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Rmg Company Brochure (1)

  1. 1. COMPANY PROFILE: Your Preferred Marketing Source OV E RV I E W Robertson Media Group is a full-service Urban and Latino Marketing Firm thatspecializes in strategic branding and market penetration in the Urban Professional marketplace in the U.S. and abroad. We develop breakthrough marketing communications programs and mediacampaigns that persuasively and effectively impact your target market. Our ideas are innovative and creative. Our solutions are culturally sensitive and cutting- edge. We create strategies that not only reach but resonate within the African- American and Latino communities. Founded in 2005 by Lance Robertson, RMG has established a solid record ofsuccess. From concept to implementation, we are your preferred source for urban professional and multicultural marketing solutions. RMG is your preferred source for Latin & Urban Marketing in today’s diverse and competitive climate.
  2. 2. COMPANY PROFILE: Serving A Diverse World ABOUT USRobertson Media Group is a boutique niche marketing and advertising agency thatspecializes in branding the small business owner to the Hispanic, African-American, and Urban Professional Consumer Base. We strive to become the leading multicultural information source for small businesses, independent retailers, entrepreneurs, and their trading partners. Robertson Media Group has touched the lives of 50,000 entrepreneurs through webinars, presentations, TV and radio spots, blogs, press releases, interviews. Ourreach extends to over 25 online communities at Linked In, Facebook and YouTube, as well as through participation in over 50 international conventions, promotional events, exhibitions and trade missions. We are a privately owned company that connects business to business, business toconsumer, retailers and wholesalers, as well as startups and business professionals in the United States and throughout the Americas to a variety of opportunities. O U R C A PA B I L I T I ES Marketing Communications Cultural Education Media Planning and Placement Diversity Training Community Outreach Spanish Language Portals Event Sponsorship Translations Event Marketing Viral Marketing Public Relations Word of Mouth Campaigns New Media Development Social Networking
  3. 3. CLIENTS CONTACT US Jackson Hewitt Tax Service Lance RobertsonDirector of Business Development Echelon 3000 Black Latino Council PHONE: Ne-Yo (404) 454-8830 Pro Mexico BET EMAIL: SiTVlatinmarketingagency@gmail.com Coca-Cola North America ADDRESS: Mrs. Winners 196 Peachtree Street Chicken & Biscuits Suite 204 Atlanta, GA 30303 Softee Supreme Diapers The Britto Agency Milonga Leather Arizona’s Restaurant Vernon Jones AFLAC Barack Obama Presidential Campaign ‘08