BTEC: 4C: Inherited diseases
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BTEC: 4C: Inherited diseases






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  • No genetic disorder.What chromosome was the problem on? 7Symptoms
  • Do Punnet square. C-unaffected c-affected

BTEC: 4C: Inherited diseases BTEC: 4C: Inherited diseases Presentation Transcript

  • Can you catch cystic fibrosis like you catch a cold? Cystic fibrosis is a genetic disorder which is inherited from your parents.
  • Inherited Diseases WALT: To understand how some diseases can be inherited. WILF: State what an inherited disease is and name some examples. (PASS) Use punnet squares to determine is someone may have the genetic disease. (MERIT) Explain how pedigree analysis is used to show the inheritance of a disease. (DISTINCTION) Keywords Cystic fibrosis Huntington disease Pedigree analysis Alleles
  • A dominant allele (B) is shown by using a… A recessive allele (b) is shown by using a… If both alleles have the same letter (bb) then the organism is… If both alleles have different letters (Bb) then the organism is…
  • What is a genetic disorder? A genetic disorder is a disease caused by faulty alleles. Sickle cell disease Cystic fibrosis Haemophilia Down Syndrome
  • Huntington's Disease A much rarer inherited disease and usually occurs in people over the age of 40. This inherited disease has a dominant pattern of inheritance. Symptoms This disease affects the nervous system and gradually leads to lack of control over movement and dementia. Mother: No Huntington disease (hh) Father: No symptoms of Huntington disease (Hh) Draw a punnett square to work out the probability of their offspring having symptoms of the disease.
  • Cystic Fibrosis Symptoms Thick, sticky mucus on the lungs and in the gut. This can lead to chest infections and poor growth. The most common inherited disease in the UK. This inherited disease has a recessive pattern of inheritance. Treatment Physiotherapy to help remove the mucus. Antibiotics to prevent lung infections. Enzymes to help digest food.
  • Family Pedigree Charts Shows how an genetic disorder is inherited.
  • Build a family pedigree chart Use the clues on the work sheet along with the key to build a family pedigree chart.
  • Across the board Give an example of a disease caused by a virus. Describe how bacteria Explain the affect the body and importance of give an example. pedigree analysis. Name an organ affected by drinking alcohol. Summarise the different ways pathogens can enter the body. Explain what a vaccination is and how they work. Give an example of a Describe what an disease linked to antibiotic is. sunbathing too much. Explain the difference between infectious and non-infectious disease. . Explain why it is important to finish a course of antibiotics. Describe how smoking can affect the body.