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Published in: Education, Technology
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  • Transcript

    • 1. Finding Journal Articles forSpecial Education 760
      S. Coenen
      Fall 2011 update, E. Latorraca
      Andersen Library
    • 2. The Game Plan:
      Reference and Periodicals sections
      Professional publications
      What they are
      Where to find them
      Planning your search strategy:
      Subject terms & keywords
      Search tips: Boolean searching
      Testing your strategy in PsychInfo
    • 3. Journal Articles
      peer reviewed, scholarly, or refereed journal
      Written by researchers and experts in the field
      A list of references cited is included at the end of the article
      Published less often than magazines and newspapers
      Articles are reviewed by other experts before being published
    • 4. Journal Articles: Browsing
      To which Sp.Ed. journals does HAL subscribe?
      Go to  Library
      2. Click Catalog (at left)
    • 5. Plan your search strategy:
      Identify Keywords and Subject Terms:
      • Articles and course readings
      • 6. HALcat: Library catalog subject headings
      • 7. Reference Universe: Index entries
      • 8. Thesaurus in databases
      • 9. Subject Headings/Descriptors in databases
      Hmmm. Asperger or Asperger s’?
    • 10. Reference Universe:
      Some items are accessible online, while others are in Andersen Library’s reference collection.
      Click “View” to see index entries and gather related search terms.
      “Subject Headings” are another way to help narrow a topic.
    • 11. Plan your search strategy:
      Phrase Searching
      Use “quotation marks” to indicate that words must be next to each other in a title, abstract, or full-text article:
      • “Down Syndrome”
      • 12. “Fragile X Syndrome”
      • 13. “macaroni and cheese”
    • Plan your search strategy:
      • Use to connect different search concepts
      • 14. Narrows search (makes it more specific)
      • 15. Results in fewer articles
      autism AND characteristics
      language AND disabilities
    • 16. Plan your search strategy:
      • Use to connect synonyms for the same search concept
      • 17. Broadens search
      • 18. Makes search results larger
      characteristics OR traits
      methods OR strategies
    • 19. Plan your search strategy:
      (Think of as an algebraic equation)
      (characteristics OR traits) AND autism
      disabilities AND teaching AND (methods OR strategies)
    • 20. Plan your search strategy:
      • Use to find various endings of a word
      • 21. Truncation symbol is placed at the end of the root of the word
      • 22. Broadens search
      • 23. Symbol varies by catalog or database ( * or ? )
      strateg* = strategy, strategies, strategic, strategically
    • 24. Plan your search strategy:
      Using AND, OR, nesting, and truncation in a search phrase
      autism AND (characteristic* OR trait*)

    • 25. Search Strand Suggestion Poll:
      Don’t forget: You can copy-paste this slide into other presentations, and move or resize the poll.
    • 26. Plan your search strategy:
      Using AND, OR, nesting, and truncation in a search phrase
      autism AND (characteristic* OR trait*)
      autism AND (methods or strateg*) AND teaching
    • 27. Plan your search strategy:
      autism AND (methods or strateg*) AND teaching
    • 28. Find journal articles by searching PsycINFO
      Limit (narrow) your search by
      • checking “Peer Reviewed”
      • 29. Specifying a date range…
    • And finally…
      Visit the course LibGuidefor database recommendations and assistance.