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MAS Decadence Presentation

  1. 1. Target Audience
  2. 2. Cornucopia Films0 Founded in 1994 in London, by Dylan Gaskarth, Eddie Hudson and Jenna Pope.0 Formed a partnership with Screen Gems in 2008 to distribute British films in the US.0 In association with ‘Almost Human’ since 2009, creating make-up and visual special effects.0 Headquarters in Soho, London.0 Produces motion pictures – such as Resist (2009), Saviour (2011) and Outpost (2008) (co-production with Newmarket films)
  3. 3. Screen GemsScreen Gems is a subdivision of Sony PicturesEntertainment’s Columbia TriStar Motion PictureGroup.‘Many of its releases are of thehorror, thriller, action, comedy and urbangenres’ -WikipediaAlso a production company, but mostly ofAmerican films, distributes British films inthe UK and the US.Films that have been distributed by ScreenGems:0 Resident Evil franchise 0 Outpost (2008)0 Underworld franchise 0 Easy A (2010)0 Attack The Block (2011)
  4. 4. Genre 0 Action-Adventure 0 Espionage Sub-Genre 0 Girls With Guns 0 Sci-Fi Logline 3 rogue female ex-government agentsembark on a vengeful journey, but will they be able to handle the consequences?
  5. 5. Film Synopsis After realising that the government plans to redesign society, 3 special agents break off from a top-secret government programme in the hopes of preventing social segregation. Once they understand that they cannot perform this task alone, they try toappeal to their former comrades, giving them only one choice: Kill or be killed.
  6. 6. Delta0 Age: 180 Role in the film: ‘The Brain’ and ‘The Decoy’. She’s extremely intelligent even though she doesn’t like to show it, she can deduce things from tiny clues and she also likes to disguise herself by wearing wigs and prosthetics and acting as a distraction.Character Inspirations:0 Katherine Pierce - Manipulative, Seductive, Strong, Survivalist0 Hermione Granger - Intelligent, Bossy, Brave, Hard-working0 Sherlock Holmes - Observant, Masterful, Ambitious, Quick-witted
  7. 7. Sierra0 Age: 180 Role in the film: ‘The Muscle’ - she’s an excellent fighter, good with weapons and very strong. She is also intelligent, but to a lesser extent than the others, as her main trait is her fighting abilities.0 Character inspirations: Clove: Dylan Sanders: Hit Girl: strong, violent, d good determined, not angerous, powerful fighter, tempestuo phased by . us, determined. blood, good fighter, witty.
  8. 8. 0 Age: 19 Echo 0 Job: Ex government agent (gone rogue) 0 Role in the film: ‘The Ruthless’ after revenge for the death of her family - known for being cold and heartless, killing for no apparent reason. 0 Character inspirations: Alice (Resident Evil) - Level-headed, keeps her Selene (Underworld) - AEvelyn Salt Her cool, and ruthless. Has cool, calm attitude and husband gets motives, personal and for has a hard exterior, killed, so she often describes as moody. others. Can handle turns on her herself, and never really But inside, secretly she employers. gets fussed/nervous in has emotions locked away stressful or scary - able to feel affection. situations.
  9. 9. Opening Sequence Synopsis Delta limping Guard sees her on She asks him for Comes up the lift towards the CCTV footage and help and he puts and falls out lift goes downstairs his gun down Sierra tackles him and pins himThey interrogate Delta takes off Echo enters to the ground and the guard wig holds a gun to his head They use keycard Guard looks at Reaction shot of Guard gets shot to open ambiguous keycard the girls door
  10. 10. Opening Sequence Conventions0 Action sequence - fight scene0 Dark grading0 Guns, knives, weapons, fighting - iconography0 Simple fonts for titles0 Consistent branding - colours, fonts, motifs0 Atmospheric music throughout0 Fast-paced straight cuts
  11. 11. Gender Representation0 3 female main characters0 Variety of personalities and strengths0 Each one excels in their own field of expertise0 Not Damsels-in-Distress0 Can take care of themselves0 Feminine but doesn’t deduct from their strength and dominance0 They do what needs to be done - not cowardly
  12. 12. Ethnicity Representation0 Significant lack of female Asian action heroines0 Female ethnic minorities aren’t usually protagonists0 Supporting characters - usually for comic relief or tokenism0 Usually the ones who turn evil/die - Rain Ocampo (Resident Evil)0 Almost always portrayed as victims and needing to be saved
  13. 13. Opening sequencetechnologies and techniques0 Using LiveType for our titles0 Sound FX - gunshot, elevator noise, body impact0 Make up - gunshot wound0 Continuity editing - shooting and editing the tackle effectively0 Editing to music0 Visual FX - gunshot0 Grading - making it look dark, dystopic and foreboding
  14. 14. Work we did last term0 Representation of ethnicity and gender0 Continuity0 Preliminary exercise0 Roland Barthes Five Codes: enigma, action, semiotic, cultural, symbolic0 Propp’s Character Theory0 Todorov’s Narrative Theory
  15. 15. Interviewer: So, why do youwrite these strong femalecharacters?Joss Whedon: Because you’restill asking me that question.