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Professional Cognitive Therpay Solutions for Neuro-impaired Conditions
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Professional Cognitive Therpay Solutions for Neuro-impaired Conditions


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This presentation provides an overview of HAPPYneuron PRO cognitive therapy platform for professionals and their patients. …

This presentation provides an overview of HAPPYneuron PRO cognitive therapy platform for professionals and their patients.

The presentation was given at a conference dedicated to cognitive fitness - The Shaprbrains Summit - in Jan 2010.

Published in: Health & Medicine, Technology

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  • Cognitive therapy tool for clinicians. These therapies are not designed to replace the clinician, but tools to augment their important work with patients.The results need specialist interpretation to be factored into the total picture of what’s happening with a patientIn the face of managed improvement of cognitive impairments, guidance from human coaches is critical to engagement and improvement
  • We are introducing the platform with 2 programs from the outsetRehabilitation and Schizophrenia with an ‘Aging Well’ program and ‘Depression’ to come in the coming months.
  • Let me comment briefly on how the programs are developed.It’s a straight forward process that relieves the designer of a lot of developmentTo illustrate this is, I’ll run through the current programs – schizophrenia and rehabilitation – and show how they were developed and how they are used
  • So, I mentioned earlier that, through the professional interface, a patient account is establish and the various modules from the schizophrenia program are assigned to the patient.What you see here is typical of that the patient will see when they log into their account that has been set up by their therapistThey see all the exercises that have been assigned to them.
  • Here’s an example of the results screens seen in the schizophrenia programVisually it’s easy for the clinician to see the progress of a patient in all areas based on the level they have achieved in the exercises.On a given exercise, they can drill down into the detail and see how much effort it has taken to achieve that level of performance.HAPPYneuron PRO is a tool for the informed therapist or clinician, not a replacement. Key to treating any condition is full knowledge of the patient.
  • We are please to bring an enabling platform to the marketplace that has features and clear benefits for all stakeholders.
  • For Researchers – delivers an unprecedented level of control enabling them to easily customize the type of cognitive stimulation delivered.
  • Transcript

    • 1. A Professional Destination for Cognitive Training, Remediation and Rehabilitation
      Laura Fay, CEO, HAPPYneuron, Inc.
      HAPPYneuron PRO
    • 2. 2
      Scientific Brain Training Group
      Founding Product Team
      Bernard Croisile, M.D. Neurology, Ph.D. Neuropsychology
      M.D. Neurology, Ph.D. Neuropsychology
      Neuropsychology Department Head, Lyon Hospital
      Over 70 published books & papers on memory and dementia topics
      Franck Tarpin-Bernard, Ph.D.
      Computer Science : Human-Computer Interaction specialty
      Over 12 published papers on scientific interactive casual game topics
      Michel Noir, Ph.D.
      Cognitive & Educational Sciences
      Over 10 published books on cognitive game topics
      10 Year History
      1998 Collaborative Research at University of Lyon, France
      2000 Scientific Brain Training founded in Lyon, France
      2002 First products introduced
      Global Footprint
      Cognitive Interaction: Assessment – Training - Rehabilitation
      Markets: Consumer - Clinical – Corporate
      Languages: French - German – English – Japan – Korea – Dutch – Spanish
      HAPPYneuron, Inc. is part of the Scientific Brain Training Group of companies
    • 3. 3
      Cognitive Interventions
    • 4. Personalized Cognitive
      Cross Training
      for Healthy Adults
      Play what you like OR take the Coach’s advise
      Coach provides tips for performance improvement and application to every day life.
      Performance analysis is done based on age, gender & education level.
      Scientific Performance
      Coach recommends certain exercises for a thorough cross-training cognitive workout, according to the your performance and preference.
      Normalized comparisons
      are performed with others
      in your demographic group.
      Track your activity &
      performance over time
    • 5. HAPPYneuron PRO
      Professional Cognitive
      Therapy Solutions
    • 6. Professions administering
      cognitive therapies
      Cognitive Training/Rem/Rehab Programs
      Speech Therapists
      Education Therapists
      Language Therapists
      Occupational Therapists
      Cognitive Psychologists
      Nurse Managers
      ……and growing
    • 7. Key Platform Features
      Clinician Managed
      Manage Patient Accounts/Access
      Assign Programs / Modules/Exercises
      Patients Communication
      Continuous monitoring
      Adaptive therapies - Treatment can be continually, progressively improved
      Personalized AND scalable
      Guided Programs
      Evidence based
      Reliable & effective
      Large engaging game variety
      Validated by research & years of successful use
      Additional Data Exports for Researchers
    • 8. Programs
      Program Examples
      We welcome partnerships with researchers and clinicians in the creation and validation of clinical cognitive therapy programs .
    • 9. Developing a Condition
      Specific Program
      to be
      Clinician / Specialist / Researcher
      Research Validation
      Evidence based Intervention
      Condition Specific
      Cognitive Program
      Condition Specific
      Cognitive Program
      Condition Specific
      Cognitive Program
    • 10. Cognitive Remediation
      In Schizophrenia
      The need for effective cognitive remediation is great
      Schizophrenia is a chronic and profoundly disabling psychiatric disorder.
      70–80% of patients with schizophrenia are unemployed at any one time
      deficits in neurocognition are linked to social disability
      as many as 70% of patients with schizophrenia exhibit neurocognitive deficits on measures of attention, learning and memory, problem-solving, language and/or sensory-motor skill
    • 11. Schizophrenia Program Development
      Training Modules
      (18 games)
      Verbal Memory
      Visual Spatial
      Working Memory
      Selective Attention
      Start at level 1,
      Each game @
      100% accuracy
      advances to
      next level
      10 levels, each
      consisting of
      Dr. Pascal
      Vianin, Lausanne
      Dr. Pascal Vianin
      Lausanne Hospital, Switzerland
      28 subjects
      Comparison with RehaCom
      Showed significant improvement
      Publication pending
      Schizophrenia Program
      Dr. Nicolas Franck
      Institute for Cognitive Science
      Lyon, France
      280 subjects, multi-site, 3-yr
      Comparison with CRT
      Positive preliminary results
      US based multi-site, drug-combo
      study starts in Spring 2010
    • 12. Remediation for Schizophrenia
      Patient View
    • 13. Remediation for Schizophrenia
      Clinical & (optional) Patient View
    • 14. Rehabilitation Program
      An open tool with extensive customizability by the clinician
      Suitable for cognitive stimulation of TBI, Stroke and other patient-unique impairments
      Task rich: 27 exercises, 9 modules, hundreds of unique combinations
      Precise customization to patient's specific needs
      Clinician control difficulty levels, pacing and goal setting
    • 15. Rehabilitation Program
      For all exercise, multiple levels of data analysis available
      Activity level
      Total time spent
      Progress over time / play
      Reaction / Processing Speed
      Game Parameters
      Trend Analysis
    • 16. Benefits
       Engaging & Novel
      • At home participation
      • 17. Supervised
       Patient satisfaction
       High
      • Measurement
      • Standards
      of care
       Reduced cost of delivery
    • 22. Each Program costs $50 per month
      includes 10 active accounts
      Additional account packs can be added for $40 per month.
      30 day FREE trial
      Pricing for practitioners
    • 23. Independent Research
      Independent Research partners
      Geriatrics, Psychiatry, Neurology, Occupational Rehab, ADHD
      Boston University, MA
      Columbia University, NY
      Hartford Hospital (Institute of the Living), CT
      Johnny Orr Memory Center, IA
      Queens University, Toronto, Canada
      UCLA, CA
      Veteran’s Administration, PA
      Lausanne Hospital, Switzerland
      Lyon Hospital, France
      Pierre & Marie Curie Hospital, Paris France
      St. Anne Hospital, Paris, France
      University at La Pitié-Salpêtrière Hospital, Paris, France
    • 24. Endorsements
      “The advantage of the HAPPYneuron PRO platform is that it allows individuals to receive a more consistent dose of cognitive enhancement, thereby enabling the flexibility to design innovative research studies not previously possible.” Christopher R. Bowie, PhD, Dept Psychiatry & Psychology, Queen’s University, Ontario, Canada.
      "The HAPPYneuron PRO platform delivers engaging cognitive skills training programs. Our patients are motivated to work on these web-based exercises because of the appeal of the exercises themselves, and because they are able to track their own progress and performance.“ Enid Gertmenian, LMSW, Lieber Recovery and Rehabilitation Clinic, New York City.
      "The program for schizophrenia offered at is the best material I have ever seen for cognitive remediation for my patients." Torben Christensen, Ph.D., Clinical psychologist. Aarhus University Hospital, Risskov, Denmark
    • 25. Thank You
      Laura Fay
      HAPPYneuron, Inc.