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Media music

  1. 1. L.O: To investigate audience,institution and magazine readership.
  2. 2. My Opinion: We love Pop This magazine helps me decide what music magazine genre I want to do, because of how fun and bright the magazine always looks. I like the way the front is packed with things to catch theAbout Us page: consumers eyes. Another reasonWe Love Pop is a monthly why I want to do my magazine on popmag for pop loving music is because it is also a typeteenagers, or anyone with of music that I listen to also, sovery good tastes in wouldnt be to much of amagazines. struggle to relate to the genre. We have the best free gifts, thefunniest interviews, the coolest I think that I could succeed withfashion, ten gorgeous making a new pop musicposters each time, a different magazine, that is different bycelebrity agony aunt every issue having more for the readersand loads more general popamusingness that you won’t find to do. In a lot of theseanywhere else. magazines they just have You wont want to miss it. So competitions etc to get theredont? readers involved. But I think they should allow there readers to Available in all good have a column where theynewsagents, talk about what they like andsupermarkets, WH Only thing that would put me new music. Making theSmiths, Boots, Superdrug off this genre of music for my This magazine is quite magazine more for them.and Easons in Ireland. magazine is that there are quite a new so there isnt a lot of young magazines that cater to figure of teens who this genre also, so its a very read and buy this competitive field. weekly.
  3. 3. We love PopEgmont UK Ltd, is the UK’sleading childrenspublisher, for babies through toteens.We love pop is the only teenmagazine that Egmontpublish , and was created afterthe collapse of ‘Smash Hits’magazine.From the Key facts in have foundout that the magazine is soldmonthly, this leaves a gap in themarket for my magazine as Icould produce more editionand have them out weeklyinstead.
  4. 4. Billboard Billboard magazine carters to moreFrom Billboard’s About Us Page: than one music genre. They look atBillboard is the worlds most R’n’b, rap and rock music plus manyinfluential music media brand more Im sure of.reaching key executives andtastemakers in and around the musicbusiness through Billboard Magazine.The Billboard brand is built on its Billboard magazine is produced in theexclusive charts and unrivaled United states by an institutionreporting on the latest news, named Prometheus Globalissues and trends across all Media. The magazine is sold ingenres of music. Billboard receives over a 100 countries andhundreds of millions of brandimpressions daily through many includes around 200 hundredstrategic relationships with major countries charts and new music.companies across various The first edition of Billboard was soldindustries. These relationships September 1894 and shows howleverage Billboards brand successful the magazine has been.recognition, proprietary chart data The magazine is sold weekly.and information resources to developproducts, live events and print,television, radio, digital and mobileplatforms
  5. 5. Billboard
  6. 6. The publication was initially monthly but switched to Smash Hits was a pop music Smash Hits fortnightly after only four issues, which it remained until its demise. The backbone of the magazine, aimed at magazine in its early years, and teenagers and young one of its major early selling adults and originally points, was the publication published in the United of Top 20 song lyrics. Kingdom by EMAP. In February 2006, it wasIt ran from 1978 to 2006 announced that the magazineand was issued fortnightly would cease publication afterfor most of that time. The the 13 February edition due toname survives as a brand for a declining sales. The digitalrelated spin-off digital television television, digital radio, and websitechannel, digital radio station, services will continue.and website which havesurvived the demise of theprinted magazine. In July 2009 a one-off commemorative issue of theSmash hits have left a gap in magazine was published as a tributethe market for another to singer Michael Jackson. Furtherpop magazine that my one-off specials were released in November 2009 (Take That) andmagazine could fill. I like December 2010 (Lady Gaga).there initially selling point ofhaving top 20 song lyrics,and feel that I couldbring it back in a moremodern way.
  7. 7. Top of the Pops It was originally marketed as the missing linkBased on the longest running BBC between Smash Hits andtelevision show of its kind, Top of NME, but its format wasthe Pops magazine provides the gradually changed, with lessmusic chart gossip as you music content and awould expect. demographic shift to young girls. Aimed at younger teenage From my research I have girls, there is also Fashion, found out that the top of boys and beauty advice all the pops magazine still included. When you buy a continues to be copy of Top of the Pops produced. I was magazine, you can also surprised at this, due to expect a free gift, poster not seeing them in the or sticker set. shops myself.Top of the Pops magazine is amonthly publicationpublished by BBC Magazines. Itfeatures chart information,star gossip, fashion andbeauty advice, quizzes, songlyrics and posters. It is a The magazine was launched insupplementary magazine for theTV show Top of the Pops. February 1995.
  8. 8. Bliss is a monthly British Blissmagazine aimed at teenagegirls, retailing at £2.75 andoften comes with a gift such as This magazine is the sort ofmake-up or a bag. The content layout that i want tocovers candid celebrity gossip, achieve for my magazine, aslatest fashions, hair and make- I prefer it over the otherup looks, a problem page on magazines and its notpuberty, boyfriends, friends stereotypically cheesy, itand sex, interview with the has maturity to thefemale celebrity cover girl, magazine which will attractentertainment reviews, readers of 16 and mayberomance advice, psychology for slightly older.friendships and real-life stories. I like this magazine a lot Having studied this because it is bright and magazine i would like to colourful and use this magazine as a represents the target template for my magazine audience really well. production, as it is girly and bright.
  9. 9. Pose ideas