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Male Body Types
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Male Body Types



a complete guide to male body types base on physique

a complete guide to male body types base on physique



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  • Lets you classify yourself !
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  • I love how the slide introduction indicates that the topic of the sldie is GAY MALE body types yet there are numerous comments warning other seemingly confused males that this is not for men, for ladies only, or just plain gay. First of all, you're ignorant. Go troll somewhere else. If you are a man, it is fine to look at other male's bodies. If it arouses you, then you're not straight. That's fine, too. With that out of the way, this slide in itself is very shallow. I love how it goes to from 5 categoriess of toned bodies to one category of non-toned bodies with nothing really in between. I am skinny with a big gut. What does that make me? I would never say I was muscled/toned/swimmer's build etc. I acknowledge that I am not athletic or fit. But I don't look like the guys in the last slide either. What about 'muscle bears' who have huge bodies, big guts, but obviously muscular arms, pecs, and legs? I try to represent my body type accurately in profiles given limited categories because I am proud of it.This whole page shows the disillusionnment and poor attitude of the average insecure male, be he gay or 'straight'.
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  • Anyone who's aware of the global obesity problem (and newsflash: it's not only occurring in the U.S.) should know that those average body pictures aren't actually average.
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  • Warning this should be for ladies only...

    Regards http://www.CoopersPick.com
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  • if you are a man , don't look at this slides

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Male Body Types Presentation Transcript

  • 1. Male Body Types
  • 2. Introduction
    • For some reason the ability for some gay guys to understand male body shape is imprecise. What is skinny, average, athletic/fit, lean/defined, solid, beefy, muscular and chubby is not accurate on many profiles in here.
    • I discussed with other people before and we get into the conclusion that “One thing is what we want to be and the other thing is what we have”. We should be responsible and objective and not create false expectations.
    • Here a simple guide to understand betters the male physique body type. This is not absolute but reasonable objective.
  • 3. Skinny Bodies (Also Called Slim)
  • 4. Average Bodies
  • 5. Athletic/Fit Bodies
  • 6. Lean/defined Bodies
  • 7. Solid Bodies
  • 8. Beefy Bodies (also called rugby/soccer type)
  • 9. Muscular Bodies
  • 10. Big Muscular Bodies
  • 11. Chubby Bodies
  • 12. Finally Hope you enjoy the presentation. If you are not still clear what body type you have, ask to someone who has knowledge in male physique like a personal trainer. Remember, if it is soft is fat, muscle is always hard as a rock. Be objective and if you want muscles you need to workout hard for that. It won’t happen from one day to another, is pain, sacrifice and discipline. If you type on profile “muscled” make sure you put some pictures that can prove you are, otherwise no one will take you seriously.