Wa big state big opportunities - stuart russell


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Wa big state big opportunities - stuart russell

  1. 1. Western AustraliaBig state big opportunitiesFebruary 2013Stuart RussellSenior Trade & Investment ManagerGovernment of Western Australia – European Office
  2. 2. About Western Australia WESTERN AUSTRALIA WESTERN AUSTRALIA Area: 2 2.5 M km 2Western Australia Area: Population: 2.5 M km 2 million Population: 2 million versus Europe Persons/km2: : 0.8 Persons/km 2 0.8 EU EU Area: 4.2 M km2 2 Area: 4.2 M km m~ Population:497 million Population:497 million 0k Persons/km2: : 117 Persons/km2 117 50 ~2
  3. 3. About Western Australia• Population 2.4 million – which is 10.4% of the nation (73% live in Perth)• Resource abundance: minerals, energy, agriculture• Gateway to Asia and 60% of the world’s population
  4. 4. Gateway to Asia 4
  5. 5. About Western AustraliaEconomic Overview• Value: A$239 billion in 2011-12• 16% of Australian economy, 28% ofbusiness investment and 46% ofmerchandise exports in 2011-12• Resource projects committed or underconstruction $167 billion; $151 billion moreunder consideration• GSP projected to rise 6.0% in 2012-13 Australia $100 = €80
  6. 6. Mining and Resources Sector 65 oil and gas fields, 975 operating mines, 50 different minerals produced $82 billion of mining investment in 2011/12 - over half of the Australian total WA produced over a fifth of the world’s iron ore and 7% of its LNG in 2011
  7. 7. Mining and Resources Sector• Value of resources project: $167 billion committed or underway• 50,000 construction jobs and 15,000 permanent jobs created• ≥500 commercial mining projects; over 100,000 employed
  8. 8. Australian natural gas resourcesDominated by Western Australia– Offshore and Onshore Offshore and LNG: A$92B invested – mainly Gorgon and Wheatstone projects Source: WA Department of Mines and Petroleum
  9. 9. Big Projects: LNGPROJECT STATUS VALUE A$ CAPACITYGorgon Execution $52 billion 15.6mtpaPluto Train 1 In operation $13 billion 4.3mtpaWheatstone Execution $29 billion 8.9mtpaPrelude FLNG Construction $12 billion 3.6mtpaBrowse LNG Evaluating tender bids for $30 billion 12mtpa construction (FID expected first half 2013)
  10. 10. Major Resources Projects (cont..) WA: 40 out of 87 committed projects WA: project value: $141 B Australia- wide: project value $268 B (at October 2012) Source: Bureau of Resources and Energy Economics (Australian Government)
  11. 11. Government of Western Australia Department of State Development 11
  12. 12. Investment Opportunities• Western Australia exports to the UK worth over $5 billion during 2011/12• 16 UK firms have opened new offices in Perth between 2010-12 including:-• Many UK firms have been expanding in Western Australia, including:• Global Energy Group – just completed 3rd acquisition since opening in September 2011• AMEC Minproc – Nov 2012 awarded $20 million contract extension on Barrow Island JV; opened new offices on St George’s Terrace• Big opportunities in upcoming O&G projects
  13. 13. How to Connect Finding supply chain partnership opportunities on WA resources projects Project Connect – an invaluable tool for suppliers www.projectconnect.com.au
  14. 14. How to ConnectProject Connect – Major Projects currently advertised:Browse LNG Development – Value $A52 billion, Construction 5-6 years from mid 2013CITIC Pacific Mining Sino Iron project- US$5.2 billion, Construction started in early 2012Gorgon Project- $A43 billion, Construction 5 years, Execution PhaseGreater Western Flank (GWF) Phase 1 Project- $A2.5 billion, Construction 2011-2016Hess Equus Development- TBC, Construction Q4 2011- Q1 2013Macedon Project - $US1.5 billion, Construction 2 years, Execution PhaseMidland Health Campus – $340 million, Construction started June 2012New Children’s Hospital Project - $A1.2 billion, Construction Jan 2012- Late 2015Oakajee Port & Rail Project - $A3.5 billion, Project currently on holdSouthern Seawater Desalination Plant – S1 $944 million (2009-11), S2 $450 million (2011-12), Execution Phase
  15. 15. Australian Marine Complex
  16. 16. Australian Marine Complex• World class centre of excellence• Infrastructure to support industry• Supports the clustering of marine, defence, mining and oil & gas engineering companies in one location• Facilitates sharing of skills between the different market sectors• Addresses infrastructure issues associated with undertaking major projects in WA• World’s most technologically advanced floating dry dock
  17. 17. Role of European OfficeThe Western Australian Government – European Office can:Facilitate investor and business relationships by setting upmeetings with Government and industry organisationsProvide briefing on Western Australia: economy, legislation,processes and marketsGive advice on aspects of living, working and doing business inWestern Australia
  18. 18. ContactStuart RussellSenior Trade & Investment ManagerTel: +44 20 7395 0564Email: stuart@wago.co.ukOnline: www.wago.co.uk twitter.com/wagoeu
  19. 19. Thank you