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Mobile apps and Mobile websites for small business.

Mobile apps and Mobile websites for small business.

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  • 1. The BIGGEST Opportunity InMobile & Local BusinessMarketing… EVER!With: Jerry Foster
  • 2. OnTargetWithMobileWebsiteProfitsMOBILE FACTS AND FIGURES
  • 3. OnTargetWithMobileWebsiteProfitsMobile searches for restaurants have a 90% conversion rate,64% within the hour! (Telemetrics, 2012)Mobile Commerce & Mobile MarketingOf the 8 Billion people in the world, over 6 Billion aremobile phone users! (TNS Global, 2012)By 2014 mobile Internet is predicted to over take desktopInternet usage (Microsoft Tag, 2012)Mobile Internet use/web traffic is up 202% in the last year!(Mobile Report, 2012)4 out of 5 Smartphones users (86 Million U.S. users) usetheir Smartphone to Shop! (comScore, 2012)30% of all Smartphone users who use their mobile device toshop have incomes $100,000 or greater (comScore, 2012)Mobile Is DominatingBy 2016, Smartphones will influence $689 Billion (19%) ofall retail store sales! (Deloitte, 2012)
  • 4. OnTargetWithMobileWebsiteProfits25% of Smartphone users say they have purchasedsomething on their MOBILE devices in the past week! (WaveCollapse, 2012)Mobile Commerce & Mobile MarketingMOBILE Ad Spending with reach $7.4 Billion by 2017!(Juniper Research, 2012)MOBILE payments worldwide will surpass $171 Billion in2012 up 62% in one year! (Gartner, 2012)MOBILE search will generate 27.8 Billion more queries thandesktop searches by 2016! (BIA Kelsey Report, 2012)47% of ALL consumers confirm they use their mobile deviceto search for local information! (e-Tailing Group, 2012)18% of consumers have redeemed a MOBILE coupon in thepast 90 days! (JiWire, 2012)Mobile Is Dominating57% of consumers won‟t recommend a business with apoorly designed MOBILE site, 40% immediately go to acompetitor‟s site after a bad MOBILE experience!(Compuware, 2012)
  • 5. OnTargetWithMobileWebsiteProfitsAPPS VS. MOBILE SITESYour Success Is Our MissionIt is the power of the local searches and the searchengines that require a solid mobile website presence!Mobile Apps are the perfect mobile marketingtool to nurture customer relationships, increasecustomer loyalty, and communicate with acustomer-base!Mobile websites are the natural first-step in a mobilemarketing campaign in order to increase prospect leadsand turn them into paying customers!
  • 6. OnTargetWithMobileWebsiteProfitsRANKING MATTERSYour Success Is Our MissionBeing in the top 3 is critically important for today‟sbusiness owner!93% of all buying decisions start with an onlinesearch!The first 3 ranked positions in a search receive62.66% of all click-through traffic!
  • 7. OnTargetWithMobileWebsiteProfitsTHE MOBILITY FACTORYour Success Is Our MissionOver 60% of all local searches are now done on amobile device!Today‟s consumer is “un-tethered” and wants theirinformation “on the go!”Searches on mobile devices have grown 500% in thepast 2 years!
  • 8. OnTargetWithMobileWebsiteProfitsCRITICAL 1ST IMPRESSIONYour Success Is Our MissionAmazingly, over 90% of today‟s websites are NOTmobile optimized!In a recent survey, 40% of mobile users turnedimmediately to a competitor‟s website if theyhad a bad mobile experience on another!“Can I help you?” 73% of mobile-powered shoppersprefer to access a mobile website rather thanreceive assistance from a retail clerk!
  • 9. OnTargetWithMobileWebsiteProfitsKEYWORDS „R‟ KINGYour Success Is Our MissionRanking for the popular keywords is more importantthan ever and takes continual, on-going effortmonth after month!“Non-Specific” terms now make up a majorityof Local Searches featuring categories andkeywords!This is referred to as “Yellow Page Behavior” asopposed to “White Page Behavior”
  • 10. OnTargetWithMobileWebsiteProfitsDOMINATING LOCALYour Success Is Our MissionA powerful “TRIPLE THREAT” mobile onlinepresence is a huge competitive advantage in thismobile world we live in today!Capturing the mobile consumer‟s attentionsimply leads to higher revenues and profits!Mobile consumers search, review, and they takeaction!
  • 11. OnTargetWithMobileWebsiteProfitsCUSTOM GOMOBILE WEBSITESHere is the Section Header