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  • You are your brand.People buy from other people.
  • Social Media Marketing - Facebook

    1. 1. Laura Donovan The Word Pro
    2. 2. A strategy to promote your brand by making your presence known.  It is interactive  It can be done on or off-lineIt’s people engaging with other people ©2011 – The Word Pro
    3. 3. Convert your connections into Customers ©2011 – The Word Pro
    4. 4.  It is where your customers are It is where your competition is 94% of Small Businesses use Social Media to Market ©2011 – The Word Pro
    5. 5.  You need a defined marketing plan that includes traditional and social media. Social platforms should be seen as tools in your marketing toolbox. Like any tools, you have to learn to use them – the right way Social Media Marketing takes time to convert ©2011 – The Word Pro
    6. 6.  Social Networking Sites (Facebook, Twitter, Google+) Business Networking (LinkedIn) Blogs Rating Sites – (Yelp, Google Places) Video Sharing (YouTube) Photo Sharing (Flickr) Combined Interests (MeetUp) ©2011 – The Word Pro
    7. 7. ©2011 – The Word Pro
    8. 8.  800 Million Users Worldwide 4,033,380 people over the age of 18 within 50 miles of Barrington on Facebook 80% of Americans use Social Media Facebook is top destination 51% of Facebook Users are more likely to buy from brands they follow ©2011 – The Word Pro
    9. 9.  A Facebook Page provides SEO Less expensive than outbound marketing Connect with Customers Visiblity Self-Promotion Gearing up to be even more Business-Friendly ©2011 – The Word Pro
    10. 10.  Welcome Landing Tab (Splash Page, Squeeze Page) Facebook Only Deal/Coupon Monthly Promotions Optimize Page for SEO Run a consistent Campaign Run a quality Campaign ©2011 – The Word Pro
    11. 11.
    12. 12.
    13. 13.  Provide visibility and raise awareness for your brand Engage with customers Inform Become the Source of Information ©2011 – The Word Pro
    14. 14.  You can’t accurately measure a Facebook Friend Social Media is the Vehicle not the Destination Measure actions on Facebook Use actions to create conversions As with billboards, business cards, ads and Facebook – an Impression IS an Impression ©2011 – The Word Pro
    15. 15.  Social Media is a waterfall. Your website is a lake. Your Website is your Virtual Storefront. It contains the static information people need to make their final buying decisions. Search engines admit that social authority is included as part of their page rank algorithm. ©2011 – The Word Pro
    16. 16.  Personal social networking should be handled by the “person.” Social Network Marketing for business is more effective when done by a professional. ©2011 – The Word Pro
    17. 17.  People want to and EXPECT to be able to interact with brands. Consumers want to hear from other consumers about products and services before they buy. 48% of consumers combine social media and search engines in their buying process. Inbound marketing costs 62% LESS THAN traditional Marketing. ©2011 – The Word Pro
    18. 18. “Innovative Marketing for Business” Laura M. Donovan Sandy Ketcham (630) 362-4538 (815)