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Love on the Line Treatment
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Love on the Line Treatment


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Media treatment as

Media treatment as

Published in: Education

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  • 1. Treatment
  • 2. Love on the Line is a romantic comedy which follows Todorov’s Theory of Narrative and the codes and conventions of a romantic comedy.
    What is it?
  • 3. Target Audience?
    The target audience for our film will be mostly female (but could appeal to some males) age ranges between 15-35 and most of the females would be students or housewives.
    Their beliefs probably believe in happy endings and would be hopeless romantics.
  • 4. Target Audience?
    The audience can connect with the humorous and romance of the plot. We are targeting a mass audience for this film.
    We have looked at other opening sequences of rom-coms like The Proposal and Hitch.
  • 5. Media Language?
    The lighting in the opening sequence would be mostly natural daylight and this will portrays peaceful and happy atmosphere there will also be a lot of establishing shots  of the setting which is a code & convention of a rom-com.
    There will be a mixture of diegetic sound from the streets and non-diegetic music added. The titles will come up in the order of the institutions, directors, producers, actors, writers and then the name of the film.
  • 6. Institution?
    Miramax films distributes mostly rom-coms film that's why we've chosen it like My Big Fat Greek Wedding. The name of our production company will be called Square One because there are four members on our group.
  • 7. Representation?
    Characters like the lead male character in our film will be a stereotypical 'geek' trying to chase after the female character will be a pretty girl who is out of his league and every guy at work would like to go out with her.
    The office 'stud' would also be a stereotype of  the 'hot' good looking guy that every girl wants.
  • 8. Love on the line focuses on the lives of three main people:
    Eddie Lee the protagonist, is a young man with bad luck
    Jessica Long the love interest of Eddie Lee, who is dating Trevor Watson
    Trevor Watson the antagonist, the office stud who is currently dating and cheating on Jessica Long.
    What’s the focus?
  • 9. Eddie Lee is an average guy, with an extreme amount of bad luck, he's always late, unorganised, the girl he is after, is currently dating the office stud and doesn’t know he exists.
    Even though they work in the same office and get the same train every morning.
    Bit more Detail :
    Eddie Lee
  • 10. Jessica is the long term love interest of Eddie Lee, who doesn’t know he exists even though the work in the same office and can’t get her to notice him.
    She is successful, organised and a ambitious. Everything Eddie Lee is not.
    Is currently dating Trevor Watson.
    Bit more Detail :
    Jessica Long
  • 11. Trevor is the most wanted man in the office and is currently dating Jessica Long.
    He is unfaithfuland deceitful with a certain flare about it.
    Eddie’s Rival.
    He also like to mock Eddie as well since Trevor always gets what Eddie wants.
    Bit more Detail :
    Trevor Watson
  • 12. Train Station
    Homes of Jessica Long and Eddie Lee
  • 13. Equilibrium -> Eddie Lee goes to work everyday but Jessica Long doesn’t notice he exists, she is currently dating Trevor Watson.
    Disequilibrium -> Eddie catches Trevor cheating on Jessica, while working late, with the secutary from the office downstairs.
    Action -> Eddie tries to expose Trevor for what he is, which he fails repeatedly.
    Resolution -> Eventually Jessica walks in on Trevor cheating on her and confronts Eddie in a misunderstanding, thinking he was trying to cover for Trevor. She realises the truth that Eddie was trying to tell her. Then Eddie gets the Girl.