Evaluation Question Two.

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  • 1. Evaluation Question Two:How Does Your Media Product Represent Particular SocialGroups?By Laura Thornborrow
  • 2. Our Film:The Presence:
  • 3. Our Main Character:
  • 4.  The reason for have a younger female as ourprotagonist character is due to the stereotypeswhich are associated with young females. Theseinclude things like: them being more vulnerable,more emotional etc.The Protagonist in ourfilm:
  • 5.  The reason for select this particular target, whichwill be roughly 15-25 is because they maybe ableto relate to some of the thing the character doesbetter than older or even young people.Our Target Audience:
  • 6.  The reason for costume which Amy wore thoughtthe film, was because the clothing looked natural,therefore it would create more realistic and life-like storyline for people watching, as they mayrefer to thing they have done which are includedin the film. The costume she wore included: A blue and whitestripy vest top, black legging and cream/brownflat pumps. The costume she wore also wascreated with the help of our target audienceresearch in the stages before our filming processbegan.The Main CharactersCostume:
  • 7.  It also shows the stereotypical costume and/oroutfit which people of that age may or may notwear on a day to day bases. By Amy wearing this tight costume, which showsthat she is venerable, and maybe a sexual objectto other males.The Main CharactersCostume:
  • 8. Real Product:Scream (1996):
  • 9. The Main Character:
  • 10.  In the film ‘Scream’ the victimof the film is Sidney Prescott(Neve Campbell). The film wasfirst made in 1996 since thenmany things in the film havechanged this was shown whenthe last ‘Scream’ film which wasrelease in 2011.
  • 11. ComparingBoth Films:
  • 12. Comparing Character:
  • 13. Similarities: Both film have female protagonists(victims) Both has a similar storyline Both film’s female characters look likesexual objects with thethat they look.
  • 14. Differences: They both have different fonts: Our font looks like a horror becauseof the style (looks like its been cutby an axe) Their font look plain and simplewhich doesn’t really a typical horrorfont as it doesn’t look scary