9 shot analysis noah and the whale


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9 shot analysis noah and the whale

  1. 1. 9 Shot Analysis; Noah and the whale – l.i.f.e.g.o.e.s.o.n LauraFlowers
  2. 2. Shot 1  The first shot we see in this video is that of a jukebox. This first shot establishes the kind of era and style of the video we are about to watch. a vinyl is placed onto this shortly before the music starts, illustrating the relationship between the music and the video
  3. 3. Shot 2 This shot illustrates the relationship between the lyrics and the video. The lyrics are talking about a woman of the same description as the woman we can see dancing in the background. Also the artists sat in front of the screen can show how they are telling a story with their lyrics and the video is showing that story in visual form.
  4. 4. Shot 3 This shot shows how the editing of this video gives the video and the music a relationship. The blurred cup of coffee goes more blurred and less blurred to the beat of the music. Although this shot may not be relevant to the lyrics it illustrates the background music.
  5. 5. Shot 4 A small shot of the lead vocalist in this shot; as the band is not the main focus of this video it is important to still keep shots of the artist in. shots of the artist help brand the band and also their music.
  6. 6. Shot 5 This shot illustrates the relationship between the lyrics and the video. The lyrics ‘black and bruised’ coincide with this shot.
  7. 7. Shot 6 Again, this shot we get a clear look at the main vocalist. The shot with him and a guitar can show what type of genre of music the song is by simply looking at the type of guitar the main vocalist is holding. It also fits in with the stereotypical assumptions of this type of band/music.
  8. 8. Shot 7 A full shot of the band again helps create branding for the band. The way the band moves and plays the music in this scene illustrates the relationship between the video and the music.
  9. 9. Shot 8 This shot shows the character in the story within this video is now on the other side of the glass, this could amplify the songs title (life goes on) by maybe showing how shes left her past behind and moved on (therefore showing a relationship between video and lyrics)
  10. 10. Shot 9 This is the last shot of the video. This shot again I think amplifys the title of the song itself. Also as she does this action to the beat of the song it also amplifies a relationship between not only the lyrics but also the music.