6. 6. ARE FEMALES PRESENTED VOYEURISTICALLY?  In many rap videos woman are presented provocatively however this particular music video challenges this code and convention of the rap genre as there are no women at allincluded in the video. However this particular video features the artists singing in many different backgrounds.
  7. 7. CAN YOU SPOT ANY INTERTEXTUALREFERENCES? WHAT ARE THEY? In this video the artist is talking about the 80s Therefore he uses references to celebrities born in the 80s for example one line is “dirty dancing, Patrick Swayze” This is intertextuality as the artists has in twined another type of media into his video.
  8. 8. FURTHER COMMENTS ON CAMERA WORK EDITINGMISE EN SCENE SPECIAL EFFECTS AND SOUND.  The backgrounds that the artists sings in front of are all brightly coloured made my cgi and special effects and represent the 80’s
  9. 9. IS THERE A NARRATIVE?HOW IS THE VIDEO ORGANISED AND STRUCTURED? Yes there is a narrative story running through this video. the song is called bringing it back and the narrative is about the artist bringing back the “old school” style of music. in the video he travels back in a car to the 80’s there is a linear structure to this music video as it has a beginning a middle and an ending.