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A brief guide to APA (6th ed.), why referencing is important, and how to use in-text and reference page citations.

A brief guide to APA (6th ed.), why referencing is important, and how to use in-text and reference page citations.

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  • 1. Southwest Florida College’s Guide to APA Citation
  • 2. Why do we cite?• Citing allows your instructor to know where you found your information• It shows you researched your topic and thoughtfully developed your work• It gives credit to the author• When you summarize or quote a work and don’t give a citation, that is considered plagiarism
  • 3. What do we cite?• Direct or indirect (paraphrased) quotes• Terminology coined by an author• Historic facts• Images, maps, etc.
  • 4. How do we cite?• In-text – Citations used within the body of your paper• References – A list at the conclusion of your paper with the full information of your citations
  • 5. Examples of In-text CitationsCite your reference with the last name of theauthor(s) and year published. Include the pagenumber if referencing a specific page. Direct quote:• “A trademark is a recognizable sign or expression which identifies a product or service” (Smith & Hart, 2013, p. 12).• Jones (2013) found “the importance of the study will completely change healthcare” (p. 55).
  • 6. Corporate author:• The newest iPod will continue to release new software updates (Apple, 2013). No author:• Children need different activities to meet their unique learning styles (“Managing Your Classroom,” 2009).
  • 7. Three to Five Authors - List all the authors thefirst time you cite the source• (Field, Jones, Smith, Berry, & Harlow, 2003)In subsequent citations, only use the firstauthors last name followed by "et al." in thesignal phrase or in parentheses• (Field et al., 2003)Six or More Authors - Use the first authorsname followed by et al.• (Jonas et al., 2001)
  • 8. Reference List• Continue the running head and page number• Double-space• Each entry has a hanging indent• Alphabetical order by main author’s last name (or by corporate name)• Check that each in- text reference is listed on this page