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Shooting Schedule
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Shooting Schedule

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  • 1. Shooting ScheduleThis table shows the shooting schedule that the group has put together so we have planned our shots in advance. There will be moreshots added when filming however these are the main shots that we have planned out. Many of these shots also require editing whichwill be done when we create a rough cut of our opening sequence. Shot Type Day/Night Ext/Int Scene Action Cast/Mise-en-scene Tilt Night Int Opening scene The camera shows Jonny playing the moon, as our detective Sylvester, company is “Lunar wearing suit pants Productions” and tilts and leather shoes. down to show Detective Sylvester walking at a low angle. Pan Night Ext Detective Sylvester Detective Sylvester Jonny and Matty walking walks over to meet playing the Detective Maloney at detectives, Emily on the crime scene. the floor dead, Laura playing the photographer. Boys are in suits and trilbies, Laura suit jacket and trilby, Emily 50’s style dress. Props – old fashioned
  • 2. camera, cigarettes.Shot Reverse Shot Night Ext Two detectives Detective Sylvester Jonny and Matty talking. and Detective playing the detectives Maloney are talking wearing suits and about the murder. trilbies. Graphic Match Night Ext/Int Suspect to interview. Detective Maloney Detectives in suits shows Detective and trilbies Laura Sylvester a drawing playing Nancy and of the suspect, wearing a shirt and camera zooms in to vintage scarf. Props – the picture and a notebook. graphic match is used to show Nancy in the interview room.Shot Reverse Shot N/A Ext Between Nancy and Shot reverse shot is Detectives in suits – -Indoors the detectives. used to film the Matty& Jonny, Laura conversation in a shirt. between Nancy and the detectives where she is denying the charges. Cut Zoom N/A Ext Cut zoom into Camera cuts in to Laura, wearing shirt -Indoors Nancy’s face. Nancy’s face twice as and scarf. she looks guilty, a transition to the flashback is then
  • 3. used.Long Shot Night Int Nancy behind Emily A long shot is used to Laura & Emily, 50’s show Nancy behind style dresses, Emily after seeing her cigarettes. with her husband.Multitake Night Ext Nancy fighting with A multitake is used to Laura & Emily, 50’s Emily show Nancy storm style dresses. over to Emily and stuggle with her and push her to the ground.Low Angle Night Ext Emily falling to the A low angle is used to Laura & Emily 50’s ground show Emily falling to style dresses. the ground after Nancy pushes her.