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Publishing houses
Publishing houses
Publishing houses
Publishing houses
Publishing houses
Publishing houses
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Publishing houses


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Published in: Business, News & Politics
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  • 1. Research In publishing houses..
  • 2. IPC media is a huge media brand and publishes many different variety's of well known magazines such as: • NME • Marie Claire • Hair • Pick me Up • Nuts IPC Media with their brands alone reach almost two thirds of UK women and 44% of UK men; around 27 million UK adults. And there online brands reach around 2o million users each month. Market Share Brand Identity IPC Media place their identity purely in the brands they produce, like what most of the other media companies do. They list some of the most well know brands within the country. Company Size IPC is a huge and successful company the magazines they produce sell out nearly all of there similar competitors. The company tends to change its focus points frequently which means it expands its company out into new areas on a regular basis. The website is very vast, and has lots and lots of information on – each link to different parts if the website so you know what topic you will be reading about – for example, ‘Press Office’. Web Details The company has been opened since 1853 and within a year it became the largest newspaper in Europe, and is still running again to this day in 2010 where the company has restricted around three key audience group: men, mass-market women and up-market women. History and Development • IPC Media announces the formation of European Magazines Ltd., a joint venture company with Groupie Marie Claire to launch the UK edition of the international title in 1988. • NME becomes the first major UK music title to get its own internet site – destined to go on to become Europe's most popular music website Important Moments Location and Bases IPC Media do not share any of there location or bases on the site. However they provide a phone number for each magazine they own.
  • 3. Bauer publishes many different variety's of magazines: • Bella • Take A Break • Eat In • Spirit & Destiny • TV Guide Bauer Media is a Europe’s largest privately owned publishing group. The group is a worldwide media empire with 230 magazines in 15 different countries as well as online on the TV and the radio stations. Market Share Brand Identity The brand identity is seen in each magazine such as ‘take a break’ and ‘Bella’. The magazines cater for a mass variety of people in one magazine because all of the issues covered are fairly general. Company Size The company size for Bauer Media is massive because it caters for the more popular magazines such as ‘closer’ and ‘kerrang’ and it will carry on expanding massively, theres no sights of this company slowing down. The website is – it is informative with lots of different sub-links to specify different parts if there company and say what they are all about. Web Details They joined the Bauer media group in January 2008 following Emaps consumer and TV, Radio etc. The group employs around 6,400 people. History and Development • Bauer media bought a small magazine called “For Him” Magazine which is now the core of the best-selling international multi-platform brand FHM in 1994. Important Moments Location and Bases There location is: Endeavour House, 189 Shaftesbury Avenue, London, WC2H 8JG Frontline, 2nd Floor, Midgate House, Midgate, Peterborough, PE1 1TN Hallam FM, Radio House, 900 Herries Road, Sheffield, S6 1RH
  • 4. Future Media With Passion - publishes many different variety's of magazines: • Total Film • Fast Car • Digital Camera • Classic Rock • Official Play station Magazine Future Media With Passion in 2007 implemented a new strategy. The sold or finished the weaker titles and got rid of Future Italy and Future France. The publishers are now concentrating on its key-strategy of providing English-language content in key sectors. Market Share Brand Identity The brand identity is not that big because there logo is not all over the of they magazines the publish but it could be found if wanted. The company is known for publishing different variety's, subject and different market. The Profits The profits of Future appears to have weathered the worst for the downturn, reporting a better than expected 13% surge in ajusted pre-tax profits of £3.6million in six months. Despite the 13% year on year fall in ad revenue. Company Size The company size for Future is huge. They are one of the leading publishers in the world for selling and producing magazines. The website is the website is very useful and like every other it incorporates different sections so you can understand what they do as a company and how you can contact them. Web Details Future Media with Passion was founded as a UK company in 1985. In 1994 Future UK was acquired by Pearson plc, which subsequently sold the business in 1998 to a management buy-out backed by apax. Then in 1999 the enlarged group was floated on the London Stock Exchange – futures expansion included further overseas bases, History and Development 2007 – the group vigorously implemented its new strategy. The sold or closed down 51 weaker titles and disposed of future Italy and future France. So now the group is concentrating on its key strategy of providing English-Language content in key sectors. Important Moments Location and Bases There locations are: Future Plc/UK Beauford Court 30 Monmouth Street Bath BA1 2BW Future US 4000 Shoreline Court Suite 400 South San Francisco CA 94080
  • 5. Emap - publishes many different variety's: • GLEE • Education Show • Professional Beauty • MEED • BEST Emap’s online and offline publications provide industry-leading information, analysis and inspiration. Emap titles are essential include of: retail, media, built enviroment, automotive, health, government and education. Addition to the latest news, analysis and opinion. Market Share Company Size The company size for Emap is also large – yet not as well known as some of the other publishers. The company do however produce a huge range of specific magazines from fashion to architecture and is known for a good reputation in UK and around the world. The website is – the website is more complex than the other websites; the different departments of the company and the fact they are not entirly to magazines and have like to different events like festivals and expeditions. Web Details They started life as a local newspaper company in 1947. Today Emap is a global media group, playing a crucial role in giving the retail, media, finance, fashion, health, education, government and automotive sectors – the essential news. History and Development
    • Important Moments
    • Emap Communications changes its name to Emap Ltd
    • David Gilbertson appointed as CEO of Emap Communications
    • Derek Carter resigns as CEO of Emap Communications
    Location Emap Limited, Greater London House, Hampstead Road, London, NW1 7EJ. Brand Identity The brand identity is mainly built up through magazines that they produce – however, they are really topic specific magazines and are a lot more directed to the company.
  • 6. Condé Nast - publishes many different variety's: • VOGUE • Easy Living • Glamour • Brides • Vanity Fair Condé Nast is a worldwide magazine publishing company. Its main offices are located in New York, Chicago, Miami, Madrid, Milan, Tokyo, London and Paris. Condé Nast is run by S.I. Newhouse Jr, and is a division of Advance Publications, who have owned the company since 1959. Condé Nast Digital ranges over a huge market range, there titles include of: Vogue, Easy Living, Love, Tatler – well known around the world. Market Share Brand Identity The brand identity is mainly built up through magazines that they produce and on their websites for what they publish. Profits $5 billion estimated. Company Size The company size for Condé Nast is huge, it has huge offices mainly from New York to Miami, Tokyo, London and much more! : their website offers how they publish, there case history, developments and how to get in contact. Web Details By 1998 the group included 17 such publications, many of them the largest in their markets. It had an average total circulation of over 13 million issues a month, and an estimated actual readership five times larger than that. History and Development Important Moments • On October 31, 2006, Condé Nast acquired the content aggregation site reddit. • The company's most recent publication, a business monthly called Condé Nast Portfolio , was shuttered after just over a year, in April 2009. Location HR/Personnel Department The Condé Nast Publications Ltd Vogue House Hanover Square London W1S 1JU