Asile Puisi Dan Lagu3


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Workshop on scaffolding Indonesian poetry for second language learners

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Asile Puisi Dan Lagu3

  1. 1. Puis i dan lag u S c affo lding c o mple x te xts Laura Lo c ho re WestOne Services
  2. 2. WestOne Services Develop curriculum resources for: • K-12 • VET • Careers in CD-ROM, print and DVD formats
  3. 3. Indonesian 1A, 1B, 2A, 2B 2A
  4. 4. Indonesian 3A – Aneka Wacana • Puisi dan lagu – aduh! 2A
  5. 5. Aku tak mirip Beliau Tulislah! • What do you think the title means? • Make a prediction what the poem is about.
  6. 6. Aku tak mirip Beliau Dengarkanlah! • Tulislah kata pokok! • Garisbawahilah kata yang diulangi! • Sama teman, tebaklah 2 tema puisi ini! • Apa tema puisi ini?
  7. 7. Aku tak mirip Beliau Kebangsaan / Nasionalisme Kekeluargaan
  8. 8. Which is you? A. Saya tidak mengerti puisi ini sama sekali. B. Saya mengerti beberapa kata dari puisi ini, tetapi saya belum mengerti maknanya. C. Saya mengerti inti/pokok puisi ini, walaupun saya tidak mengerti setiap kata. D. Pengertian saya tentang puisi ini cukup bagus.
  9. 9. Why po e try ? •Culturally significant •Tells a story •W of expressing em ay otion •Frequently related to a specific time •Relevant language –Perasaan dan waktu.
  10. 10. Wiji Thukul • lahir di Salatiga 24 Agustus 1963 sebagai anak tukang becak. • Keluarganya katolik, dan diapun masuk SD katolik. • dibesarkan di sebuah kampung miskin • menyuarakan perlawanan terhadap Orde Baru • ‘Dihilangkan’ tahun 1998 • dianugerahi Yap Thiam Hien Award 2002.
  11. 11. Fitri Ng anthi Wani
  12. 12. Kenapa ya? • Similies • Make a statement
  13. 13. Wo rking with po e ms • Start with the text in Indonesian • Identify a language point IN the text • Allow different interpretations
  14. 14. Wo rking with po e ms • Frameworks to aid thinking • Scaffolding (task and questions eg find the X words; Bloom’s) • Encourage prediction/guessing/notemaking • Develop productive tasks (eg performance).
  15. 15. Collaborative learning Poetry slam Group performance (language warning!)
  16. 16. Tugas EITHER Choose a task sheet and poem, make notes all over poem, complete tugas and perform. OR Choose a poem, make up your own tugas, present.
  17. 17. Choose a poem Develop a task • What language points are relevant? • What receptive task can you give? • How can you scaffold it? • What strategies do learners need? • What productive task? • What is the intercultural understanding?
  18. 18. Group work • Choose different poems (or sections of) • Assign as group work • Read, interpret, respond, perform.
  19. 19. • Asal mula diriku (h12) • Kenangan (h70) • Lelaki itu 2nd stanza (h71) • Kira-kira (h41) • Ya, ya, ya (h16)
  20. 20. What teachers make
  21. 21. Coming products • Join our mailing list • References • •