The fervor of Pinterest clones in China


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The wild success of Pinterest has brought its heat to China. The heat we mean the fervor of copying and cloning.

Pinterest type of sites should be the perfect cultivating ground for social commerce and arrived at the best timing when everyone knows the importance of social commerce however had no exact idea of carrying out in a beautifully way.

So far we witnessed these copycats have two ramifications. First type is the exact cloning Pinterest, while second is the quasi-Pinterest, more vertical, more shopping guide driven, mainly based on the cooperation with e-commerce websites, especially Taobao. The total number of these two types of clones in China market should be over 30 now.

Other focuses in this issue:
- Deep Anatomy of China’S Budding Social Commerce
- Dangdang Align With Gome To Fight Against 360Buy
- Tmall’s Streaming Video Shopping for Lingerie Campaign
- Asia’s Birchbox Clone- Myluxbox

This report is issued by L'Atelier BNP Paribas

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The fervor of Pinterest clones in China

  1. 1. e-Commerce Insider I March The fervor of Pinterest clones in China Identical or quasi clones of Pinterest are popping up in China
  2. 2. Article from e-Commerce Insider, the monthly report monitoring market trends in China Clones Total propagation in the market should be over 30 Identical clone (pessimistic of their success) Representative Examples Quasi fashion clone (occupy biggest proportion)  Quasi clones are Representative Examples adapted to Chinese Fashion oriented, social users’ mindset of commerce driven, especially sharing shopping heavy Taobao DNA linked experiences or practical purposes  They are the perfect cultivating ground Other vertical quasi clone for the growth of social commerce Representative Examples Focus on other Chinese favorite interests i.e. travel and food
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