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  1. 1. Group 1B: Alex S, Alex E, Raagavi
  2. 2. Film Idea• Genre: Horror• Sub-genre: Supernatural/ Psychological• Target Audience – 16-24 M/F• Secondary Audience – (Sub)Genre fans• Certification: 15
  3. 3. Logline:After losing her sense of reality, a mentally disturbed British girl is forced to confronther fears, which in turn become more frightening than she could ever imagine.Synopsis:Violet, a psychologically disturbed girl living in the outskirts of London is constantlyhaunted by her thoughts that have formed a life of their own. After losing herperception of what is real and what isn’t, she is forced to rebel against her own mind.The manifestation of her thoughts become something much larger than what shecan handle. Her father, Dale, wants to help his daughter as much as he can but shehas a hard time accepting his help as she believes he is in fact plotting against her.Will she be able to put an end to it or will her thoughts spread like wildfire and hurteveryone around her?
  4. 4. ResearchWhy Hurting?Common themes for horror titles:• Very literal: Haunting In Connecticut One Missed Call Evil Dead• Focused on an object/person: The Ring The Uninvited The Others• One word: Sinister Psycho PriestChoices: Hurting Sad Eyes After Dark The Disturbed
  5. 5. InstitutionsProduced by Dark Figure Productions• Independent UK production company specialising in low budget horror.Distributed by• Distributes many horror films successfully (e.g. Texas Chainsaw, Saw films, Silent Hill )• Familiar with audience expectations for horror genre.• Able to distribute in the UK, North America, France and Australia.
  6. 6. Representation of Social Groups• Building on female gender stereotypes: Our main character isnt the typical innocent victim. She is vulnerable, but also psychologically disturbed.• She relies on her father to give her support, but is otherwise independent and the narrative focuses on her struggle. This tackles the stereotype of women having ‘minor’ roles in films.• Challenging racial stereotypes and going against the conventional white blonde horror victim.Rose Da Silva, the protagonist in Silent Hill Our main actor - Raagavi–a conventional horror victim
  7. 7. Opening Sequence: Style and Form• Violet is initially the victim, but she evolves and mentally fights her possession.• The opening will be tense and enigmatic to grab the audiences attention straight away.• We will use a conventional horror haunted house as the location.• It will have an eerie atmosphere and incorporate a voyeuristic filming style. Our chosen location for the shoot – Alex E’s house.
  8. 8. Research
  9. 9. How will it attract the Target Audience?It will:• Shock• Create suspense• Create a sense of danger - the girl is home alone and strange things happen around the house• Make use of conventional horror sounds• Use a shaky, chaotic filming style• The main character herself will appeal to the target audience a lot, as she is vulnerable but brave.
  10. 10. Film Making Techniques & Technologies• Continuity throughout the clip (set-ups)• We will use a fish eye lens effect in one of our shots• Voyeuristic filming style to suggest that something is in the house with her• Real-time with a few exceptions An example of the fish eye Voyeuristic lens effect. filming
  11. 11. Drawing on Previous Work • We will apply the principles of continuity editing which we learnt last term • Use of Adobe Premiere Pro software- experience through practice • Applying and building on Horror genre conventions • Use of Todorovs narrative theory and Propps character roles
  12. 12. Role Our filmHero VioletDispatcher Violet’s sanityHelper Dad (Dale)Villain Violet’s insanityPrincess Redeems her sanityFalse Hero Violet’s insanityDonor Dad Levi Strauss – Binary Opposites Sanity vs. Insanity Good vs. Evil What’s real vs. what isn’t
  13. 13. Opening Sequence Flow of events
  14. 14. Violet• Age: 17• Character role: She is the protagonist who suffers from hallucinations and eventually loses control due to her psychological problems. While fighting for her own sanity she must protect her family from what is possessing her.• Inspirations:
  15. 15. Dale (Violet’s dad)• Age: 38• Character Role: He supports Violet throughout her struggle and seeks professional help for her. He is very precious to Violet and vice versa. Dale is one of the victims that the demon pursues and he is almost killed as a result, which makes Violet realise that it is a greater threat than she had imagined.• Inspirations: