#ever123: How To Use Evernote to Organize Your Life


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a delightful presentation by @laughtercrystal

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#ever123: How To Use Evernote to Organize Your Life

  1. 1. #ever123 : How To Use Evernote to Totally Transform Organize Your Lifea delightful presentation by @laughtercrystal
  2. 2. Prologue Evernote &@laughtercrystal: a love story
  3. 3. Like all modern romances,this one started with an app: An Annotation App.
  4. 4. Skitch!Skitch was incredibly intuitive, so I followed their brand. Shortly thereafter, they hooked up with Evernote, and I immediately knew that this was the start of a beautiful friendship.
  5. 5. Evernote
  6. 6. Evernote to the Rescue!http://bit.ly/everRescue a video introduction
  7. 7. I was born in 1983 That puts me right at the beginning of “Gen Y.”I think technology should be able to do anything!
  8. 8. How do we NOT KNOW How can we NOT KNOW where sharks go in the winter? if Nessie exists? I had questions. How have we NOT BEENHow can Windows NOT SEARCH to the bottom of the Mariana Trench?* within my Excel Spreadsheets? *Pre-James Cameron’s tweet** **Also pre-Twitter
  9. 9. Evernote is what I was looking for.
  10. 10. Evernote is for everybody!It’ll work with any pre-established productivity/organization systems you may already follow...
  11. 11. ...or no system at all!
  12. 12. Two fundamentals of Evernote: Input/Output Collect/Select Add/Search File/FindDeposit/Withdrawal Gather/Retrieve
  13. 13. Two fundamentals of Evernote: 1. Putting stuff in via many methods 2. Quickly finding exactly what you want aha!
  14. 14. Adding stuff to Evernote: - Email - Text (SMS) - Tweet (@myEN)- Evernote Desktop Application (Mac, Windows) - Evernote Mobile App (iPhone, Android) - Website (evernote.com)- Web clipper (Browser extension/bookmarklet) - ifttt recipe (ifttt.com/evernote) - etc. (trunk.evernote.com) Pro Tip: Create an easy-to-remember email account that auto-forwards to your evernote email (which has lots of numbers), in case you’re ever without your saved contacts.
  15. 15. Adding stuff to Evernote: Accumulative storage is unlimited*— only new uploads count towards your monthly limit Evernote Basic: 60MB. Evernote Premium: 1G Evernote Basic Evernote Premium Pro Tip: When nearing months end with a large upload allowance left, take advantage by uploading reference material, add photos to recipes, etc.* Okay, there are limits, but theyre REALLY high.
  16. 16. Finding stuff in EvernoteThe search function is what makes Evernote amazing! - All text (obviously) - Tags, Notebooks, etc. - Even searches text in photos/PDFs! I knew it was possible!
  17. 17. Finding stuff in Evernote Have faith in the search— don’t go crazy with the tags!Anything that is a word in your note is already searchable as a keyword, so a tag would be superfluous. No need to tag all the things!
  18. 18. The Three Levels of OrganizersChances are, you fall into one of three categories: - Level One Organizer - Level Two Organizer - Level Three Organizer (aka “Monica”) Which one are you?
  19. 19. Level One Organizer“It is while trying to get everything straight in my head that I get confused.” ― Mary Virginia Micka
  20. 20. Level One Organizer You hate organizing, you don’t have time for organizing,and the only reason you ever even consider doing anything about organizing is because your disorganization is causing big problems for your work or your life in general.
  21. 21. Level One Organizer Evernote behavior: Dump everything in, one notebook, no tags - All your info is available on all your devices- All stuff can be instantly searched and retrieved- No confusing keyword/tag/notebook hierarchy
  22. 22. Level Two Organizer You’ve got to think of the big things while you’re doing small things,so that all the small things go in the right direction. —Alvin Toffler
  23. 23. Level Two Organizer You have one of these at home:You probably have to hunt around a bit when you are lookingfor something important, but at least you know that it’s there, and if you start from one end go all the way back, you’ll eventually stumble upon whatever label jogs your memory to say, “Oh, that’s totally the file I’d have put my dog rabies vaccination certificate in!” And you’re almost always right.
  24. 24. Level Two Organizer Evernote Behavior: - Create multiple Notebooks! - Tag stuff and things! Pro Tip: Start small, then go big—better to add “brain dump” searchable keywords and phrases within your notes than to end up with dozens of notebooks and no way of cross-referencing between them.
  25. 25. Level Two Organizer Separate Notebook IF: - You’d never want to see those notes in same context - You want to share more than one note with someone elsePro Tip: Use short, obvious names tomake it easy to email notes quicklyusing subject line codes (e.g.: “@work” You can organize notebooks into stacksinstead of “@Brown & Company).
  26. 26. Level Two Organizer Tag IF: - It’s not a KEYWORD—think genre!- You will use that same tag in same context on other notes Possible Tags: - Action - Movie - Christmas Already keywords: Pro Tip: Use short, obvious names to - Awesome make it easy to email notes quickly using subject line codes (e.g.: “#movie” instead - Die Hard of “#top movie recommendations”).
  27. 27. Level Three OrganizerRule your mind or it will rule you. —Horace
  28. 28. Level Three Organizer You’re an organization junkie!You’ve experimented with all manner of organization andproductivity methods, mantras, and philosophies, and you probably have combined elements of many of them into Your Own System! Evernote is your BatBelt.
  29. 29. Level Three Organizer Level Threes, you’re going to have the mobile app,so take advantage of all of its features—like Page Camera! Pro Tip: Put white pages against dark surface to help Page Camera find the edge, or it may crop white space until it finds text (possibly cropping handwritten notes in margins).
  30. 30. Level Three Organizer To the Level Threes out there, I give you this: -tag:* “Inbox” saved search - Anything that hasn’t been processed/tagged yetIt ONLY works if you check it regularly! (Like, every day.) Pro tip: If you are using Inbox, you’ll want a “reference” tag to get things out of your inbox that don’t necessarily require attention or categorization, but that you want on file if needed.
  31. 31. Evernote EverydayThe constant, unproductive preoccupation with all the things we have to do is the single largest consumer of time and energy. —Kerry Gleeson
  32. 32. Types of Notes A note can contain: - Text - Hyperlinks - Photos - Voice notes/recordings - Attachments (PDF, .doc, .xls, etc.) - Checklists, numbered lists, bullet lists*Note size limit: Basic accounts—25MB / Premium accounts—100MB
  33. 33. Searching Just start typing!For more advanced searches, you can narrow your search by adding more options.
  34. 34. Saved Searches- Edit > Find > Save Search - Name the search Find saved searches by clicking in search bar (drag to shortcut bar for one-click access!)
  35. 35. ShortcutsDrag notes, tags, or notebooks (or saved searches!) to Shortcuts for 1-click access
  36. 36. SharingAnother fundamentally awesome thing about Evernote is the ability to share select info with others.
  37. 37. Sharing A single note: - directions - an interesting article - recommended book list Share socially, via email, or copy the public linkHow: http://bit.ly/ever1note
  38. 38. Sharing Notebooks: - checklists, docs, meeting notes for group projects - passwords or product renewals for company clients - Frequently used photos, docs, reference material Invite collaborators via email* *only Premium users can allow others to edit notes in the notebook; Basic users can only share read-only notebooks/notes.How: http://bit.ly/ever1book
  39. 39. Fave Evernote Lifehack: Trade bulky/elusive instruction manuals for QR codes!: - Scan manual into Evernote - Make QR code link to Evernote note - Tape QR code to device! (scanning will open note with manual!)How: http://bit.ly/QRmanuals
  40. 40. More great resources forEvernote organization goodness: Official Evernote Blog: http://bit.ly/everBlogDarren Crawford: My Simple GTD & Evernote Combo: http://bit.ly/DarrenGTD31 Ninja Tricks for Making Evernote More Awesome: http://bit.ly/everNinja Jamie Todd Rubin: Going Paperless: http://bit.ly/everJTR
  41. 41. Remember Everything!There is no reason, ever, to have the same thought twice, unless you like having that thought. —David Allen, Getting Things Done
  42. 42. The End! I hope you found this delightful! — @laughtercrystalhttp://laughtercrystal.com