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How to use social media to find the job of your dreams
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How to use social media to find the job of your dreams


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Published in: Technology, Business

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  • 1. How to use social media to land the job of your dreams
  • 2. How did I get here?  B.A. in Communication from UC – 2007  Marriott – 2007 – 2009  M.A. in Communication Mgmt from Emerson College – 2010  5 long months of job hunting while freelancing, interning and nannying  Marketing & PR Manager at Rockfish – April 2011 - Present
  • 3. Now, how do I get started?
  • 4. Clean  Copy  Connect
  • 5. • Put your Facebook Clean it up profile on lockdown • (or delete those questionable pictures. You should probably do that anyways)• Fill out your LinkedIn profile• Make it consistent • Use the same name for all accounts 5
  • 6. Why does it matter?
  • 7. Who wouldyou rather hire?
  • 8. Questions to ask yourself• What social networks am I on?• Which should I be on?• What’s the first impression my social media persona gives?
  • 9. Copy your work online• Find one place to showcase your work• Make sure your portfolio is easy to get to• Add links to it on LinkedIn, Twitte r and even carbon-to-kinkos
  • 10. • Leverage the Connect network you already have• Take it offline• Get to know your future employer
  • 11. I knew him He knew all ofthese people 
  • 12. Get to know the company (and their recruiters)• Start a list on Twitter for companies you want to work for and their recruiters• Follow people who work for those places and learn about the culture • Do people who work there even like their jobs? • What types of organizations do they below to?• Watch for openings posted through Twitter, LinkedIn and even Facebook fan pagesOur lovely recruiter at Rockfish
  • 13. Twitter Lists
  • 14. Using social media is a great way tospark an initial conversation
  • 15. Step 2: Take it offlineAt first it may seem awkward. But it gets easier.
  • 16. It’s okay to ask to meet upfor one of these or to chatbriefly over the phone,especially if you alreadyhave a connection likeyou’re alumni of the samecollege.Everyone loves free coffeeand talking aboutthemselves.
  • 17. And most importantly…
  • 18.
  • 19. Laura Gardner @lauramgardner
  • 20. Simply follow the 3 C’s ?