Interactions that Inspire: How Community Managers Create Customer Evangelists


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Interactions that Inspire: How Community Managers Create Customer Evangelists

  1. 1. Interactions that InspireHow Community ManagersCreate Customer Evangelists Customer Love Summit - February 14th, 2013
  2. 2. Building Community •  Cultivate relationships with people who are passionate about your brand •  Create experiences that make people feel “warm and fuzzy”
  3. 3. Tech is Just a Tool•  It’s all about story telling – don’t get hung up on the jargon and acronyms•  Formula is simple: —  Be interesting —  Be passionate —  Share meaningful stories
  4. 4. One Revolution at a TimeIdentify a goal: don’t try to boil the ocean What are you trying to say? Who are you trying to share with? Where do they hang out? How do they talk about you?
  5. 5. Invest in Your Audience Tactic: Identify find people who are already passionate about your brand Tool: HootSuite track mentions across all platforms in one location
  6. 6. Get to Know ThemTactic: Segmentfind out what they care aboutand sort them into groupsTool: Insights Tabuse bios to find out interests,motivators and passions
  7. 7. Where Do They Hang Out?Tactic: Monitortrack activity and identifymost relevant platformTool: Search Streamskeywords, misspellingsand hashtags
  8. 8. How Do They Talk About You?Tactic: Positioningsee how your customers relate toyour story and optimize vocab — what they say about you vs. what you say about yourself — using natural language increases search engine rankings Tool: Teams archive messages, sharestreams, tag & assign tasks
  9. 9. The Power of ListsTactic: Participaterespond to and follow peoplewho mention your brand — even if it’s negative, people just want to feel heard  Tool: Filterscreate lists for context — events, topics, industries, employees, competitors, etc.  
  10. 10. Build a Posse Tactic: Eager Beavers cozy up with the “hand-raisers,” identify by region Tools: Online filter by Klout and location, geotarget posts, Rapportive Tools: Offline form partnerships with local clubs, create in-person events
  11. 11. Empower ThemTactic: Facilitatebring them into the club and make them feel specialTool: Ambassadors •  Create Programs: give them titles with clear roles, tasks and expectations •  Insider info: beta testing, early access to releases •  Team functions: assign messages, notes
  12. 12. Share Stories Tactic: Highlight amplify interestingness, measure everything (nuance = respect) Tools: Contextualize republish and frame content —  blog posts, Tumblr, Storify, Facebook groups, Google+ Hangouts, —  experiment: use auto generated reports to track traction
  13. 13. Toolbox: Community Cheat SheetCommunity Building Checklist: q  þ Monitoring: set up HootSuite, track mentions, reports q  Insights Tab: bios q  Search streams: keywords, misspellings, hashtags q  Teams: archive messages, share streams, tag & assign tasks q  Filter: lists, circles, Klout, geolocated searches q  Identify: geotarget posts, Craving more Hoot Tips? Apply to our Rapportive, partnerships & events Community Manager Advisory Council. q  Ambassadors: programs, insider info, set up team q  Share stories: repost, contextualize, experiment, report
  14. 14. Hoo’s Hooting: Laura Horak North & South America Community Manager, HootSuite While at the nest, Laura is responsible for the planning and execution of community-building programs and activities and helps manage HootSuites over 60 Twitter accounts in three languages. Laura is very active in the community manager community and was named by Jeremiah Owyang as the #1 Rising Star in the Community Management space. She is a member of the WOMMA CM Council, was the community manager for the #NYTechResponds Hurricane Sandy Hackathon, organized and co-hosted 12 hours of Google+ Hangouts for CMAD with, and is currently piloting the Community Manager Advisory Council for HootSuite. In her past life, Laura worked for Firefly Millward Brown, a marketing research firm where she worked with a variety of clients including Nike, Unilever, Reckitt Benckiser, Brown-Forman, Ford, BBC, and NBC Universal. She played an integral role in conceptualizing and conducting the first global qualitative research study into consumers’ and corporate executives’ attitudes and behaviors towards brands in social media. She was born in the US and has lived in Latin America and Europe, and is fluent in Spanish, Portuguese and English. Laura received her degree from Fordham University where she double majored in International Political Economy and Communications & Media Studies, with minors in Media, Society & Culture and Journalism.
  15. 15. Thank You!Laura Horak@laurahoots @HootClub