09.15.2010 patriarchs
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09.15.2010 patriarchs

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Biblical Foundations of Missions course notes

Biblical Foundations of Missions course notes

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  • 1. Patriarchs
  • 2. Fathers of NationsAbrahamIshmaelIsaacIsrael
  • 3. Mothers of NationsSarahHagarRebekehLeah & Rachel
  • 4. Other CharactersLot and his wife anddaughters (Moab)Pharaoh of EgyptAbimelech (king)Melchizedek (priest)Esau (twin of Jacob)Laban (father-in-law)
  • 5. Abram/AbrahamCalled out of UrWent with SaraiSeparated from LotChild with HagarChild with SarahWilling to sacrificehis son
  • 6. IshmaelBorn of Abraham andHagarDwell over against allkinsmenCircumcised, sentawayPromised to be madeinto a great nation
  • 7. IsaacThe son of promiseHis parents were veryold at birthSacrificed to God,save by an angel andreplaced by a ram.Married RebekahTricked into blessingsecond son Jacob.
  • 8. Jacob/IsraelTraded lentils for twins birthrightTricked father for first-bornblessingWorked fourteen years for wivesTricked by father-in-law, breeds alarge flock of animals for selfWrestles with God and gets anew name IsraelFather of the twelve tribes.
  • 9. Promises to AbrahamAnd I will make of you a greatnation, and I will bless you and makeyour name great, so that you will be ablessing. Genesis 12:2I will make your offspring as the dustof the earth, so that if one can countthe dust of the earth, your offspringalso can be counted. Genesis 13:16On that day the LORD made a covenantwith Abram, saying, "To your offspringI give this land, from the river ofEgypt to the great river, the riverEuphrates Genesis 15:18
  • 10. Promise to Abraham & Sarah"Behold, my covenant is with you,and you shall be the father of amultitude of nations." Genesis 17:415 And God said to Abraham, "Asfor Sarai your wife, you shall notcall her name Sarai, but Sarah shallbe her name. 16 I will bless her, andmoreover, I will give you a son byher. I will bless her, and she shallbecome nations; kings of peoplesshall come from her." Gen 17:15
  • 11. Promises to Isaac & IsraelAnd the LORD appeared to him [Isaac] thesame night and said, "I am the God ofAbraham your father. Fear not, for I amwith you and will bless you and multiplyyour offspring for my servant Abrahamssake."10 And God said to him, "Your name isJacob; no longer shall your name be calledJacob, but Israel shall be your name." So hecalled his name Israel. 11 And God said tohim, "I am God Almighty: be fruitful andmultiply. A nation and a company ofnations shall come from you, and kingsshall come from your own body.