Fresh Foods


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Fresh Foods

  1. 1. L/O/G/O TOPIC 5 : FRESH FOODS A Man is what he eats
  2. 2. Introduction Where are the places fresh foods can be found?
  3. 3. Identify and list types of fresh foods1 2 3 State and explain the importance of consuming fresh foods. State and explain the advantages and disadvantages of fresh foods By then end of the lesson, Students will be able to: Objectives Choose and select fresh foods 4
  4. 4. Contents 1. Introduction 2. Types of Fresh Foods 3. Advantages of Fresh Foods 4. Disadvantages of Fresh Foods 5. Tips to Choosing Fresh Foods 6. Tips on Storing Fresh Foods
  5. 5. Image: • • • •  Food that are harvested or produced.  Food that have not been cooked, canned, dried, Frozen or preserved What are Fresh Food?
  6. 6. Types of Fresh Food 1. Meat 2. Poultry 3. Seafood 4. Eggs 5. Vegetables 6. Fruits
  7. 7. • Retains original flavour and tastes better • Contains nutrients not lost by processing Advantages of Fresh Food •Does not contain flavourings, preservatives and additives • Fresh foods are cheaper and more nutritious • Contains more naturally- occurring vitamins & minerals
  8. 8. • Many fruits and vegetables are seasonal Disadvantages of Fresh Food •Spoils easily due to high water content • Needs to be stored and handled properly, or it will be contaminated •Requires more preparation by a skillful cook
  9. 9. Does not smell unpleasant Text in here Has even and fine grains or muscle fibreText in here Note: Consuming spoilt meat can cause food poisoning, in severe cases people may die. Beef: bright red Mutton: Dark red Poultry: pale pink Meat are more tender Should be firm and moist Has the right colour MEAT Tips to Choosing Fresh Food
  10. 10. Clear glossy eyes Flesh feels firm and moist Flesh springs back when gently pressed Shiny red gills Does not smell bad Fish Tips to Choosing Fresh Food
  11. 11. Buy those that smell of seawater Prawns may be bleached Signs that meat is going to break down Avoid those with black spots or rings Colour must not be yellow Prawns Tips to Choosing Fresh Food
  12. 12. Choose those with clean shells Fresh eggs have slightly rough shells Indicates that there is small air space inside and that they are still moist Due to many small pores that allow gases to flow in and out of the eggs Newly laid ones are heavy Choose those free of cracks Eggs Tips to Choosing Fresh Food
  13. 13. Must be firm to the touch Should not be withered Free from bruisesHave bright colours It is cheaper and retains more nutrients than fruits that are imported Skin must be smooth, and not dull Buy fruits that are in season Fruits Tips to Choosing Fresh Food Warm weather in Singapore makes fruit ripen very quickly. We must be careful not to buy over-ripened fruit.
  14. 14. 1 4 1. The best of both world - For quick and nutritious meal combine both fresh and processed food 2. Advantage - Save time and labour and still enjoy a healthy meal 3. Examples of some dishes -Pizza - Chicken curry 2 3 4. What are some other dishes that uses both fresh and processed foods ? Conclusion
  15. 15. L/O/G/O Thank You!
  16. 16. How to play Bingo OBJECTIVE: To cross out 4 boxes in a continuous row horizontally, vertically or diagonally, while beating the time given. 1. Students to be divided into groups of 4. 2. Delegate roles to each member. 3. Teacher will pick a number randomly from 1 to 16. 4. Teacher will announce the number. 5. Students must identify the number and answer the question attached to that number on the given paper. 6. Student can cross out the box, once the question is answered. 7. Student must shout “BINGO” when they have crossed out 4 boxes successfully.
  17. 17. 1. Retain original flavour and nutrients, contain more naturally occurring vitamin and mineral. 2. Seasonal, require proper handling or will be contaminated, spoils easily, more preparation by skillful cook. 3. Food that are harvested or produce. 4. Contains more nutrients and are healthier as compared to process foods 5. Fresh foods are higher in water content and does not contain any preservative 6. Should not be withered, have bright colours, free from bruises 7. Has the right colour, which is pale pink with no unpleasant smell 8. Clean shells, free of cracks, and have slightly rough shells. 9. Fruits must be in season, bright colours, free from bruises, skin must be smooth not dull 10. Shiny red gills, clear glossy eyes, does not smell bad, firm flesh and bounced back when pressed. 11. Colour must not be yellow, smell of seawater, no black spots or rings. 12. Have the best of both world, save time and labour. 13. pizza, chicken curry, 14. Should be firm and moist, has even and fine grains or muscle fibre 15. Retain original flavour and nutrients, contain more naturally occurring vitamin and mineral 16. Seasonal, require proper handling or will be contaminated, spoils easily, more preparation by skillful cook. ANSWERS