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Grade 10 Art
Grade 10 Art
Grade 10 Art
Grade 10 Art
Grade 10 Art
Grade 10 Art
Grade 10 Art
Grade 10 Art
Grade 10 Art
Grade 10 Art
Grade 10 Art
Grade 10 Art
Grade 10 Art
Grade 10 Art
Grade 10 Art
Grade 10 Art
Grade 10 Art
Grade 10 Art
Grade 10 Art
Grade 10 Art
Grade 10 Art
Grade 10 Art
Grade 10 Art
Grade 10 Art
Grade 10 Art
Grade 10 Art
Grade 10 Art
Grade 10 Art
Grade 10 Art
Grade 10 Art
Grade 10 Art
Grade 10 Art
Grade 10 Art
Grade 10 Art
Grade 10 Art
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Grade 10 Art


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  • 1. Pirates of the Carribean
  • 2. The actual project
    The project that a group of students is doing is reproducing a picture of the actors “ The Pirates of Caribbean”- a frame photograph. The students are split up in 5 groups: People who would be working on hair and make up, people who would be making costumes and take care of the props than a student who will take the actual picture, than set people and cameraman and a person who will take care of the light. There are 5 characters on the picture that 5 students from the group will act.
  • 3. What is Set DesignGAREK AND UMBERTO
  • 4. A Set Designer is a person who works in collaboration with the director to create a set for theatrical, film, or television product.
    He/she produces scale models, scale drawings, paint elevations, and does research about props, textures, and so on.
    Scenic designers used to come from a variety of artistic backgrounds, but now they are generally trained professionals, often with degrees in theatre arts.
    What is a Set Designer?
  • 5. He/she needs to know the time, place of the story.
    He/she needs to know the genre of the production(realistic, fiction etc…).
    He/she needs to know details about the story.
    He/she needs to know what appliances and tools were used during the era in which the story takes place.
    What Does a Set Designer Need to Know
  • 6. Robert Edmond Jones was a famous set designer in the 30s and 40s. He also worked on various theatrical productions.
    Famous Set Designer
    He worked on the sets of many famous theatrical productions including The Birthday of the Infanta, Othello, and The Philadelphia Story.
  • 7. Our job is to recreate the set of a picture from the movie “Pirates of the Caribbean: At world’s end”.
    We will use a large white wall and cover it with opaque wallpaper. We will then use Photoshop to modify it and use effects.
    In the picture there are 5 characters from the movie: Jack Sparrow, William Turner, Captain Barbossa, Elizabeth Swann, and Sao Feng.
    Our Set Design
  • 8. Pavle & Krissy
  • 9. Background
    Lighting is used in photography and movies to illustrate the mood, atmosphere and setting.
    While good lighting can effectively create a mood suitable for the movie or photograph, bad lighting can easily ruin a whole movie or photo shoot by making it look cheap or hazy, and in this presentation we shall look at examples, good and bad.
  • 10. Example One
  • 11. Example One
    In the first example, the lighting hits the sculpture from the sides, from points at ground level compared to the sculpture.
    This creates a very elaborate shadow, defining the curves of the sculpture and making a very elegant mood. It also gives a sense of height to the sculpture due to the lengthening effect of the low lights and the shadow around the top of the sculpture.
  • 12. Example Two
  • 13. Example Two
    In the second example the light hits the sculpture from one side.
    There isn't any dramatic effect like in the first one, but we do get a feeling of elegance due to the lack of natural light and the slick shadows made by the lighting.
  • 14. Example Three
  • 15. Example Three
    The third example has no artificial lighting, there is only natural light from a window.
    In the third example the sculpture seems cheap, hazy and dull due to the natural light and lack of artificial light. Since there is no direct angle from an artificial light, there are no defined shadows making the sculpture seem boring.
  • 16. Example Four
  • 17. Example Four
    In the fourth example the light hits the sculpture up close, from the left.
    The last example which has a very strong light from the side, has a very dramatic feeling and a very strong, defined shadow. The dramatic mood and the feeling of elegance is an excellent combination.
  • 18. By: Katarina Koysova, jack Sparrow
    Costume Design
  • 19. Pirate Style Background
    Middle ages - 19th century
    Clothing: hats, jewelry, coats, scarves,
    boots, gun holders (barrack style).
    Materials: leather, wool, canvas, linen,
    cotton, sheepskin, velvet, silk.
    Colors: crimson, violet, purple, deep blue.
  • 20. Captain Jack Sparrow Costume
    Face: Gold teeth, tanned, dirty face, black eyeliner under eyes, mustache, goatee with braids and beads, dreads, beads in hair, red scarf around his head, brown pirate hat.
    Body: beige boots, brown baggy pants, pink and white scarf around his waist, dark blue barrack style jacket/vest, one big brown belt, another thick black belt, beige/white dirty shirt, coat: long black barrack-style with big buttons, black leather gun holder (around his torso), biker gloves, 2 gold rings, 1 silver ring, weapons.
  • 21.
  • 22. Costume Designers
    A costumes designer’s job is to design the clothing for movies or plays, they are part of the “production team”.
    The costume designers usually try to capture the character’s personality with their costume to make them seem more real.
    The designer also has to make sure that the costume is well fitted for the person and that they can move around freely in it.
  • 23. Types Of Designers
    Freelance, residential, and academic.
    They are all designers but paid different amounts of money and work for different lengths of time.
    Some famous costume designers: Theoni V. Aldridge, Cecil Beaton, Dorothy Jeakins, Ngila Dickson, Danilo Donati, Julie Taymor, and Ann Hould-Ward.
    • Kimono type black with golden sewn pattern
    • 25. Leather waist belt with jewelry
    • 26. Leather type of cloak on back from waist down until knees
    • 27. Leather ordinary boots
    • 28. Torch in hand, sword on waist, and French percussion dueling pistol
    Spirited and independent-minded character
    Pirate on sea
    Carries a multitude of other weapons on her person including knives, and firearms.
    17 year old, 5' 7" tall with a slender figure, brown eyes, and long, light brown hair.
    William Turner is a member of the lower social class and he is 20 years old. The movies is filmed as in 1926, 16th century which is an important fact for a costume makers. He is a pirate, a former and a captain on a boat. The main characteristics of William Turner are heroic, courageous and clever.
  • 30. William Turner's Appearance:
    • Dark brown hair tied in a short pony tail
    • 31. Dark skin, tanned
    • 32. Dark beard
    • 33. a leather coat
    • 34. Dark purple ,puffy-sleeved shirt
    • 35. dark breeches
    • 36. Black leather boots
    • 37. a leather cord necklace with what appear to be charms and other trinkets hanging from it
    • 38. Orange mixed with brown and green scarf around his hips
    • 39. Brown belt on his chest and another one around his hips
    William Turner will be acted by JacekSwiezaczynski, one of the boys from a group of students.
    Sao Feng is the Pirate Lord of the South China Sea and his character is based on the legendary Chinese pirate, Cheung Po Tsai. Feng owns a bathhouse that caters to the highest paying clients. He also has two known ships at his disposal, the Empress and the HaiPeng. His bad.guy at the same time good guy(?)
  • 41.
    • Dirty face
    • 42. Has a scar on the right side of the face next & under the right eye as well as his left side of his face
    • 43. Long mustache & beard, all the way down to his chest/ middle one is breaded
    • 44. Hold a knife, long Chinese knife
    • 45. Has armor around his body, like a vest and belt
    • 46. Long wide dark brown pants
    • 47. Looks like a jacket but it goes down all the way down to his feet, around the cloth there’s Chinese symbol
    • 48. Thick grayish eyebrows
    • 49. Long finger nails
    • 50. No hair, there’s a tattoo on the right side of his head (behing)
    • 51. Wears a ring on the right hand, pinky finger
    • 52. Red dirty cloth on the
    • 53. Side of his body
    Face: beard, golden teeth, big black hat with feathers on top.
    Body: black boots (rough), baggy brown dirty capris, yellow waist scarf, brown big-buckled belt, brown long coat with buttons that is open after his waist, white button-up shirt (ruffled sleeves), brown leather gun-holder that goes around his torso, big black coat with barrack patterns (big buttons), old fashioned long gun, 2 gold rings, necklace, monkey.
  • 54. Make-Up For Pirates of the Caribbean
    By: Linda Kirova & AndjelaIlic
    Make-up is important
    because it completely changes
    how people look, and it can help us make a person
    fit the situation.
  • 55. Job of Make-Up Artist
    The job of a make-up artist in a movie is basically to put make-up on the actors and make them fit the setting in the movie. Also make-up is something that the characters need to have on, because they can’t look psychologically and physically in the right setting. The make-up artist for Pirates of the Caribbean is Chris Gallaher. He creates special effects and the actors look like in the right setting.
  • 56. Make-Up Artists
    One of the most famous make-up artists is Jack Pierce who is known for creating iconic make-up.
    The make-up artist for Pirates of the Caribbean is Chris Gallaher. He creates special effects and the actors look like in the right setting.
  • 57. Something that we are going to do
    We are going to put make-up on our friends that are going to be dressed like pirates, so they can look like the characters from Pirates of the Caribbean.
    We are going to use light brown colors, because that are the colors that they used to put on actors in this movie.