Human head proportions
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  • 1. This presentation has been made for you by FRANCISCO GUIJARRO BELDA From Isaac Albéniz Secondary School Leganés. Madrid. Spain.
  • 2. 1) In order to draw a head, we are going to begin with an oval with a vertical straight line in the middle.
  • 3. 2) Break down the oval into three equal parts by the means of two horizontal lines.
  • 4. 3) Draw two arches for the eyebrows, just to locate them.
  • 5. 4) Remember, in order to draw the nose, you will use a triangle and a circle inside.
  • 6. 5) We follow the scheme explained above to draw the nose:
  • 7. 6) Keep in mind that the ears must be between the two lines that we drew from the eyebrows and the tip of the nose:
  • 8. 7) Draw the nostrils so that they remind us of the letter m.
  • 9. 8) Get rid of the triangle and part of the circle so that, you will have finished your nose.
  • 10. 9) Draw a new line for the lips just in the upper side of the lowest division of your portrait. The shape of this line might remind us again of the letter m.
  • 11. 10) Finish the lips by drawing the lower part of them. Don´t forget that the lower lip never touches the upper lip.
  • 12. 11) Draw the eyes trying to match them with the lines that come up from the nostrils (in dots, in the image).
  • 13. 12) Add some hair to him (or her, it is up to you)….RIGHT NOW!!!
  • 14. 13) Define your sitter ´s face slightly better and you will have almost finished.
  • 15. 14) Add some more hair and details to the ears. Of course, your head needs a neck. Keep in mind that the neck should be an extension of the face. Don´t draw a thin neck. Also, dressing up your portrait would be a good idea.